I'm locked out of my car

I’m Locked Out My Car, What Should I Do?

Have you managed to lock yourself out of your car? It happens to everyone, so don’t worry, I mean I remember when I accidentally dropped my keys down a street drain whilst at the seaside, that wasn’t fun.

None the less, it’s no laughing matter, it can be concerning but don’t stress, you have options. This article tackles everything you need to know about being locked out of your car and what you can do.

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Reasons why you could be locked out of your car

Like I said, happens to everyone. There are a few reasons that you could be locked out of your car, which include:

  • Lost your keys
  • Damaged your keys
  • Car door lock is stuck
  • Keys locked inside your car
  • Figure out if you can get road side assistance

    If you’re covered by roadside assistance then this is something that they can help you with, calling the AA or RAC should be the first port of call. You will need to check with your roadside assistance company what the protocol is and if you will be covered for it, most of the time you should be but sometimes you will incur an extra charge so it may just be worth getting your own auto-locksmith.

    Methods to break into your car safely (DIY)

    We don’t advise doing this, however if you are wanting to break into your car, there are a few ways you can do this safely. The method depends on what you are going to try and do, there are 3 ways to break into your car which include:

  • Through the boot
  • You might be lucky and your boot may be unlocked, or you may be able to unlock it. If that is the case in most cars there will be a lever on the back of the seats in which you can use to fold down the seat & gain access to your vehicle.

  • Automatic / electric locks
  • It’s a basic method you may have seen on TV. You use a long poker, like a folded out metal coat hanger & a thin wedge. Firstly you jam the wedge between the upper part of the door and the car to open up a space to put your poker, using the pokers try and press the button to release the automatic locks.

  • Manual locks
  • This is a very similar method to the above automatic lock one, however it’s a little bit trickier. You follow the same steps but you have to curl a lasso type end to the coat hanger, or you can make your life a little bit easier by using a specially designed lockout tool.

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    What to do in an emergency?

    It completely depends on the situation. If you have locked yourself out of your car & your child or pets are inside on a warm day then time may be of the essence in order to get back in. Calling an auto-locksmith, garage or roadside assistance may not be able to resolve the issue quickly enough and you may have to gain access through force.

    Typically this will require breaking a window, this is something that you can get the police involved in, if the situation is serious of course. Car windows are made from tempered glass and are built to withstand a fair amount of force, so you will need to use a metal, stone or porcelain object, also be very careful to break a window away from anyone in the car as the glass could cause damage.

    This method is obviously the last port of call.

    Contact an auto-locksmith

    Are you looking to get an auto-locksmith to help you gain access to your vehicle? We can help you with that. Fill in the contact form below and you will be contacted by local locksmiths who will be able to quote you on the task at hand.

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