Battery Powered Hedge Trimmer

Best Battery Powered Hedge Trimmers

The hedges around your home give a general reflection on you. Having a neat-well-maintained hedge gives a class to your home. Hedge trimmers are a garden tool used to trim bushes and hedges. Hedge trimmers come in different forms, there are manual, electric, petrol, and battery operated. The manual hedge trimmers are an outdated tool, though might be useful to a person with a few hedges or bushes. Using the manual trimmers will take a lot of time compared to any other model.

Electric hedge trimmers are light and have an electric cord connected to power when in operation. They are silent and powerful cutting thicker branches compared to the battery operated. The main complaint about the electric hedge trimmer is the cord is prone to accident and the blade may slip and cut up the cord. The cord also gets in the way, slip or choke the operator.

The other popular hedge trimmer is the diesel/petrol hedge trimmers. They are portable with no need for a cord during operation. The petrol hedge trimmers are a powerful tool and can cut up thick branches without parts jamming. The petrol hedge trimmers are noisy and the operator may require earmuffs. With the petrol-operated hedge trimmers, you will constantly handle fuel and inhale the fumes. They are also heavy and break down often and need parts replacements especially the starter.

The battery-operated cordless hedge trimmer, light, silent and efficient. They work well to trim hedges of small and moderate thickness but might struggle with thicker branches.

The cordless hedge trimmer eliminates the constant accidents from having an electric cord. They are battery-operated, with most having the Li-ion battery, that lasts for an hour or so, as you work on hedges. Confirm from the manufacturer the estimated time of operation and if the package comes with a battery and charger. The cordless hedge trimmers are not as powerful as the electric and petrol hedge trimmers but they work well within their capacity.

For this buyer’s guide, we will look at popular Cordless Hedge trimmers from the Amazon UK website. We will look into why the cordless hedge trimmer is your best buy for you and why they are gaining popularity in the UK.

Best Battery Powered Hedge Trimmers

Makita DUH551Z 36 V Cordless li-Ion Hedge Trimmer

Makita DUH551Z cordless Hedge trimmer has a double blade with a length of 550mm long. It is powered by two 18V Li-ion batteries. It has a control dial that can be adjusted up to 1,800 strokes per minute. The hedge trimmer has 5 rotating settings and an ergonomic handle gives increased comfort for angle and vertical operations positions. It has two hands safety control and it turns off when one control is handled.

The tool is engaged when the front handle and tool trigger is activated. The Makita DUH551Z is built with Extreme Protection Technology for operation in water and dusty environment. It has a large lock-off level, starts softly, and has an electric brake system.

The Makita hedge trimmer can cut small and medium thickness branches up to 18mm diameter. It is silent while in operation. It has a battery warning light that indicates changing battery charge levels. For a longer run time, choose a battery with higher charge storage. It uses two batteries when running. Two charged 2.0Ah batteries can run for 70minutes, two-4Ah batteries 100minutes, and two-5Ah batteries 125minutes.

Main features

Brand: Makita
Product Dimensions: 23X27X128 cm
Weight: 6.17kilograms
Batteries: Lithium-ion batteries
Power source: 36V batteries
Colour: Blue
Double blade type
Blade length: 55cm
Batteries and chargers are not included.


The Makita hedge trimmer does a perfect job trimming hedges of up to 18mm diameter with no jams. The tool has a speed setting, and you can increase the speed especially when working on thicker hedges and stand-alone bushes.

It works efficiently and the 5.0Ah batteries can work for over an hour. The Makita cordless hedge trimmer has no smoke or smell. With the battery-operated hedge trimmer, there is no more fuel mixing or difficulty in starting the tool, unlike the petrol hedge trimmer.

The handle swivels giving a different angle to cut through the hedges. It has the advantage of having no cords that get in your way as you are working.

The Makita cordless hedge trimmer does not come with batteries and a charger cable. You will need to purchase the batteries and charger cable as a separate unit.

