How Do You Take The Lock Off A Neff Induction Hob


If you are casually cleaning your Neff Induction hob and alarmed by a beep sound, don’t worry. But you must be careful, you probably cannot utilize your Neff hob immediately.

It is because you might have accidentally turned on the lock system of the induction hob. You have nothing to fear or get panicked about, though. This article is written to help you get out of this situation.

Although the Neff induction manual will have instructions for the same, you might find it t a task to find and fetch the manual. Read on further in this article to know how to unlock the hob.


How Does The Lock Get Turned On?

Before we discuss how to unlock how the Neff induction hob, let us discuss how it must have turned on, this is important, as you shouldn’t be turning it on, unnecessarily.

Knowing how to turn it on will ensure you are careful the next time you are around it or cleaning it.

Why is the child safety feature of importance on the Neff induction hob?

The Neff induction hob comes with a child lock safety feature to prevent any freak accidents in the kitchen. Many accidents take place in the kitchen with children. Since they are not aware of what can harm them, they tend to fiddle and touch things unknowingly.

That’s when safe child locks can be of great help. These kinds of locks are of benefit not only in the kitchen but also out of the kitchen. It is the reason even vehicles have child safety locks installed in the doors.

These locks ensure that parents stay without any worry about their child making mistakes and getting hurt. Accidents often happen when the parent is not around the child. It can even occur when the parent is around, but not paying attention to the child.

How to activate the child lock on the Neff induction hob?

For activating the child lock feature on the Neff induction hob, all you have to do is locate the bell icon on the hob.

Next, press and continue to hold it down for 4 seconds. After this period of 4 seconds, a lock symbol will appear on the hob.


How To De-Activate The Child Lock System On The Neff Induction Hob?

Now that you know how to activate the child lock system on the induction hob, you will remember to avoid its activation unless you require it again.

Key symbol

If your Neff induction hob has a key symbol, all you need to do is hold it down for 4 seconds. The lock is now de-activated, and you can now use the hob once again.

P symbol

In case your Neff induction hob does not have a crucial symbol but has a P symbol, you need to use that. All you have to do is press the P symbol down for 3 seconds. It will de-activate the child lock. The induction hob is now ready for use.

L symbol

In the case that your Neff induction hob doesn’t have a key or P symbol, no need to worry. If your Neff induction hob has an L symbol, please press on to it. Keep it pressed for just 3 seconds to de-activate the child lock.


How To De-Activate The Cleaning Lock?

There are other lock systems present on the Neff Induction hob as well. You might have turned on the cleaning lock by mistake.

This cleaning lock gets deactivated on its own in the next 35 seconds. All you need to do at this time is to wait and be patient.

How will I know if the cleaning lock is activated?

You will see a hand sign or symbol on the hob, which indicates that the cleaning lock is activated.


Other Features Of The Neff Induction Hob

The Neff induction Hob has plenty of exciting and useful features. These features include the touch control, by which you can control the hob with a timer and just one touch of your finger.

It contains the power boost feature, using which the heating will take place much faster. The induction is done so that the heating stops immediately when the power is turned off. It is a great advantage as the induction surface will cool down soon and prevent any mishaps from happening.

A few Neff induction hobs have the feature of the Power Move, where boiling can be performed in the front and warming can be done at the back. With the combi induction, two separate and individual heating zones can be combined into a single zone.

This zone can have even and equalized heating. Other features such as the Twist pad Fire, Frying Sensor, Home connect, and many more.

The manufacturer mainly added the lock system to the induction hob to reduce accidents in the kitchen. You can utilize these functions in various ways to enhance safety for your family. All these features make the Neff Induction Hob a great investment.


Summing Up

The Neff induction hob has all the right features when it comes to safety and taking precautions. They have taken the words “better safe than sorry” literally and acted on them.

Unlike a regular stove where one can understand they shouldn’t touch the fire, one may not realize the same with an induction hob.

Since induction hobs are flat all over and look just like a table, it can confuse people. It does not repel people away as much as actual fire does. And that’s why it is extra vital for an induction hob to have safety features.

As much as turning on the lock is essential, it is crucial to know how to unlock it, for using the hob.

When you know all about an electrical appliance, you will feel safe and secure using it. Most people look for safety when it comes to heating and electrical appliances. This is why the Neff induction hob was designed in a way to address all your safety concerns!


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