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The Henry Hoover Range – Complete Guide

It’s really necessary to find for your home the best vacuum cleaner that can elevate your cleaning work and offer spotless floors, stairs, carpet, and more. The best vacuum must-have cleaner features that offer a daily cleaning practice and attachments that ease your work. Besides, you want to shop the one that’s reliable with excellent pricing and easy to maintain.

However, you needn’t worry about all this at all. The Henry Hoover company has got it all covered for you. Its reputation has been built over a distinguished range of features it offers. Thus, it is hard to question the hard work company has put into the range of Numatic vacuum cleaners. They have developed a huge family worldwide with their reliable products and strong suction feature.

The products by Henry Hoover are produced by Numatic and have become a popular cylinder in UK homes.  Over the decade, Numatic has come forward with various range of vacuum models, like the James, George, and Hetty. But they come with very diverse features and functions.

Henry comes from a series of canister vacuum cleaners that were manufactured in the UK by Numatic, and soon they took over the market with a wide range of products. They are compactly designed with notable human-like faces on the cover body. They come in various colours, names, and sizes and has a wide range of additional attachments.

While Henry Hover Range is one of the additions to the family of Numatic vacuum cleaners, each model has been made with striking features. With its incredibly recognisable design and strong suction, these vacuum cleaners have become popular not only in the UK but are recognised worldwide.

However, Henry has launched not just one but a small crowd of vacuum cleaners under the Numatic brand. As much as it gets confusing while going through n number of products available online, you needn’t worry because we have got this all sorted for.

We have reviewed below for you the various Henry models available online for you to choose the best as per your need. So, let’s get started as dive into a detailed review with the pros and cons of every product.

Top Henry Hoover Vacuums


Numatic HVB160 Cordless Henry Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner with 2 x 36 V Batteries for Longer Run Time, 9 Litre, Red/Black
Vacuuming around the house with a long wire trail can get a little messy. People have now started going for the cordless options to avoid the hassles of plugging in every time the wire runs short.

The Numatic Henry Cordless HVB160 is a cordless model manufactured by Henry. There is no compromise when it comes to the quality of the machine in comparison to the corded version.

The cordless model is backed with a battery of 36V that offers a 30 minutes run-time. Though the battery life does not match the other brands available in the market, the machine is very efficient and convenient to work with.

Adding to the cordless advantage, it has a capacity of 6-litres, with a bagged design. An additional mode called the power boost, accompanied by a HepaFlo bag, makes it the best choice for heavy and deep cleaning.

The machine also comes with other tool attachments like a dusting brush and crevice tool that are available with the corded model.

To make your choice easier, here are some pros and cons of choosing the Numatic Henry Cordless HVB160.


  • Cordless model
  • Strong suction motor for heavy cleaning
  • Large volume drum


  • More expensive than the corded version
  • Less run-time
Henry HVR 160-11 Bagged Cylinder Vacuum, 620 W, 6 Litres, Red and Black
A new member of the Henry Hoover Vacs family is the Numatic Henry Compact HVR160. The machine has features similar to that of a regular Henry vacuum, but the capacity is reduced to 6 litres. This offers a more condensed design to the machine.

The vacuum is relatively light in comparison to the other models because of the small drum. The 10-meter-long cable helps to vacuum around the house easier. It also has on-board storage for tools.

The smaller size does not compromise the efficiency of the machine; it is as effective as the HVR200.

To make your choice easier, here are some pros and cons of choosing the Numatic Henry Compact HVR160.


  • Compact in size, great space saver.
  • Cheaper in comparison to the full-sized version.
  • Long cable makes vacuuming easier.


  • Small drum size
Henry HVR 200-11 Bagged Cylinder Vacuum, 620 W, 9 Litres, Red, Black/Red
The Numatic Henry Hoover HVR200 is one of the first machines manufactured by the company, which has undergone several upgrades.

The model uses 620W power, which makes this vacuum cleaner one of the most energy-efficient machines. Apart from being energy-efficient, it also provides great suction for deep and heavy cleaning.

The drum has a 9-litre capacity, making cleaning convenient without the hassle of emptying the drum every now and then. The machine also comes with a HepaFlo bag and a TriTex filtration system. The cord-rewinding system makes it easier to pack the machine when the job is done.

This is the perfect choice for people looking for a quality machine with good value.

To make your choice easier, here are some pros and cons of choosing the Numatic Henry Hoover HVR200.


  • A large drum that makes cleaning for a longer duration easier.
  • Strong suction power for deep cleaning
  • Cord-rewinding system
  • Economically feasible


  • Not many advanced features are available with this model.
Henry Harry HHR 200-11 Dry Vacuum Cleaner, 9 Litre, 620 W, Green
The Harry Hoover HHR200 is another popular product in the Henry vacuum range. This vacuum cleaner is particularly designed for pet parents.