With the batteries fitted in, the trimmer is heavy and you might need to consider the overall weight during operation.

The Makita cordless hedge trimmer is a powerful tool that is an excellent addition to the home. It is ideal for a person looking to keep their hedges trim and cutting small tree branches.

EasyHedgeCut 12-35 UK

The Bosch cordless hedge cutter is cable-free and light and is suitable for trimming small hedges. It has a continuous cutting system that gives an uninterrupted cutting performance.

It has an interchangeable 12V battery that retains charge making it ready to use the tool whenever needed. It does not self-discharge. One 12V battery provides enough power to run the tool for about 65 minutes. The hedge trimmer is fitted with a Syneon chip that intelligently controls the energy for every project.

The blades are diamond-ground making the tool hardy and long-lasting.

Main features

Brand: Bosch
Dimensions: 9.4 x 17.5 x 15.5 cm
Weight: 1.9 kilograms
Colour: Green
Battery: Lithium-Ion
Blade length: 35cm


The Bosch cordless hedge trimmer is a powerful lightweight and easy to handle tool ideal for trimming small hedges and bushes. This makes it easy to hold and manipulate giving a neat hedge. It is a very quiet tool while in operation.

The blade size is not long enough to reach higher hedges. You might need a ladder to get higher branches.

It uses a 12V battery and has a surprisingly long battery life that does not limit its performance. It can run for about 65minutes and with a higher capacity battery can run longer.

It is ideal for someone looking for an alternative to a corded tool, which is accident-prone. It is common to cut through a cable for corded type. This model provides a safer alternative.

It is fitted with a safety feature, for it to operate, you have to have both hands-on separate buttons.

Ryobi OHT1855R ONE+ Cordless Hedge Trimmer with HedgeSweep, 18 V (Body Only)

The Ryobi OHT1855R ONE comes in six different bundles, for you to select the one that works for you. The bundles range from having a hedge trimmer with different battery capacities of 4.0Ah and 5.0Ah battery capacity, bundled with battery charger, compact charger, the option of having a grass trimmer or a single unit.

The Ryobi hedge trimmer has a 55cm long blade and can cut branches with a thickness of up to 22mm diameter. It comes with a rotating handle and a sweep which are added for the comfort of the user and is easy to use.

Battery and charger are sold as different units from the hedge trimmer. The 5.0 Ah battery is designed for more power, long runtimes and increases the durability of the unit. The efficiency of the tool can be grouped into 100%, 75%, 50%, and 25% battery capacity.

Its exterior is designed tough to withstand the impact on the tool.

Main features

Brand Name: Ryobi OHT1855R ONE
Power: 18V
Blade length: 55cm


The Ryobi OHT1855R ONE is a powerful and robust hedge trimmer that can cut small, medium, and moderate thicker hedging diameters with relative ease. For awkward hedge corners, the rotating handle comes in handy. The hedge trimmer does not have a long handle and does not reach high.

The unit is light compared to the petrol-operated hedge trimmer, without being noisy and smelly while in operation. The hedge trimmer can work with different battery sizes of differing capacities. Using a smaller battery size makes the tool lighter though it will work for less run time. The battery life is good and it can work for over an hour without a noticeable drop in battery charge.

It is ideal for a person looking for a light hedge trimmer without a power cord dragging behind. The cord can choke, or trip the operator. There are high instances of the tool slipping and cutting the cord. Having a cordless hedge trimmer eliminates instances of this happening.

It is suitable for an individual who wants to change from petrol operated hedge trimmer to a light, almost maintenance-free tool operating at low noise levels. The cordless hedge trimmer is powerful and works perfectly up to 22mm diameters.

DEWALT DCM563PB-GB 18 V XR Hedge Trimmer, Bare Unit, Yellow

The DeWalt hedge cordless trimmer is made with the XR system to add to the professional performance by being cordless. The hedge trimmer has 55cm long double-sided laser-cut blades with 19mm cutting gaps between the teeth. The blades are made of hardened steel for durability and sharpness.

