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What Size Caravan Awning Do I Need?

Are you looking into purchasing an awning for your caravan? Before just jumping in and buying any awning you need to ensure it is measured to fit your specific caravan. We’ll talk you through everything you need to know to buy an awning for your caravan, here is what we’ll cover:

So without further ado, let’s dive right into finding the right awning for your caravan.

Does a porch awning fit any caravan?

No, unfortunately not every porch awning will fit every caravan. As I’m sure you’re aware caravans come in a variety of different sizes and so do porch awnings. Porch awnings need to be measured and fit to a particular caravan, it can get quite confusing as different brands have different measurement sizes, but we’ll go into that later.

Does a porch awning need to be exact?

It doesn’t always have to fit exactly, most manufacturers have a bit of wiggle room and make their awnings fit a range of sizes, however it’s important to try and get it precise as possible as if it’s quite far out it won’t fit.

As an example if you had a measurement of 790cm, some suppliers may go in increments of 20, so they may only have 780cm and 800cm, and the small difference should be fine to pick either.

What Type of Awning Should I Choose?

There are quite a few awnings to choose from for your caravan, this article is primarily geared towards porch awnings, but here are your choices:

  • Porch Awnings
  • Combi Awnings
  • Full Awnings

How to measure for your awning

You need to get the “A” measurement, which is the distance from the ground to the rail at its highest point and all away the caravans awnings rail, back down to the ground.

There are a few things that you need to be aware of to measure the height of your awning.

  • Don’t rely on the height in the manual, measure it yourself.
  • You can measure for an awning, but you need to visually think about how you want the awning to sit. Take into account things like windows, as you might want the awning to fall short of them.
  • The large majority of porch awnings have a height of the rail from 235cm to 250cm as a rough guide.

Awning Size Chart

Awning sizes can get a little bit confusing, different brands have different ways of displaying their sizes, which confuses customers.

Dorema Awnings
Dorema are one of the biggest caravan awning brands, they have several different models and choices such as the Daytona, Magnum and Mistral. Here’s a guide to their sizes:

725cm - 750cm4
750cm - 775cm5
775cm - 800cm6
800cm - 825cm7
825cm - 850cm8
850cm - 875cm9
875cm - 900cm10
900cm - 925cm11
925cm - 950cm12
950cm - 975cm13
975cm - 1000cm14
1000cm - 1025cm15
1025cm - 1050cm16
1050cm - 1075cm17
1075cm - 1100cm18

We’ve picked out some of the top Dorema awnings we could find so you can see a bit more in depth detail and prices, we’ve also tried to ensure that most of our picks have a large variations of sizes:

Kampa Awnings

788cm - 812cm800
812cm - 838cm825
838cm - 863cm850
863cm - 888cm875
888cm - 913cm900
913cm - 938cm925
938cm - 963cm950
963cm - 988cm975
988cm - 1013cm1000
1013cm - 1038cm1025
1038cm - 1063cm1050
1063cm - 1088cm1075
1088cm - 1113cm1100
1113cm - 1138cm1125

Just like our Dorema picks above, here are some of our top Kampa awning picks for you to find out a bit more about:

Sunncamp Awnings

Sunncamp awnings have the exact same size dimensions as Dorema awnings, so please refer to the above table if you are interested in a Sunncamp awning.

We’ve picked out some of the top Sunncamp awning picks so you can find out more details about them below:

How To Put Up A Caravan Awning

Putting up a caravan awning is essentially a 5 step process, here’s how:

  1. To erect the frame you have to slide the canvas into the awning channel and position it as well as you can. You might have to re-adjust it to clear any windows or other intrusions.
  2. Rear poles are cranked, you have to attach them to the roof poles.
  3. Once they are in place you attach the draught pad, most models include velcros or ties.
  4. Peg down the wing at every corner and at the centre pole. Then you have to adjust the tension of the poles and put pegs through the elastic to secure it in place
  5. Ensure that everything fits and is snug to the caravan, if it isn’t

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