The vacuum cleaner comes with a dust drum of 9-litre capacity, which makes it convenient to use around the house without unloading the drum. It also comes with a HepaFlo bag and a cord-rewinding system.  The motor is high power and energy-efficient to provide better and deep cleaning.

Though the machine has many similarities to the regular machine, the HHR200 has a Microfresh charcoal filter. The purpose of this filter is to remove hair and fine dust particles. It also reduces any pet odour that might be lingering in the house. The additional tools, like the powered brush, help remove hair from the floor as well as fabric.

So, if you have a furry friend in your house, Harry Hoover HHR200 is the right choice for keeping your home neat and tidy.

To make your choice easier, here are some pros and cons of choosing the Numatic Henry Hoover HHR200.


  • Strong suction to remove hair.
  • It helps in reducing pet odor.
  • Highly energy-efficient motor.


  • More expensive than the regular variant.
Henry Xtra Bagged Cylinder Vacuum, 9 Litre, 620 Watt, Red
The Henry Xtra HVX200 is amongst the latest models in the Henry vacuum cleaners’ range. It has a strong 580W motor that provides better suction.

Though the model is similar to the typical model, it has few improvements that provide a deeper cleaning. The Henry Xtra comes along with three-floor heads, two more than the standard model. One of the additional heads is the Henry Hoover Airobrush. This is particularly useful in deep cleaning of carpets. The second-floor head is used for cleaning the hard floor.

Apart from the additional features, Henry Xtra is highly efficient in terms of energy.

So, if you love carpeting floors and keeping them dirt-free, the Numatic Henry Xtra HVX200 is your go-to option.

To make your choice easier, here are some pros and cons of choosing the Numatic Henry Xtra HVX200.


  • Additional floor heads for better cleaning.
  • Energy efficient


  • More expensive than the basic model.
NUMATIC Henry Micro Vacuum Cleaner, 580 Watt, Red/Black
The Numatic Henry Micro HVR200M is not a micro version of the classic model; it is rather a better version.

The Henry micro contains a better and more efficientMicroTex filtration system. The benefit of this filtration system is to prevent any allergens from escaping. As per the British Allergy Foundation, the Henry Micro is a perfect fit for people who are sensitive to allergens like dust.

Other features of the machine are similar to the standard model. It also comes with a large dust drum with a capacity 9-litres, providing ease of continuous work. It has a cord rewinding system as well as an additional AS1 accessory kit that is made from stainless steel.

So, if you are sensitive to dust allergies, it is good to have the Henry Micro HVR200M to keep your house free from any nasty allergens.

To make your choice easier, here are some pros and cons of choosing the Numatic Henry Micro HVR200M.


  • Better MicroTex filtration system for extra protection from allergens.
  • An additional AS1 accessory kit comes along with this model.


  • More expensive than the basic model.


Henry HVR240, Plastic, 620 W
The Numatic Henry Professional HVR240 is a more commercial model in the Henry range of vacuum cleaners. Though it comes with all the basic features of the basic Henry Hoover vacuum cleaner, it offers some additional features.

The Henry Professional HVR240 comes with a furniture guard that is attached over the wheels. This helps in protecting the furniture and fittings from getting damaged while vacuuming.

The placement of the switch is also different in the Henry Professional. It is put in front of the drum to provide ease of access. The shape of the drum is also different from the standard model.

Apart from that, it comes with a large 9-litre capacity dust drum, with a cord-rewinding system. It also has a TriTex filtration system that helps in better cleaning.

It works perfectly for commercial places like small offices, shops, etc.

To make your choice easier, here are some pros and cons of choosing the Numatic Henry Professional HVR240.


  • A furniture guard to protect the furniture from damage.
  • Different placement of switch for providing ease of access.


  • More expensive than the standard model.
  • Not much revolutionised.
Henry W3791 George Wet and Dry Vacuum, 15 Litre, 1060 Watt, Green, Green / Black
The Numatic George GVE370 is one of the multipurpose vacuum cleaners. It can be used for wet as well as dry vacuuming purposes.

It has a more than 1000W power rating, which makes it one of the most powerful vacuum cleaners in the Numatic vacuum cleaners’ range.

The dust drum comes in two capacities. The drum with a 15-litre capacity is provided for dry waste, which is bigger than most of the Neumatic vacuums. The drum with a 9-litre capacity is provided for wet waste.

The machine is versatile in itself as it can perform a range of tasks. Because of a highly powerful motor, the dry vacuum can help in picking dust even from carpets and other fabrics.

