Best 12ft Trampoline With Enclosure UK

Best 12ft Trampoline With Enclosure UK

Are you looking out to buy a trampoline for you and your family? You must know that you should always go for a trampoline that adheres to all the rules and standards of your country. As the cases of trampoline-related injuries are increasing, it is crucial to keep multiple factors in mind while buying the ideal trampoline.

After analyzing multiple products, we have also curated a list of the top 5 12ft trampoline with enclosure.

Read on to explore everything about 12ft trampolines and detailed reviews of some of the best products available in the market.

Our 5 Best Trampoline with Enclosure choices

We have researched and picked for you the best trampolines with enclosures. These will protect you and your family from all the potential risks. Read along to find out a detailed and honest review of all recommended products.

  1. Kanga Premium Trampoline with Safety Enclosure
  2. PlayActive 12ft Trampoline
  3. Zero Gravity Ultima 4 High Spec Trampoline with safety enclosure
  4. REBO Jump Zone Trampoline 2020 model – 12 ft.
  5. CZON Sports Trampoline

Best Selling 12ft Trampolines With Enclosures

Before we dig into our top picks, why not look at what the majority of people purchase? Here are the top 3 best selling 12ft trampolines with enclosures on the popular website Amazon.

Bestseller No. 1
KANGA 12ft Premium Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, Net, Ladder and Anchor Kit (12ft)
1,544 Customer Reviews
KANGA 12ft Premium Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, Net, Ladder and Anchor Kit (12ft)
  • Hours Of Fun Great Form Of Exercise Fits Most GardenEasy To Assemble,...
  • The latest 2021/2022 Kanga 12ft Trampoline with Enclosure Package includes...
  • With this Kanga 12ft trampoline with enclosure Package not only do you get...
  • YouTube Assembly Video + User Manual - Hours Of Fun - Great Form Of...
  • Size: 12ft - Frame Height: 80cm - Jumping Mat Diameter: 3.18m - Max User...
Bestseller No. 2
Panana 8ft / 10ft / 12ft / 14ft Outdoor Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Netting and Ladder for Kids Adults Space Hopper Exercise Fitness Indoor Gym Garden Park
53 Customer Reviews
Panana 8ft / 10ft / 12ft / 14ft Outdoor Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Netting and Ladder for Kids Adults Space Hopper Exercise Fitness Indoor Gym Garden Park
  • Jumping Mat Diameter: 10ft -306cm - 102.47''; Frame Height: 72cm; Safety...
  • Wear-resistant, water-proof and anti-UV PP jumping mat stands up to high...
  • The trampoline is equipped with a zipper protective enclosure net and...
  • Heavy duty thick galvanised steel frame, making more stable to let you use...
  • The trampoline comes flat packed and easily assemble. The trampoline with...
SaleBestseller No. 3
Zero Gravity Ultima 4 12ft Trampoline and Enclosure
2,903 Customer Reviews
Zero Gravity Ultima 4 12ft Trampoline and Enclosure
  • For 10+ years Zero Gravity has been synonymous with high specification,...
  • All Zero Gravity Ultima 4 trampolines feature a state of the art safety...
  • The safety padding's top surface is made from PVC rather than cheaper
  • Even before gaining EN71 certification this trampoline went through...
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE IS KEY to Zero Gravity Trampolines success

Best 12ft Trampoline with Enclosure Buying Guide

Before we get to the products, let’s find out everything about these 12ft trampolines with enclosure.

What is the difference between a general trampoline and a trampoline with a safety enclosure?

Trampolines have become a popular recreational and educational device for the past few years. Now, people are becoming more and more aware of their uses and needs. You can see an ever-increasing growth in the trampoline business.

Trampoline is a device that consists of a taut piece of strong cloth or fabric which is stretched between steel frames with the help of coiled springs. A lot of people love having fun on trampolines.

The cloth on which you jump is called a trampoline bed or bounce mat. You might be thinking that the fabric used is elastic. However, that is not the case. Elasticity is provided by the springs by which the cloth is connected with the frame.

Trampoline with safety enclosures are your regular trampolines but with safety nets. The safety net encases the jumper, thus, preventing them from falling outside the trampoline and hurt themselves. The enclosure also protects the frame of the trampoline.


Are safety nets or enclosures important?

