Best Garden Shredder UK

Best Garden Shredders UK

Gardening is a very relaxing and amusing activity. There is no greater pleasure than looking at the well-groomed garden with blooming flowers and freshly cut leaves. It gives you a chance to show-off your garden by inviting people over and hosting outdoor parties.

If you want to remove the plant waste and heavy leaves from your garden, you need the right equipment. Without it, it would be a time-consuming and challenging task. A garden shredder can simplify even your toughest garden tasks.

The only obstacle between you and your garden shredder is to select the perfect model which you can use to make a garden of your dreams. Therefore, you need to know what types are available in the market and what factors you should know before you make your final decision.

Read further to increase your knowledge about the best garden shredders.

Top Recommendations for Best Garden Shredders

After extensive research, we have picked the best-rated garden shredders to meet all your garden requirements. You can read the detailed reviews below to make your final choice.

Bosch Garden Shredder AXT 25 TC (2500 W, Plunger for Trimmed Material, 53-litre Collection Box, Material Throughput: 230 kg/h, Max. Cutting Capacity: Dia. 45 mm, in Carton Packaging)
A Garden shredder should be powerful, simple to use, easy to manoeuvre, and durable. Bosch Shredder AXT 25 TC is equipped with all the features that make it an excellent garden shredder for handling the toughest garden jobs.

The garden shredder is best suitable for small to medium sized-lawns, backyards, and gardens. The Turbine cut system is characteristic of Bosch garden shredders.

The system can shred the garden waste at a high speed that results in a fast recycling rate. Moreover, it can handle 45 m thickness, which makes it ideal for plant matter, fallen leaves, and branches.

With a powerful 2500W motor, you can easily crush the hardwood material and old hedges in less time. Furthermore, you can easily remove the plant waste coming in your way with the block release system.


  • Automatic feed system
  • Noiseless Garden shredding
  • Easy to store
  • Comes with the plunger and removable waste collection box
  • Backed with a two-year warranty


  • Transport wheels are not effective
  • Heavy upper part
Dirty Pro Tools™ Garden Shredder 40mm Cutting Width Electric 2500 W 4050 RPM Blade
194 Customer Reviews
Dirty Pro Tools™ Garden Shredder 40mm Cutting Width Electric 2500 W 4050 RPM Blade
If you are looking for a budget-friendly garden shredder that can provide you with professional performance, Dirty Pro Tools offers you a deal worth considering. The great price and features allowed this garden shredder to make up to this list.

The garden shredder can easily shred and handle 40 mm thick twigs and branches. Moreover, the 2500W motor gives 4050 reps per minute, powerful enough to carry out the toughest garden jobs.

Equipped with large wheels and weighing 15 kg, it is easy to manoeuvre and handle this garden shredder. Additionally, you are provided with a 6m long power cable to easily move around the garden without getting stuck.


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Large wheels designed for manoeuvrability
  • Noiseless shredding at 98 dB
  • 50 L capacity collection box


  • Not efficient in shredding leaves
  • Not suitable for big gardens or yards
Bosch Garden Shredder AXT Rapid 2200 (2200 W, 230 Volt System, Cutting Capacity 40 mm, in Carton Packaging)
Bosch AXT 2200 is one of the powerful and fast rapid garden shredders you can find in the market. Known for the “Powerdrive” motor, it can shred the plant waste with seven times more speed than any regular garden shredder.

The garden shredder’s blades are made from hardened steel, which offers precision and high-quality performance whenever you use it. Moreover, the garden shredder comes with two large wheels that offer effortless manoeuvrability. You can move the shredder almost anywhere in your garden.


  • Overload Protection
  • Rapid cutting system
  • Large capacity hopper
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty


  • The spinning blade can become blunt after some time.
  • Not for large-sized gardens
WOLF-Garten SDE2800EVO 2800w Electric Shredder
WOLF-Garten Electric Shredder is a German product which is available at almost all retail outlets in the UK. The electric shredder comes with an extremely durable and powerful motor along with overload protection.

With the efficient cut and crush mechanism, the shredder can cut the plant waste of about 40 mm thickness. Additionally, its quiet operation allows you to efficiently do your work as well as it does not disturb the surroundings. Therefore, this electric shredder is most suitable for residential purposes.