The tool used for wet floor vacuuming is not just powerful enough for vacuuming liquids; it also helps in scrubbing the floor.

The machine is highly user-friendly. One has to face no hassles or struggle with complicated user manuals to switch from wet to dry mode. The float valve is to be used when liquids are to be vacuumed, and the dry filter is to be used when dust needs to be vacuumed.

The powerful and multipurpose nature of the machine makes it a good choice for both home and professional environments.

To make your choice easier, here are some pros and cons of choosing the Numatic George GVE370.


  • Provides both wet and dry cleaning
  • More powerful
  • User-friendly


  • More expensive than the standard model.
Henry CVC370-2 Charles Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner, 15 Litre, 1060 W, Blue, Blue / Black
1,247 Customer Reviews
Henry CVC370-2 Charles Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner, 15 Litre, 1060 W, Blue, Blue / Black
Numatic Charles is yet another efficient member of the wet vacuum cleaners. It is similar to the Numatic George model, but it does not come with any elaborate accessories.

The Numatic Charles CVC370 also comes with two drum sizes. The 15-litre capacity drum is used for dry vacuuming purposes, while the drum with the capacity of 9-liters is used for wet vacuuming purposes.

It contains a Numatic’sTwinFlo motor that provides a better and powerful suction. It also comes with two heads, one for dry vacuuming and the other for wet vacuuming.

So, if you are looking for a simpler yet versatile option for domestic or professional use, the Numatic Charles CVC370 is the best option for you.

To make your choice easier, here are some pros and cons of choosing the Numatic Charles CVC370.


  • Cheaper than the Numatic George model, with similar features.


  • Does not come with any additional accessories.
Henry James/JVP 180-11/900084 Dry Vacuum Cleaner, 8 Litre, 620 W, Yellow
The Numatic James Hoover JVP180 is one of the pocket-friendly members of the Henry family of vacuum cleaners. There are similarities in the basic Henry model and that of James, but the later has something different to offer as well.

The dust drum of Numatic James is that of 8-liters capacity that is one litre smaller than the standard Henry model. Still, it is the largest cylinder offered in any of the domestic use vacuum cleaners. An A-rated powerful motor helps in achieving deep and thorough cleaning.

The Numatic James, however, lacks the cord-rewinding system that is offered in all the Henry models. The lack of a TriTex filter makes doesn’t make is a popular choice for people with allergies.

So, if you are looking for an economical option for a powerful and efficient vacuum cleaner, Numatic James is the perfect choice for you.

To make your choice easier, here are some pros and cons of choosing the Numatic James JVP180.


  • Economically option for domestic use.
  • Efficient and powerful.
  • Comes with a lot of accessories.


  • Does not have a cord-rewinding system.
  • The dust drum is smaller (8-litres) than the regular Henry model (9-litres).
NUMATIC HET200-12 Hetty Vacuum Cleaner, 620 Watt, Bagged, Pink/Black
The Numatic Hetty Hoover HET200 is like a female cousin to the classic Henry 200. The machine has exactly the same features when compared to the standard model.

It comes with a dust drum that has a capacity of 9-litres. It also contains the Henry special TriTex filtration and HepaFlo bags. The machine is as good, powerful and efficient as the classic model.

The only difference lies in the appearance of the vacuum cleaner. The Numatic Hetty Hoover HET200 comes in more feminine colours and long fancy eyelashes.

So, if you are into buying a machine that is not just highly efficient, but also aesthetically pleasing, Hetty Hoover is your best option.

To make your choice easier, here are some pros and cons of choosing the Numatic Hetty Hoover HET200.


  • Highly efficient in performance
  • Powerful motor
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • No major technological advances.

Things to consider before buying Henry Hoover Vacuum Cleaner



While there a number of Numatic vacuum cleaners listed online, you should surely look through the filtration each one offers. As important it is for you to choose the best Henry range, the model comes with a variety of filtration. So, picking the right one depends on your requirements.

Activated charcoal filtration bags are preferred when you own a pet as it has an enabled pet tool. Also, HZ series with HepaFlo bags filtration is only necessary for industrial spaces.


For small area cleaning, a cordless vacuum cleaner is required as it comes handy while working. It makes cleaning more convenient and quicker. Vacuum cleaners with cords can make your task of cleaning tedious. This is because you’ll have to carry the vacuum cleaner from one place to another while it’s attached to the plug point.

Not to forget to mention, if your vacuum cleaner doesn’t have a long cable with no nearby switchboard, you’ll have to buy an extension board. Thus, cordless vacuum cleaners are more preferred.


