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Modern Kitchen Splashback Design Ideas 2020

A lot of modern home designs seem to involve brick walls in the kitchen or to be more specific, brick slip kitchens. Even houses that aren’t made from brick tend to have brick walls, or so it seems. It’s possible for anyone to follow this trend due to brick slips being a thing. Don’t worry if you never heard about these before because you’re about to find out what they are.

Brick slips are thin pieces of brick used to look like a brick wall. This usually goes over your regular walls so it gives off the impression that you have brick walls while not having actual brick walls. There are a few reasons why people do this

  • Affordable
  • Looks like an actual brick wall
  • Simple to do
  • Looks great

Why People Love This Look

While this is a modern design, it should be noted that one of the reasons this look is loved so much is because many old homes were made of brick. Having brick walls can give your house an old-school look to it which can be very appealing. Not only are they appealing, but it gives you the option of covering up only one wall. Maybe you only want to cover up the kitchen like a lot of people today are doing, or you just want to do the bathroom. Brick slips, give you that option to only have part of the wall covered.

Wooden and Stainless Steel Furniture

Most likely, when you are redecorating the inside of your kitchen, you aren’t only changing the look of the walls. You change the look of the furniture as well. A great combination to have with brick walls is wooden furniture. Wooden cabinets, counter tops, and tables all complement the brick nicely. For the refrigerator, black looks to be the most common option but if you aren’t into that, a stainless steel fridge can really bring out the look of your kitchen. This applies to microwaves and ovens as well. Having all three of these be made of the same material has the best look.

Quicker, Cheaper, and Easier

To put it simply, we all want to redecorate the inside of our homes from time to time, but that can cost a lot of time and money. Brick slips make it easier to change the look of your walls by looking like a brick wall without having to put in the time, effort, and money of an actual brick wall. This makes it popular among many people.

Our Top Brick Slip Picks

If you’re looking for a brick slip look for your kitchen wall then it’s fairly easy to put up yourself & will generally be a lot cheaper than if you where looking at getting someone to do this for you.

Alternatively, Hire a Professional

A lot of companies are even offering this as a service. Although this is a simple process that you can do yourself along, if you’ve never done this sort of thing before, it’s best to hire professionals so you have the best outcome possible. That way when people visit, you can show off those perfect walls!

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