Tefal Actifry 2 in 1

Tefal ActiFry 2 in 1 Review – Overview, Price & Is It Worth It?

Tefal ActiFry Original FZ710840 Health Air Fryer, Black, 1kg, 4 Portions
Healthy cooking is amongst the top priority of today’s generation. Being a food lover, it is difficult to resist fried food like French fries. So, sacrificing French fries for healthy dieting? If you are thinking of it, then drop the idea! Here’s an alternative for you!

With the new technology of Air Fryers, you can cook French fries or any fried item with minimum oil. Air fryers are easy to use and completely safe. The demand for air fryers is also increasing with a high slope. The biggest reason is healthy cooking and less mess with it.

The leading brand among the Air Fryer appliance is Tefal.

About Tefal

Tefal is a cookware brand that is known for its kitchen appliances. It gives nonstick cookware to its users. In some countries like the United States of America, this brand is known as T-Fal.

Tefal offer Air Fryers for the health-conscious people of today’s life. Tefal has already launched many Air fryers in the market. But, the new model in the Tefal collection is the Tefal ActiFry Air Fryer 2-in-1.

Tefal ActiFry Air Fryer 2-in-1

Tefal ActiFry 2-in-1 is among the most versatile Air Fryers by Tefal. It has many improvements and uniqueness from other products. With the use of this product, a user can fry a product with only one tablespoon of oil.

Here are the further details of the product.
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ActiFry Air Fryer 2-in-1 is made up of the patent technology of Tefal. It makes the products chips crispy and fluffy. The ActiFry air fryer comes in black color with a combination of green color over its handle and control panels.

It has a detachable basket. Also, the product has a 2 in 1 spoon that is used for pouring oil and salt in the food. On top of the ActiFry, there is an LCD screen for controlling the cooking. It offers a transparent lid to make the cooking process visible to the chef.

In the front design of the ActiFry, you will see a simple on/off button and digital countdown timer with a buzzer. It offers you PTFE AND PFOA FREE ceramic-coated nonstick pan that is removable.

With the 2-in-1 product, you receive a 2in1 handle for the product. One handle is of the tray, and another is of the bowl handle. There are two buttons on the product which disconnects the two handles and unlocks the bowl handle.

In the product, a user also receives a Max level for the cooking. This MAX level specifies the liquid content that is permissible in the tray or the bowl.
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Dimensions Specifications

The product has dimensions of 19.1 x 11.75 x 15.6 inches. The capacity of this ActiFry is 2.2 pounds. It weighs about 10.9 pounds. This product can easily get fit into your kitchen. But, being on the safer side, your kitchen should be ventilated.

Why is it 2 in 1?

The product is called 2 in 1 as it is a Double Decker Air Fryer. It is twice convenient as compared to any other Air Fryer. You can prepare two different items in one go. It is amazing to know that on the top of the plate, you can cook chicken, steak, or fish, and simultaneously you can cook chips in the bottom pan.

This 2 in 1 technology is patented by Tefal. You get a delicious and completely healthy meal in one go.

How to Use Tefal ActiFry Air Fryer?

Tefal ActiFry is very easy to use! It comes up with a nonstick pan. A user just has to put your food item on the tray or bowl. Grease it with some oil. Set the timer for the food item and leave it.

Your delicious product will be ready within that specified time. But, a user has to know that you cannot use a food item which includes more liquid content in it. The ActiFry does not support the liquid content after its maximum permissible limit.

Foods that can be cooked with ActiFry 2-in-1

With this product, you can fry many food items for your family. You can cook the following items in it:

  • Chicken- Chicken nuggets, Chicken drumstick, Chicken legs, Chicken breast
  • Potatoes for making chips or fries.
  • Vegetables
  • Fish of all kinds
  • Desserts

The product offers a delicious taste to every food item.


The accessories which you get in the box, other than the main machine are as follows:

Power cord

The power cord for this product is detachable. It is approximately 90 cm in length. The length of the power cord will support everybody’s kitchen. It can easily reach the sockets in your kitchen.

Cooking or recipe book

The box includes the cooking book to help the users to get started with delicious and healthy meals. The cooking book will include interesting recipes that can be cooked with the help of the Air Fryer.

Instructions manual

Other than the recipe book, you will receive another booklet in the book. This booklet is the instruction manual. The instruction manual includes all the details about the product. It consists of the information related to usage, assembling, precautions, and what to do if it gets damaged.

Measuring spoon for oil

Other than these booklets, you will receive a measuring spoon. With this spoon, you can measure oil for starting the cooking process.

What makes this product special?


Auto-shut feature

One of the uniqueness of this product is that the product comes with a digital timer. You can set the timer for cooking your meal. After the specified time, the Air Fryer automatically gets shut. With this feature, a user doesn’t have to worry about the burning or over-cooking of the food.

Unique Stirring Paddle and Pulse heat system

The major uniqueness with ActiFry is that it comes up with a unique stirring paddle and pulse heat system. These two technology ensures that the food is evenly cooked, and the oil, will be distributed evenly on each piece of the food.