If you have ever moved your vacuum cleaner for an extended cleaning or carried it down the stairs, you would know weight matters.  It can be a task to push a heavy vacuum cleaner. Especially, if it’s a cordless cleaner, you know the work will be doubled in moving from one electric board to another.

Fortunately, Numatic offers some really lightweight range of vacuum cleaner, so you don’t need to worry much. However, you can pick the most lightweight product if it matches with your requirements.

Wet and Dry

Such vacuums help in cleaning all type of messes in the workstation, commercial space or even garage. A wet and dry vacuum comes handy in sucking up wet or dry debris. Many wet and dry vacuums are mounted on wheels for easy cleaning.

Therefore, if you have lived in a place where water comes to the floor or your house gets muddy, wet and, dry vacuum cleaners can be shopped. The Henry models provide two wet and dry vacuum cleaners at a reasonable price and with some great feature. Therefore, you can pick one of them and start cleaning up all the dirt at your home or workshop.

Brush Roll

A brush roll determines what kind of cleaning the vacuum cleaner can be used. Vacuum cleaners that come with no brush roll are good to use for hard floors or tile flooring. Comparatively, some vacuums come with a brush roll that has the ability to rotate the brush off for better cleaning of the floor.

Even more, the brush roll is effective in carpet cleaning as it agitates the carpet fibre to lift surface-level dust along with debris. This helps in deep layer cleaning of the carpet.

The bottom line is that for multi-surface flooring in your home, a vacuum cleaner with a brush roll should be bought. In the Henry range, Henry Xtra HVX200 comes with an airobrush that will suffice your cleaning requirements.


Many vacuum cleaners come with attachments that make them more attractive. Like an extension handle provided for cleaning makes it a better experience. Some vacuums also come with different cleaners for different surfaces like cleaning of curtain or small holes.

Therefore, you must look through the ones with extra attachments and satisfies your needs.


The product with a higher capacity for storage is a much better option for a customer than smaller sized and low in litres. A product with a higher capacity will be more efficient and will be functioning better.


Even though all the Henry products by Numatic are listed at a reasonable price and quite affordable, one can look through the price range and pick the one that matches with yours. Always, there exists a price difference traded against some extra features. Thus, you have to pick the one that matches your demand.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the HZ-type Numatic vacuums?

The Numatic H-Z chain of vacuums is designed, especially for industries where dust is dangerous for one’s health. Henry models come with a HEPA type filter. In addition, the use of Hepaflo bag with a pre-filter allows you to vacuum easily and pour out the dust from it safely.

However, for an average home to get the HZ series isn’t needed as their requirement is primarily in the industrial sector. The standardised TriTex filtration, along with HepaFlo bags, is enough for domestic dirt elimination and allergens. Thus, you can buy the one which suits their requirement.

Which is the best suggested Henry Hoover?

Choosing the best Henry Hover can be difficult for us as well. As they are the best products at a reasonable price and efficient functioning, one has to look for the product that satisfies your requirement.

For instance, when using a vacuum cleaner for industrial purposes, the HZ series of Henry Hoover Range is picked because of the filtration bags included. The filtration bags eliminate the hazardous risk of dust which causes critical health issues.

So, it’s really difficult to point at one as the best Henry Hoover depends more on your requirement. For everyday cleaning, we’d still recommend that the standard Henry is the right choice. It comes with a huge capacity and is powerful with more energy-saving ability.

But the exception comes you have pets at home. In this case, you can buy the Harry as it’s a great choice because of its active charcoal filter and pet tool feature.


The range of Henry Hoover vacuum cleaner has become very popular over time in UK homes and because of a fine reason. Vacuum cleaners by Numatic can be really a reliable pick when you’re looking for something at a reasonable price and equally powerful in functioning.

Henry models come with a variety of specifications and functions that could be kept in mind. They have got it all covered with their cute compact designing to energy-efficient working. The filtration bags are an amazing feature which attracts customers towards this buying.

The benefit of having a Henry Hoover Range vacuum cleaner at home is that comes with large capacity, so you needn’t worry about cleaning the bag often. Thus, Numatic is a powerful brand that is most trusted in Britain and enjoys a good consumer demand. These cylinder-shaped vacuum cleaners are the ideal buy for British homes.

We believe if you buy one of the units mentioned above, all your cleaning requirements will be met. So, if you are surfing online to buy for your place a new vacuum cleaner, any Henry Hoover range could be trustable (however the best choice still is based upon your personal requirements).

We expect this article was helpful for you in selecting the best Henry Hoover Numatic vacuum cleaner for your home or workspace. The listed features and specifications will help you compare all the products and choose the one that fits your needs. In case you have further questions, please drop it in the comments section below.

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