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How to Create an Efficiently Organised Bathroom Cabinet

Bathroom CabinetSearching through a bathroom cabinet while getting ready for work can get aggravating especially when you can’t get to the things you need, and the things you don’t need are falling to the counter top. You’ve always told yourself you were going to reorganise it and, since you have the time, why not do it right now?

Prepare the area

The first thing you want to do is to prepare the area for reorganisation. Remove all of the contents of the cabinet and place them on the sink counter top. If the shelves are removable, take them out and clean them, then set them aside for the time being. Then gather all of the items you want back in the cabinet including anything that might be scattered about that wouldn’t fit before you emptied the cabinet.

Categorise Your Items

Next, categorise everything that sits before you on the counter top. Ask yourself what things are necessary in the cabinet and what things can be relocated to containers in the bathroom closet. As your putting things into the different categories, eliminate anything that is outdated or spoiled. There’s no sense in putting those items back in there but you might want to make a list to replace those the next time you go shopping. Remove or combine duplicates of items to save more space.

Collate Everything You Don’t Use

As you’re going through what you have categorised, set aside items you very seldom use. You can place these in a storage container that can be put in the bathroom closet or on the bathroom counter top if the container matches the decor of the bathroom.

Time To Reorganise

You’re now ready to reorganise the things that are going back inside the cabinet. Separate your items by size, weight and height. You’ll want the heavier and taller items towards the bottom of the cabinet. Using the tallest item you have, find out at what height the bottom shelf needs to be placed back in the cabinet. Once you have the taller and heavier items in the cabinet, replace the shelf and do the same with the next tier. One extra thing to keep in mind is to consider whether you are right handed or left handed and on which side the cabinet is on in relation to the sink. Place the items you use the most to the side of the cabinet that coincides with which hand you use the most. That way, you won’t be knocking things out of the cabinet that aren’t used as much. Continue placing the shelves and items in the cabinet until your done.

Now Keep It That Way!

Now that you have your cabinet reorganised, take a couple of extra minutes in your daily routine to keep it that way. And as you bring home new items from the store that will go in your cabinet, either combine the old and the new, place the new container in the closet until the old one is used up or discard the old one if it’s spoiled or out of date. With a little extra time taken each time you use something out of your cabinet, you can avoid the time and aggravation of having to do the job all over again.

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