Safety nets or enclosures are an important part to consider while buying a trampoline. Surely you would take a sigh of relief knowing that your kids and loved ones are safely using the trampoline.

Trampoline injuries are extremely painful, so it would be better if you take precautions from the start. Safety enclosures prevent jumpers from jumping off the trampoline.

Safety enclosures can vary according to manufacturers. Some come with an opening in the net, while others may include Velcro, overlapping sections, or zippers.

All said, safety nets are not a part of regular trampolines; they are just additional. However, we would recommend that you always buy a trampoline with a safety enclosure to prevent injuries.

What should I consider before buying a trampoline?

Buying a trampoline can be a daunting task, especially for new buyers. Thus, you must always try to go through all instructions and considerations before making your choice.

For easy reference, here are a few things to consider before buying a trampoline:

Weight limits

Trampolines are usually long term investments. It can be used by both kids and adults alike. So, it would be better to buy a strong trampoline with a high weight carrying capacity.

Even if you want to buy one for your child, then also buying a trampoline with heavyweight capacity is preferable. This is because your child will grow up; a light-weighted trampoline would not be able to handle their weight. So, always go for a higher weight than you expect.

Trampoline Padding

Trampolines edges come with security paddings. Trampolines with loose or wrong padding can result in serious injuries. It is recommended that you always ensure that the trampoline has proper padding before buying it.

Fit and tightly secured trampoline pads are safe and perfect for buying. It would be better if you avoid trampolines that use ropes for a fitting as they might lead to health hazards.

The shape of the trampoline

Trampolines with round shape are quite popular amongst customers. The round shape of trampolines enables jumpers to jump in the center. The bounce and jump are also very effective and enjoyable.

Round trampolines also have no sharp corners, thus, preventing injuries. At times if the jumper tries to jump in one go, then there might be a possibility of an injury.

Rectangular trampolines are preferred among adult users. However, you might have difficulties in finding the perfect enclosures for these.

Number of legs

The total number of trampoline’s legs affects the safety and strength of the trampoline’s body. Here are a few reasons for having multiple legs in trampolines:

  1. Stability – The more in contact the trampoline is in with the floor, the more it is stable.
  2. Top frame’s strength – Suppose your trampoline has 12 legs, then its top fame will also be divided into 12 frames. Whereas if your trampoline has 8 legs, then it will be divided into 8 frames, and so on. The legs increase the strength of the whole structure. Comparatively, the 12 legged structure will be stronger than the 8 legged ones.

Quality of frame

The frame of the trampoline is a very important part. The cloth on which you jump depends upon the springs attached to the frame. If the frame is weak, then the whole trampoline might be impacted.

Heavy-duty trampolines are always recommended for long term use. Frames with sharp edges are also looked down upon. It can cause unnecessary injuries to the jumpers. Frame must be properly coated to protect it from the harsh environment.

Set up process

You have to set up trampolines after bringing it home. Always read the instruction manual for the proper installation of trampolines. It would be good to once check if the trampoline you are considering has an easy or hard set up process before buying it.

Installation must be done by adults and with proper caution. If you think that it is not your cup of tea, then you can always hire a professional trampoline installer.

Do spring length and count have any effect on the trampoline?

Yes, both the length and number of springs affect the performance of the trampoline. If the trampoline has large spring count, then, because of their weightless bounce will be produced for younger children. However, it will produce more bounce for big children.

When the spring count is less, then vice versa will happen; the good bounce will happen for small children while less so for bigger ones. These days’ customers want to buy products with long-term value. To provide a valuable product with a long-lasting value, there are large springs that are long in length and can support both young and old children.

This modification allows a good bounce and a great experience. For 12ft trampolines, always look for around 65 to 75 spring count. This count can increase or decrease depending upon the size of the trampoline you are looking for.

If you want to buy a 12ft trampoline with enclosure for your younger ones, then go for ones with long spring length.

Do I need to replace the safety net after some time?

Yes, you may need to replace the safety net. These enclosures decay with time. It is always better to ask the seller or manufacturer about when to replace the net. You can also buy an extra set of the net when you are buying the trampoline.

It is of utmost importance that you check and replace nets from time to time to avoid any accidents.

Why must enclosure nets be firmly attached to jumping mats?

There can be two possibilities:

  • At times the jumping pad shifts, and when the jumper jumps, then jumper can fall into springs and seriously.
  • If the jumper falls and the net and it is not attached, then the jumper may go through the net and fall on the ground.