The hedge trimmers have an aux handle design giving a comfortable grip in different operation settings. It is compact and lightweight for ease of use of the tool.

Main features

Manufacturer: Stanley Black & Decker
Dimensions: 96 x24x20 cm
Weight: 2 kilograms
Colour: Yellow
Voltage: 18 Volts
Blade length: 55 cm
Battery Type: Lithium-Ion


The DeWalt cordless hedge trimmer is a compact powerful tool that comfortably trims hedges and bushes with slightly large branches without jamming.

It does not come with batteries and a charger, comes as a single unit. It would be ideal for someone with the batteries and charger or who has the budget of purchasing the two items. With a 5Ah battery, the unit can run for 75 minutes depending on the thickness of the branches. Having a spare charged battery while working on vast areas is a good idea.

It is ideal for someone looking for a silent trimming tool. The tool is silent during operation but does an excellent job.

It is suitable for someone looking for a cordless hedge trimming and cutting tool. With this tool, you can do your work without having to check the cable position, so you won’t have to cut through it.

Einhell GE-HH 18/45 Li T Power X-Change 18V Cordless Long Reach Hedge Trimmer | Lightweight Hedge-Cutter With Telescopic Extendable Pole - Battery and Charger Not Included

The telescopic hedge trimmer’s main handle can tilt by four sets, while the motorhead tilt can tilt by seven settings. The telescopic aluminium handle is adjustable along its length to give the best length fit. It comes with a carrying bag that is worn around the shoulders for ease of operation and ease of pressure on the back.

The unit comes with a 2.0 Ah battery and charger, higher capacity batteries are available on order. Einhell Power X-change tools run with the same battery if compatible. If you have a battery-powered Einhell tool, check if it is compatible with the hedge trimmer.

It uses Lithium-ion battery cells which deliver maximum power due to the ABS-battery monitoring technology. The battery is built sturdy and is durable. Battery run time depends on the battery capacity. 1.5 Ah is expected to run for 60min, while the 6 Ah for 240 minutes.

It comes with a two-hand safety feature, the hedge trimmer stops operation once one hand is not on the handle. This keeps the user safe while trimming horizontal and vertical elevations.

The blades are laser-cut, diamond-ground, therefore maintain sharpness for a long service period.

Main features

Brand: Einhell
Product dimensions: 209 x 13 x 17 cm
Weight: 4.28 kilograms
Voltage: 18 Volts
Blade length: 45 cm


The telescopic cordless Einhell hedge trimmer is a powerful tool that is perfect for trimming small and medium-sized hedges with a cutting length of 46cm. It has a maximum cutting thickness of 14mm.

It is easy to assemble following the tool manual and easy to use. The cutting blade is sharp and gives a neat finishing. The tool comes with a carrying strap which is a great addition to ease pressure on the back.

It comes fitted with a 2.0 Ah battery and charger, and you can get to work immediately. It is light, but the weight might vary with the changing battery size and the duration of work.

It is ideal for a person looking to replace the electric corded with a cordless hedge trimmer. The corded hedge trimmer is prone to accidents like tripping or choking the user and the blade slipping and cutting the cable.

It is ideal for some looking for a silent and cordless hedge trimming tool.

Buyer’s Guide

Cordless hedge trimmers are a great addition to a home with a hedge. Most people do the major hedge trimming twice a year. No matter the number of times in a year you use the hedge trimmer, you need a reliable tool, that makes the work easy and fast.

Check on the general build of the tool. Some tools are built with handles that are easy to use for the end-user. Find a tool that is easy for you to handle and operate.

The general advantage of the cordless hedge trimmers is there is no cord trailing behind you while working. You won’t have to keep checking the position of the cord so that you do not cut through it. Also, accidental tripping and choking on the cable are eliminated.

