Moving Out Of Your Parents Home

The How To Move Out Of My Parents House Checklist

Moving out of your parents home can be a pretty daunting undertaking if you’ve never done it before. There’s quite a lot to be thinking about and most of which you would of never had to do before. Don’t panic though, we’ve written a guide to help you through the process and what you need to remember.

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  1. How much should you save?
  2. There’s no hard and fast rule, but it’s good to have a little bit of a safety net. In my experience, I tend to keep around 3 months of rent & bills in my savings account at any time. You’ll be just getting used to paying your own bills and having to manage things yourself, so it’s imperative that you can make all the payments on time. Missing payments will harm your credit and may harm yourself later in life.

  3. What are the necessities?
  4. You need to decide what you need to bring with you at the very least. Here’s a list of some of the most important things to consider:

    • Bed sheets
    • Bin & bin bags
    • Cleaning supplies
    • Dishes, pots, pans & cups
    • TV
    • Basic tool kit
    • Iron & ironing board
    • Laundry hamper & detergent
    • First aid kit
    • Bathroom Supplies
  5. Get all the freebies you can
  6. If you are moving into somewhere unfurnished then you will need to get everything that a house needs, like fridges, couches, beds and anything of that nature. All of this stuff amounts to a large sum of money, so personally what I did was use all the freeby websites I could, take all the furniture donations from my family and then use this as a building block to eventually replace them once I had the money to, rather than doing it in one big whack.

  7. Schedule the movers
  8. It’s time to plan the movers. You may want to hire a van yourself or get professionals to help you move. People are lucky nowadays because there are websites like WhatStorage that allow users to browse and compare rates of professional movers in any UK city such as a man and van in Nottingham. Whatever it is you should look to plan it well in advance to ensure that you can get the move-in date that you require.

  9. Find packing supplies
  10. Now you need to determine how much you have to bring and how you’re going to get it there. Typically this involves buying a load of different size cardboard boxes or regularly visiting your local supermarket to see if they have any extra there willing to give you.

  11. Sort the bills
  12. It’s time to sort out all your bills & payments. There are quite a few different bills you will want to look to sort straight away, which include:

    • Council tax
    • Gas & electric
    • Water
    • Home & contents insurance
    • Internet & TV

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  13. Change your address
  14. Now the last thing on your list is to change your address on everything you are required to. Typically this will be things like your driving licence, insurance, work, your bank & the electoral role. Also, don’t forget to change your Just Eat… my parents got a free pizza on me…

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