To prevent these possibilities, always check whether the enclosure nets are firmly attached or not. Loosely or weakly attached nets can be harmful to the health of your family. So even after you have brought a trampoline, keep checking for any loose nets from time to time.

How to assemble the trampoline?

Generally, all trampolines have an instruction booklet within their packaging. You must always read them first and then start assembling.

These booklets also have some special instructions or usage guide which can help use the trampoline. At the time, some trampolines are hard to set up, while others are easier to do so.

Since the installation of a trampoline is a very serious and careful job, make sure you are thorough with all the steps. At times, one mistake might lead you to disassemble the entire trampoline. To avoid starting the whole process again, you must always read the instruction manual carefully.

To save up some time, you can also check out tutorial videos and get a better understanding of the installation process. This will help you in setting it up quickly and since you will be watching a practical example, the chances of making a mistake will be reduced.

Just be sure to put in the exact name of the product. Writing the name of the company or product will not give you good results. Also, make sure to first watch the entire video before you start assembling the trampoline.

Another thing which you can do is to call a professional trampoline assembler. These experts can complete the task within a couple of hours. Moreover, the chances of injuries during the installation process will be reduced significantly if you call a professional.

Why pick a 12ft trampoline?

Trampolines come in various shapes and sizes. Although, it is recommended that you go for a 12ft trampoline with enclosure. A 12ft trampoline is the most popular and large-sized trampoline.

It is not the biggest trampoline. However, it is the most suitable size for both small and large gardens. Also, this size is best for kids and teenagers. Its weight capacity is also around 90 kg to 120 kg, which is more than sufficient.

It can also be used by adults. Overall, this size is a good pick and recommended choice. It neither looks big for small gardens nor small for large gardens.

Can I buy a 12ft trampoline without any enclosure?

According to law, no trampoline can be sold in the UK without safety nets. This law was introduced in the year 2015. It has now become mandatory for everyone to buy a 12ft trampoline with enclosure for the safety of children or adults doing outdoor trampoline.

All trampolines listed in our guide are 12ft trampolines with enclosures.

How many people can use a 12ft trampoline?

For safety purposes, we would recommend that only one person or child may use the trampoline at a time. However, considering the size, we can say at least 3 kids can go at once. But again, it would be a risky decision. Therefore, this practice is strongly discouraged.


What are the weight limitations of a 12ft trampoline?

Usually, trampolines can support weights between 100 kg to 150 kg. Always look for the manufacturer’s guidelines and product specifications before putting more weight over the trampoline.

Most cheap and budged 12ft trampolines will support less weight compared to premium trampolines of the same diameter.

The more durable the parts are, the more weight they can handle. However, regardless of weight capacity, it is always recommended that not more than one person is allowed at a time.

Why buy a cheap product?

There are several products in the market, which are both cheap and offer good quality to customers. If you want to invest in a cheap yet good quality product, always go for products that fulfill your requirements.

Before buying a cheap product, always remember that there are chances that they may get damaged easily, have fewer safety features, or are unsafe for your family.

If you want to buy a cheap product with good quality, then you can always go and look for requirement specific products. Also, look out for multiple user reviews and suggestions to ensure that you are going for a product that multiple people have tested previously.

In case you are able to find a quality product at affordable rates, it will be a great buy. However, never compromise on the quality and build of the product just for a cheaper alternative. Make sure that your research is proper and extensive if you are running tight on a budget.

Why buy a premium, in-budget product?

One must try to buy a premium product because comparatively, they are more durable, and strong. Premium products usually have many more features and better quality to offer.

Even at affordable prices, you will find qualitative options that will offer great value for money. The safety and durability of any product must never be compromised for saving money. So, make sure that you look for products that cover a majority of your requirements.

In premium products, you will see that the quality of the products you are buying will surely enhance. These products also introduce new designs and trends into markets.

It is always best to buy premium products which may be a little expensive, but these products are surely worth the money. Premium products are also known to last for longer durations of time.

When properly cared for, they go on for years without any sign of damage or weariness.

What is the aftercare procedure for a trampoline?

Trampoline is generally considered as long term investments. They must be well cared for and serviced. After investing in a trampoline, you must go through its user manual and follow the given instructions.