In terms of safety, the shredder provides you with a safety restart option and an engine brake. Furthermore, the electric shredder boasts a zero-voltage switch, engine protection, and 2 reversible blades for efficient performance.


  • Removable waste collector box
  • Low-noise impact shredder
  • Overload protection
  • Highly durable reversible blades


  • Require an extension cord
Makita UD2500/2 Electric Shredder 2500W 45mm 240V, Blue, Large
If there is any brand well-known for gardening machines and DIY projects in the market, it is Makita. Makita’s garden shredder provides you with an amazing 240V electric shredder that can shred any blockages within seconds.

Many garden shredders get clogged and blocked with plant matter, which does not allow you to operate the shredder smoothly. Makita UD2500 reduces the volume of collected waste material. Additionally, the control panel is equipped with an in-built anti-block system.

The powerful motor of 2500W will provide you with enough power to crush and cut any type of branches, twigs, and leave on the way.


  • Anti-block feature to prevent blockage
  • Sturdy and large wheels for easy manoeuvrability
  • Comes with a large collection box
  • The control panel is easy to use


  • Not suitable for wood chips
  • Difficult to assemble
Cobra QS2500 2500W Quiet Electric Garden Shredder 50lt Drum 2 year warranty
Cobra QS2500 Electric Garden Shredder is one of the silent shredders in the best garden shredder list. The electric shredder uses Quiet Drum Technology, which makes shredding quieter as compared to other shredders. While working with this shredder, you do not have to worry about damaging your hearing.

The 2500W motor is capable of shredding all types of garden waste effectively and quickly. You can even use the shredded waste as compost to provide nutrients to your garden. Moreover, the shredder can deal with a maximum branch capacity of 40 mm quite efficiently.

With Cobra electric shredder, you do not have to worry about any jam or blockage. The auto-feed and reverse controls allow you to handle the shredder easily. You can remove the jam with its reverse feature if required.

Apart from that, the shredder is equipped with a transparent 50L collection box. It makes the whole process of shredding very comfortable, and you can also view how much-shredded waste has been collected. Additionally, the large wheels allow you to move the shredder around the garden easily.


  • Integrated wheels for easy transportation
  • 50L transparent waste collector
  • Quiet Drum Technology for noiseless operation
  • Reverse function to clear blockages


  • Not a great shedder for leaves
Draper 23321 2500W 230V Quiet Garden Shredder
If you would like a simple, moderate garden shredder that does exactly what it is supposed to do, that is shredding the foliage with maximum precision. Draper Garden Shredder can help you tackle unwanted debris with its efficient performance.

The shredder comes with a hardened steel roller that helps you shred the foliage easily. Moreover, the canvas waste collection bag allows you to collect the waste as you work.

In terms of safety features, the shredder provides you with a restart and overload protection. The model is also equipped with a handle, which allows you to move the shredder easily and keep it stable while you work.


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Equipped with various safety measures
  • Easy to store
  • Quiet Operation
  • Easy to move around with wheels


  • Need to clear the machine from time to time to avoid blockage

How to Choose the Best Garden Shredder?

A high-quality and efficient performing garden shredder is convenient garden equipment for amateurs and professional gardeners. While you remove the unwanted brush or twigs or clean up your yard, there is no other equipment like a garden shredder that can crunch and mulch every last chunk of debris.

There are a variety of garden shredders available in the market that comes in different price range, models, and sizes. It is quite difficult to choose which one is the best and highly valued garden shredder. It is always good to check the reviews of the products before you invest your money in the machine-like garden shredder.

In addition, there are many factors to consider while you are purchasing the shredder. These include, can you store the shredder properly? What is the maximum cutting capacity? Will it be able to cut and crush all sorts of garden rubbish? and many more.

Let us discuss them one by one.

Blade Disc

If the area of your garden is about 300-meter square and you need occasional cleanup, look for a blade disc garden shredder. The blade disc system will also work perfectly if you want to crush household waste and leaves. Moreover, it can cut the branches with 35 mm thickness precisely.

The highest RPM of blade disc is about 2000-4500, sufficient to cut and produce a precisely cut and shredded material. The only drawback is that it makes the whole operation quite noisy.

Roller System

Roller systems are the most powerful system among the garden shredders. They can easily and quickly break down 50 mm thick big branches.

Rotor System

The Rotor system is ideal for large gardens as it has the maximum cutting capacity of 50mm thick branches. However, they have quite low RPM. They will work slowly, but you will get your desired result.

