Broken Couch Springs

How To Fix Broken Couch Springs

Broken Couch SpringsLiving room furniture is one of the greatest expenses when furnishing a home, and when a couch must be replaced because of broken springs, it can cost a small fortune. Furniture is available in sets, and when one piece is damaged and must be replaced, the entire set is destroyed. Coordinating replacement pieces can be located and purchased, but they will not match perfectly. Even the same upholstery styles and fabrics have lot numbers, and the colours will vary.

Fortunately I was able to fix the broken springs using one of the following methods, and I was able to save my microfiber couch and an entire set of living room furnishings.

Fix a Loose Spring with Sturdy U Nails

Thankfully, my microfiber sofa was salvageable. These days, springs are often nothing more than sections of sturdy wire attached to a frame. They are not springs in the true sense of the word. All I had to do to fix my broken microfiber couch springs was attach the loose sections to the framework of the couch. They had pulled away and no longer provided support.

To fix broken springs beneath the cushions of a microfiber couch, look for sections of metal that have pulled loose from the frame. Attach sturdy U nails to fix the broken connections. No matter how the springs where held in place before, the U nails will work to solve the problem.

Use a Sheet of Particle Board

If microfiber couch springs are stretched and continue to sag more than desired, fix the problem with particle board. Buy a thick sheet of particle board that will span the entire length and width of the couch. Most home improvement stores will cut it to size. This is what I had to do to fix an old microfiber couch that my kids used in my basement. The couch was not quite as comfortable as it was before the supports were broken, but this quick fix saved it from ending up in the trash.

These are two very good ways to fix broken springs beneath the cushions of a microfiber couch. Sheets of vinyl-covered particle board are available for this purpose. They can be purchased for less than £20 online, and they fold up when not in use. They also provide a simple way to fix broken springs and supports while greatly extending the life of a microfiber couch or any other type of upholstered furniture.

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