Always make sure that you take advice from experts and never forget to check out the manufacturer’s advice related to the care and maintenance of the product.

The 5 Best 12ft Trampoline with Enclosure Picks

We have curated a list of our best picks of 12ft trampolines with the enclosure. Here you will get all the necessary information so that you can make the best investment.

KANGA 12ft Premium Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, Net, Ladder and Anchor Kit (12ft)
1,544 Customer Reviews
KANGA 12ft Premium Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, Net, Ladder and Anchor Kit (12ft)
This is one of the best-selling and reviewed 12ft trampoline with enclosure in the UK. Have a look at its descriptions to know more about it.

Product Description

The Kanga trampoline with enclosure comes in black and yellow color. This trampoline is a 12ft trampoline that comes with enclosures. It is sleek and trendy in design. It comes with a jumping mat, zipped safety net for joining the net with a trampoline.

These enclosures are about 365 cm in diameter. It has six legs to both distributing and supporting load while bouncing. With a jumping area of 318 cm in diameter, it is one of the best trampolines with the enclosure.


  • Size – 12 ft.
  • Maximum weight – 120 kg
  • Height – 2.6 m
  • Padding – 14 mm
  • Safety – EN-71
  • Price – variable and

Main Features

  • Includes ladder, anchor kit, and safety net enclosure.
  • Inner safety net or enclosure for protecting children against touching springs.
  • Curved enclosure for adding strength to the trampoline for balancing the trampoline when someone bounces on it.
  • Stylish and appealing design and product.
  • The galvanized steel frame protects the frame and trampoline from whether.
  • High-weight limit of this product shows that it is made with standard materials
  • Easy to assemble trampoline with enclosure.
  • The maximum user weight is 120 kg.
  • It comes with its safety and care manual.
  • It is very durable and strong.

Why have We Chosen the Product?

The Kanga Premium Trampoline with Safety Enclosure has excellent features at affordable prices. This product includes some added accessories such as ladders, safety net enclosures, etc. which makes it a very safe product.

Ladders help even young children to safely enjoy the product. These extra products will not only ensure the safety of your loved ones but also will save you from purchasing them later.

It also has several safety certificates, which add on to your trust. If you want to buy an in-budget trampoline with an enclosure, then this is the best option. It gives you the best features at a low price.

Another reason in favor of this product is that it comes in four different height and weight options. All in all, it is a great product to buy.

Zero Gravity Ultima 4 12ft Trampoline and Enclosure
2,903 Customer Reviews
Zero Gravity Ultima 4 12ft Trampoline and Enclosure
This premium product is more on the affordable side. It comes with a number of features and legs. Overall, it is one of the best-rated product.

Product Description

The Zero Gravity Ultima 4 12ft Trampoline is the 4th edition of Zero Gravity’s premium trampoline range. It is made according to all the safety and standard regulations of European and UK safety audits.

The Zero Gravity 4 High Spec trampoline comes with an enclosure. It has a diameter of 366 cm and has 12 legs to support its entire weight. The legs also help to maintain the balance of the whole structure. While the jumping area of this trampoline is one of the largest, with a diameter of 324 cm.

The trampoline can support a weight of up to 100 kg and has about 72 springs.  It comes in two color options, which are blue and yellow.

The Zero Gravity Trampoline is a premium brand. The brand has been in the industry for long and has provided some of the top products. Moreover, the company has built solid trust amongst its customers with top-notch products since the past 40 years. This very product comes with a lot of features at less price. It is stylish, safe, and durable.

This product also can be deconstructed easily within minutes. It has easy to release fold-down structures, which can let you deconstruct it when the situation calls.

Main Features

  • Easy to set up the whole trampoline.
  • The maximum weight it can carry is up to 100 kg.
  • Enclosures are of two types – inner and external, providing dual protection.
  • It comes with an enclosure, anchor kit, and ladder.
  • Its steel frame is galvanized, protecting it from environmental factors.
  • It also has a curved safety net on the inner part of the trampoline.
  • Certified product for safety – EN71 certified
  • Thick protection padding of 20 mm.
  • The curved inner enclosure protects limbs from getting injured.
  • It comes with 12 legs, which balance the whole body.
  • It has UV resistant PVC padding, which is of high quality.
  • Enclosure net is of durable quality.
  • Its steel ladder is strong and galvanized.
  • It does not have any welds in its joints.
  • Easy to deconstruct in need.
  • Suitable for children for more than 36 months.