The advantage of having a rotor system is that it makes less noise than a blade system, and it will not jam.

Turbine System

The turbine system is just like an upgraded version of the rotor system. Now, most garden shredders are equipped with a Turbine system.

The reason is that it is more efficient in crushing the hardwoods, including the thick undergrowth with large branches and fruit trees. Also, they do not like jam and does not make any noise while operating.

Picking A Garden Shredder Based on Their Results

It is still difficult to choose one system among the three options. We provide you with an alternate option, to choose the garden shredder according to what they produce:

  • Turbine and rotor system produce compostable material
  • Blade discs produce mulch
  • All garden shredders produce chippings

Based on their result, you can decide what you want your garden shredder to achieve at the end.


Most of the garden shredders are quite heavy and difficult to move. Even a lightweight shredder with 15 kg weight will require more effort to move. And, if your garden shredder is powerful, it will be heavier.

Now, the garden shredders are equipped with wheels that make your task easy and comfortable. Look for the garden shredders that have large wheels for ease of manoeuvrability.

Waste Collection Box

The waste collection box is crucial while selecting the best garden shredder. You don’t want to take breaks after every two minutes to carry the waste to the compost bin.

Some garden shredders, such as a turbine or rotor, come with a removable waste collection box. They generally have a capacity of 50 litres. However, blade disc shredders come with an ejector chute attached at the front.

Hopper Feed

Hopper Feed makes another crucial factor in the garden shredders. The hopper is generally used to shred the materials while you feed the branches. It is situated on the top of the crusher.

Ease of Use

The garden shredders must be easy to use. You should not find it difficult to assemble and operate the equipment. The garden shredder should be convenient and provide you comfort while working.

Before you purchase, check if the control panel is easy to understand and reach while working. Are you able to access the blades easily? Will you be able to operate the shredder after wearing the gloves? If you find the positive answers to these questions, that garden shredder is worth the money.


Here the capacity doesn’t mean the amount of waste it can hold, but the maximum branch diameter. It gives you information about the thickness or the diameter of the wood it can shred.

Many garden shredders can cut the wood with 40-45 mm thickness. However, you should not force your shredder to cut the wood beyond the specified capacity as the equipment could break. It could become dangerous for both the user and anyone around you.

Types of Garden Shredders

You will find three types of garden shredders in the market, which include Impact Shredder, Petrol Shredder, and Roller Shredder. Each shredder comes with its unique properties.

Impact Shredder

Impact shredder is also known as Rapid shredder. The shredder can crush the plant matter or other debris that comes in its way with the blades spinning inside the machine. Impact shredders are affordable and lightweight garden shredders.

On the second note, they are also quite aggressive and noisy. The blades can lash out the branches when you are feeding them. Therefore, you need to always wear protective equipment such as gloves, eye protection, and ear defender.


  • Lightweight and budget-friendly
  • 45 mm Maximum branch diameter
  • Effective on fresh and young green leaves


  • Noisy
  • Require regular maintenance

Petrol Shredder

Petrol shredders are also known as chipper shredders. They run on petrol and are the most effective and powerful garden shredders.

They can reduce the large piles of waste into wood chips, which you can later use as mulch. The petrol shredders are great for heavy-duty applications. As they run on petrol, you do not have to move it around a power socket.

Petrol shredders also have their disadvantages. They require more maintenance than any other garden shredder. Also, they produce poisonous fumes, and you should use them in enclosed spaces.


  • Petrol-powered
  • Ideal for making wood chip mulch
  • Perfect for heavy workloads
  • 50 mm Maximum branch diameter
  • Suitable for large garden spaces


  • Expensive
  • Noisy

Roller Shredders

Roller shredders are also known as electric shredders. They are more expensive than impact shredder but affordable in comparison to petrol shredders.

The roller shredders are quite heavy because they come with internal drums fitted inside the machine. The internal drums pull any material in front of it inside the machine and precisely crush it. Another reason why many gardeners prefer roller shredder is because of their quiet operation.

One disadvantage of roller shredder is that it can jam or face blockage while working.


  • Powered by electricity
  • 45 mm maximum branch diameter
  • Efficient for woody, dryer branches
  • Automatically feed the material
  • Quiet operation


  • Heavier as compared to Impact shredders
  • Prone to jam

Benefits of Garden Shredders

There are numerous benefits you can enjoy if you buy a garden shredder. Let us take a detailed look at those benefits.