Most of the brands are silent or make minimal noise during operation. Unlike the petrol tools, you won’t need earplugs with battery-operated tools. They are clean, with no need for checking, inhaling petrol fumes, or constantly adding petrol into the tool. The petrol tools are smelly and in constant need of changing parts like the starter.

The cordless hedge trimmers are almost maintenance-free with the correct use. Check the operation guide before putting it to work.

What brand of cordless hedge trimmer should I buy?

Some people buy according to the brand of the tool. They believe a certain brand to be better make or superior compared to other brands.

The advantage of buying the same brand is interchangeable tool parts. Parts like the battery and charger are interchangeable for some brands.

Some brands come as a single unit without the battery and charger, check before purchase.

Are cordless hedge trimmers expensive?

Most of the brands are well priced and affordable. Check the pricing offered if the item is a single unit, or comes with a charger and battery. Some units sell them as separate items.

The price for the battery and the charger is almost the same as the price of the hedge trimmer.

Are cordless hedge trimmers heavy?

Most of the cordless hedge trimmers are lightweight, though after inserting the battery they become heavier. A 5 Ah battery is heavier than the lower power capacity batteries.

Go for a weight that you can handle without strain for the time you will be working on the hedge.

Do cordless hedge trimmers come with a battery?

This depends on the manufacturer’s packaging of the cordless hedge trimmers. Some of the items, come complete with the battery and the charger. Check the manufacturer’s specifications carefully before you buy. Some models’ prices do not include the battery and charger, and you have to buy them as separate items.

How long does the battery of a cordless hedge trimmer last?

The run of the battery will depend on the battery capacity size. The 5Ah will last much longer than the 4Ah. For most of the models, it is possible to use different battery capacities to power the operation of the trimmer.

It will also depend on the thickness of the hedges being trimmed.

Do hedge trimmers come with a cord?

The cordless hedge trimmers do not come with a cord. It does not need an external power connection and works well with the battery. They are cordless, unlike the electrical AC hedge trimmer that needs a cable.

What is the largest cut of a hedge trimmer?

This will depend on the different manufacturers. Some have a larger cut compared to the others. Compare above on the different models.

The tool’s battery capacity also affects the overall cut of the hedge cutter.

What is the length of a hedge trimmer’s cutting blade?

The length of the tool depends on the brand. Before purchase, read the product description for the best fit for your needs.

Are hedge trimmers safe to operate?

Most of the hedge trimmers have two-hand operation features. They have two buttons on either side of the tool and require two hands while in operation.

For out of reach branches and hedges, do not try to extend one hand to reach higher branches.

Get a hedge trimmer with a longer blade or use a ladder to safely out of hand branches.

Do cordless hedge trimmers come with a blade cover?

Some of the cordless hedge trimmers come with a protective cover to cover the blade during storage. Find out if the model you want to purchase comes with the option.

How do I replace parts of a cordless hedge trimmer?

Losing a part of the hedge trimmer, to get a replacement contact the manufacturer or a reputable online spare parts company.

Our top pick

DEWALT DCM563PB-GB 18 V XR Hedge Trimmer, Bare Unit, is my top pick for the cordless hedge trimmers buyer guide. The hedge trimmer is a compact and powerful tool for cutting up to moderate thick branches.

The Hedge trimmer is 55cm long and with a weight of 2 kilograms. This makes it light and easy to assemble and use the tool. The cutting blade is made of hardened steel for durability and sharpness.

The aux handle design gives an ergonomic handle during different operations in different settings. The battery runs for more than 75 minutes.
It also has two hands handle safety features, which makes it impossible to operate without two handles on the handle.

The unit does not come with a battery and charger, but it is interchangeable with DeWalt batteries and chargers from the same manufacturer. The DeWalt tools are also easy to repair and do not break easily.

Having other tools from the DeWalt brand, that I have had for long life, I decided to go with this model. I chose using the brand, length of the cutting blade, and the comfort of handling the tool.

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