Why have We Chosen the Product?

This product is colorful and has a great impact on children and adults alike. Its thick padding, weight carrying capacity, etc. everything makes it a really appealing product. Comparatively, it is cheaper, with all the essential features of a premium trampoline.

The security netting is tightly fitted to the edge of the trampoline’s jumping surface. It also gets support from arched uprights, which have improved its overall safety standard. The wired ring at the top helps in retaining its structure.

Extra safety padding is also present to protect jumpers from hitting the steel frame. It is made of around 20 mm thick EPC form, which is more than enough protection for children and adults alike.

We also love the easy deconstruction of this trampoline. The quick-release safety net feature comes into play and easily lowers the safety nets. Since sudden heavy winds are pretty common in the UK, this deconstruction feature can come in handy in such situations.

CZON SPORTS Trampoline, 12ft Outdoor with safety enclosure net, green
6 Customer Reviews
CZON SPORTS Trampoline, 12ft Outdoor with safety enclosure net, green

If you’ve been looking for a product with good quality, but you are short on budget. Then fret not, for this panel may be according to your requirements.

Product Description

CZON is known to produce good quality and secure products. Their user-base ranges from children to adults. Their high-quality trampolines are made with superior materials, which result in a good experience and great bounce.

The CZON sports trampoline comes with a safety enclosure and is about 360 cm in diameter. It has about four dual legs that support its whole body. If we talk about the jumping mat, then it is around 310 cm in diameter, which is sufficient for recreational jumping.

This product can support weight up to 100 kg and has 72 springs, which tend to provide a strong and stable balance to the product. However, it is not safe for younger ones.

The outer enclosure has its benefits; it gives more range and option of stretching to the jumper.

The frame and body of this trampoline are made from galvanized steel, thus, making it weather-resistant as well as strong. It also prevents corrosion and rust, which can weaken the structure of any trampoline.

The jumping mat is also made from strong material. Its sewing lines are of high quality and strong fabric.

The paddings of this product are of high quality and UV resistant, thus protecting from sunlight-induced damage. Similarly, the enclosure nets are heavy-duty products that last for a very long time.

Trampoline enclosures have zips and clips, which further adds to security. Its springs are gold galvanized, which makes it resistant to harsh winter and rainy seasons.

Main Features

  • It can hold up to a maximum weight of 100 kg.
  • It accompanies a safety enclosure which protects jumpers from falling out.
  • Its steel frames are hot galvanized.
  • It has 72 springs, which enable smooth jumps.
  • It has UV resistant padding.
  • It has an outer enclosure, which enables jumpers to have more room to stretch.
  • Its springs are gold hot-dipped, which makes them strong.
  • The safety and care manual comes with the product.
  • It is TUV, CE, EN-71, and GS-approved.
  • It comes with protective padding of 14 mm.
  • Both the inner and outer frames are galvanized.
  • It has four deal legs, which improves the balance of the product and increases the strength of the whole body of the trampoline.
  • The jumping mat is resistant to outer elements.

Why have We Chosen the Product?

We have chosen this product because it is one of the safest and cheapest products out there. It is also cost-effective and if you are on a budget and want something worth the value.

It comes with the latest design, and its top-notch quality, sewing skills, and the large jumping area further adds to its attraction. However, if you have younger ones at home, then you might have to reconsider, given its outer enclosure. Else it is a good deal.

Its all-weather resistant features also add value in its favor as you do not have to remove it from rain or snow. Its UV resistant padding also enable you to keep in sunlight without any worry of getting damaged.

High-quality sewing lines, good materials, fabrics, frames, etc. everything just improved its quality. A high-quality product at this price can be a very good choice.


Trampolines are backyard equipment which are used for enjoyment purposes. At times, trampolines may pose serious safety hazards, which makes them pretty dangerous. This makes trampolines with enclosures a great option to consider.

Now that you are well known for the dangers of an unsecured trampoline, you must always look out for trampolines with enclosures. Your family’s safety must be your highest priority, and thus it must never be ignored.

A trampoline can provide many good hours of enjoyment and healthy fun. It can also be used for doing all-around exercise for both adults and children. Have fun, and always remember that only one person must be allowed to jump at a trampoline at a time.

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