Is Underfloor Heating Worth It?

There’s nothing nicer than walking into your kitchen, along the tiled floor, in bare feet with a nice warm floor. Underfloor heating is a nice to have feature of your home, but is it worth it? Yeah sure it’s comfortable but it can also be very expensive, in the below articles we weigh up the pros & cons.

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How does underfloor heating work?

There are two ways in which underfloor heating can work, a wet system or a dry system. The wet system is by using a system that pumps warm water through the pipes that are under your floor, or a dry system is done through electric coils. The heat then rises and gives warmth to the flooring above.

What are the pros and cons of underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating is increasing in popularity, but it’s not exactly cheap. We’ve noted down a few pros and cons for you to weigh up and decide whether underfloor heating is for you.


  • Energy efficient
  • Underfloor heating runs at a much lower temperature than radiators in order to heat the room and therefore could help you save on your heating bills.

  • Easy, effortless and comfortable
  • The obvious benefit is the comfort, it’s nice having underfloor heating, it keeps the room warm and most importantly the floor. In 2019 it’s also very easy to control the temperatures and run times making it easy to use.

  • More space & freedom
  • Another benefit of getting underfloor heating is that you don’t need to have radiators in the room. You will be genuinely surprised how awkward radiators are and without them you can utilize the rooms furniture much better.


  • Installation cost
  • If you’re not handy yourself you will have to pay for a professional to install the system for you, which obviously comes at an additional cost the materials themselves.

  • Installation time
  • You also need to consider the time it takes to put in place. Whilst the work is being undertaken and even for a few days after, you won’t be able to walk through that particular room, so you need to plan for that.

  • Increased floor height
  • Another thing to consider is that adding underfloor heating will raise the depth of the floor by a few centimeters, it’s something to keep in mind when planning. There are a few solutions that mean you can overcome this and reduce the increase.

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How much does underfloor heating cost?

Underfloor heating will cost you roughly £50-75 per m2 if you choose the electric heating map option. If you choose to go for a wet system installation this can cost into the thousands.

The standard day rates for a professional to do this for you will be around £300, but this obviously varies depending on the tradesman you choose.

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