Multiple cooking at one time

With 2-in-1 Actifry, you can cook multiple foods at one time. The product has a rotating paddle at the base and a rotating tray on the top. This allows users to cook multiple food items at one time. The heat comes directed to the rotating top tray.
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Detachable Power cord

Detachable power code is one of the uniqueness of this product. In most of the products, the power cord is attached, which causes inconvenience to the user. But, here, a user will get convenience.


The product offers ten years repairable guarantee for its users. During the Guarantee period, a user can get service from Tefal. If the product gets damaged at any point in time, a user can get it to repair by the company.

However, this guarantee does not apply for shops, farmhouse inns, clients in a hotel type environment, and bed & breakfast type environments. This product is only for household purposes.


Cleaning of the product is easy, and it provides an ease to it. The product is a dish washable friendly. The detachable items are, Bowl, lid, filter, tray, paddle. All these detachable parts are dish wash safe. It is better to clean the detachable filter regularly.

One can use a damp sponge for cleaning the inside and outside areas of the product. While cleaning the product, it is necessary to make it cool. It is recommended not to use a corrosive or metallic product for cleaning the fryer.

It can damage the product. Tefal Air fryer makes it easy for the user to clean the product in the dishwasher.

Pros of the Product

  • Biggest suitability and benefit of this product is that it is versatile. You can cook various food items in it.
  • It offers healthy cooking for losing weight.
  • It has enough capacity that can be sufficient for the family meals.
  • It comes up with a transparent or clean lid that helps the chef to have an eye over the cooking process. You can easily see the food cooking process and can stop it anytime.
  • The product offers cleaning ease-ability. As it is safe for dishwasher cleaning, it offers ease of cleaning to all the users.

Cons of the Product

  • The only con of this product is that it is not offered at a price which will suit everybody.



The overall performance of the product is good. It gives a fully fried food item with minimal oil! You will get evenly cooked food. This even cooked food happens because of automation, stirring paddle, and dual motion technology. The time for frying the food depends on the type of food item which you are cooking.

If it is a desert, it may take a longer time than that of a vegetable. While if you are cooking chicken, it may take more or less time than the fish. It completely depends on your recipe. There is no standard time for the frying of any food. It will take 1400 watts for better performance. So, it is somewhere cost-effective also.

In this product, the capacity is great, and with one-time French fries, you can serve six persons. The recipe book gives you the ease of cooking. There is also an option to download the instruction and recipe book from the Tefal website. This ultimately serves a lot of convenience to the user.

Moreover, other than the up-listed details of the product, many users of Tefal Air Fryers asked some questions related to the product. Here are some answers to their questions.
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Frequently Asked Questions


Which cleaning product should one use for wiping the product?

No particular cleaning product is recommended by Tefal. When you are cleaning the product in the dishwasher, it is completely safe, and you can choose any dishwashing agent for it.

How does an air fryer work?

An Air Fryer consists of a heating element in it that transfers the heat to the food. There is a strong fan inbuilt in it, which works to convert the food for cooking. You just have to place your food in the basket and turn it on. The fryer will automatically work for you. It will give you crispy and crunchy food.

Is the Fried Food of Air Fryer Healthy?

An Air fryer gives you fewer calories and less cholesterol as compared to deep-fried food.

Is Use of Aluminum Foil in the Basket is permitted?

Yes, you can use an aluminum foil in the basket but be cautious while using it. It is advised that an aluminum foil should not be placed at the bottom of the pan. It affects the cooking as the air gets disrupted. Also, ensure that the aluminum foil will not hang out beyond the basket edge.

An Air Fryer Smokes?

The answer to this question is, Yes! The simple reason for this smoke is the unavailability of oil while frying. Even if you cook the food without oil, on the stove, it is going to smoke. That’s why an Air fryer also smokes.

Why does the food stay on the edge of the bowl?

The main reason for this is the overloading of the food item in the ActiFry. There is some specified quantity limit for the food item.

1 Kg of fresh chips / 750 gr of frozen chips when you are going to make the food item for less than six people.

1.5 kg of fresh chips / 1.2 kg of frozen chips when you are going to make the food for your whole family.

Keeping these quantities in mind will not cause this problem in the future.
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What is the recommended amount of oil to be used for making Crispy and Fluffy French Fries?

Tefal recommends a dosing spoon of oil for making light and crispy fries. But, you can add more oil to it if you want more taste in your fries.

What is the standard size for chopping potatoes for this product?

Chopping of potatoes in the right size is important as it decides the taste of your food item. A thin chip will give you a crunchier and crispy taste, while a thick chip will stay soft on the inside.

It depends on how you want your food item. You can easily set the cooking time for your food item. Further, the sizes are:

  • Thin- 8 × 8 mm
  • Standard- 10 × 10 mm
  • Thick- 13 × 13 mm


Will the chips break if I use new potatoes for making the chips?

It can be possible that your chips will break if you use new potatoes. Not every time it happens, but it can. To avoid this situation, you can reduce the quantity to 750g and adjust the cooking time. With this change in your cooking, there will not be any break in chips.


Tefal is amongst the leading brand for the Air Fryers, and with ActiFry 2in1, Tefal fulfills the user’s expectations. ActiFry is a product of money worth that can achieve your expectation of having healthy fried food. The ActiFry is a good product if used correctly. Tefal is highly recommended for its Air Fryers, and this ActiFry is certainly one of the best.
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