Reduce Your Garden Waste

If your garden is always filled with large piles of waste, you need a garden shredder. A shredder can help you rapidly reduce the waste material to avoid tripping or bonfires in your garden. That means you will spend less time cleaning everything making fewer trips to the compost bin.

How difficult it is to clean a garden on your own without any equipment. It takes a lot of effort, energy, and time to make your garden visually appealing. But now, you have a convenient option, which is a garden shredder.

No matter what shredder you choose, you will get the desired result of getting a clean garden.

Provide Nutrition to Your Garden

You can do a lot more with the shredded wood material than to simply dump it in the compost bin.

You can spread the shredded material from the wood over the bare soil to retain moisture and suppress weed production. Therefore, the shredded wood can be used as mulch. Mulch can provide enough nutrients to your garden beds.


How to Maintain A Garden Shredder?

Every machine requires regular maintenance to keep them in long-lasting working conditions. Maintaining different machines requires different techniques.

To Maintain A Petrol Shredder

If you are thinking to buy a petrol shredder, you need to carry out the below-mentioned tasks for its maintenance:

  • You should change or clean the spark plug regularly. Also, keep an eye on the electrode gap.
  • Mix the fuel as per the instructions provided on the model for a two-stroke engine.
  • If there is a requirement, you can clean the carburettor and air filter.
  • For the four-stroke engine, always keep the engine filled with fuel and change the oil regularly as per the instructions.

To Maintain All Types of Shredders

Before you carry out any maintenance task, the first thing you should make sure of is that the engine is switched off. You can also unplug the machine if necessary and wait till the machine has stopped.

The next thing is to be careful while you work with the blades. Do not touch the blades with bare hands; you should always use a brush to clean the blades.

The blades of your garden shredder are required to sharpen regularly so that they maintain precision every time you cut. Moreover, you need to lubricate all the motor components like guards and moving parts, including wheels, for their long life.

Storing the Garden Shredder During Winters

You should pay particular attention to your garden shredder in winter as it involves the risk of jamming the moving parts. You need to regularly carry out all the routine maintenance tasks and check the drain oil and spark plugs.

In addition, store the shredder where there is no humidity, such as a garage or garden shed, and cover it with a protective cover.

What You Should Not Pass Through Your Garden Shredder?

Your garden shredder is made with a crush and cut mechanism that can chop leaves, twigs, and branches with a specified thickness. If anything, else passes through the shredder, it can result in malfunction or break down.

  • In any case, stones or soil should not pass through the shredder. The stones will destroy, and the soil can clog the shredder. Brush off the plants and roots before you pass them through the shredder.
  • Second, it cannot shred the cardboard or paper. Garden shredder has a different mechanism from the paper shredder. If you try to pass cardboard, it will jam the shredder.
  • Lastly, do not put any damp matter through the shredder. The damp matter will cause the blades to lose it efficiently, and it will result in blockage in the shredder.

Therefore, you need to make sure to keep these items away from your shredder so that it will remain durable and long-lasting.

Safety Tips While Using A Garden Shredder

Safety is essential while you are working with a garden shredder. It can be quite risky and dangerous if you use it without following the proper instructions. Make sure you are following the manufacturer’s instructions for safe use.

Apart from that, you should also take many other safety measures while using the garden shredder:

  • Do not use a garden shredder if you are an amateur gardener or have just started using the machine when there is no one around. If you get injured, you will require any assistance.
  • Protect your eyes and face. Always wear face protection all the time while working with the garden shredder.
  • You should get hold of ear defenders. Most garden shredders make noise while operating, for example, petrol shredders. The ear defender will not allow any damage caused to your hearing.
  • Always wear gardening gloves to protect your hands from getting cut by the sharp blades of the shredder.
  • Always carry or keep a first-aid at hand. You may never you when you might need it and keep all the necessary items in it.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing a garden shredder means investing a big amount of money; therefore, you should choose the machine wisely that fulfils your requirements. Make sure you check every feature and function carefully before you make the final purchase.

In this guide, we tried to provide you with all the information that is necessary to understand the working and operation of a garden shredder. And, with the top-rated products, we hope you can make your decision after reading our detailed reviews.

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