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Dormeo is one of the most popular mattress brands in the United Kingdom and all over Europe in general. Dormeo has various mattresses from which you can choose the one that you feel is the most ideal for you. Dormeo has revolutionised the mattress industry with its game-changing Octaspring all-foam coil that offers support and ensures enough cooling and pressure relief. In addition, they have other varieties such as conventional all-foam and pocket sprung. Dormeo customers have given positive feedback, but there is some criticism at the same time. 

Dormeo has been in the market for more than 15 years manufacturing Italian-style memory foam mattresses. It is a branch of Studio Moderna Group: a retailer in Eastern and Central Europe. Dormeo sells its mattresses in 22 European countries. It is well known for its quality and innovative hybrid products, Octaspring.

Product overview

If you live in the UK or around Europe and you are looking for a mattress that will offer you great comfort, the Dormeo mattress is the mattress for you. If you are shopping online, there are high chances that you will come across Dormeo mattress reviews. It is a very popular mattress, and you will love it for all its great feedback. 

Being a well-established mattress company, Dormeo provides high-end, quality and reliable mattresses that will serve you for an extended period. The company also sells some of the unique bed around the UK and Europe.

Dormeo integrates memory foam and pocketed coils to design the mattress. These features make the mattress to be amongst the most expensive mattresses around Europe. 

A good number of mattresses are crafted using either springs or foam. Through its hybrid innovation, the company brings the two approaches together to come up with a high-end mattress. Integrating the two approaches requires a lot of input, making the Dormeo mattresses more expensive than other hybrid mattresses in the market.

Types of Dormeo mattress

We will look at Dormeo’s four most popular mattresses and what makes each one of them unique from the other.

Dormeo Memory Plus, Memory Foam Mattress, Firmness Medium, Size Double
This mattress has a “ rotated” design, and you do not need to flip it; you just need to rotate it once in a while.


The mattress cover

The mattress is wrapped in a luxurious cover. The cover comprises a Florentine stitched material with carbon fibres that produce an anti-allergenic surface to sleep on.  The carbon fibres work to create a barrier to particles and dust in the air, ensuring you have a clean mattress surface. To make sure you sleep on a clean and hygienic surface, Dormeo uses anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-dustmite sanitised protection. The sanitised protection offers a hygienic mattress surface and prevents the development of fungi, which is an irritant for people with asthma.

Layer 1

This is the memory foam layer that uses the latest  Dormeo’s innovative technology. The company has been updating and improving memory foam to find a perfect balance between softness and support. The layer adapts to respond to your body’s shape and position to provide you with support and soft comfort. This layer has a bit thicker memory foam than other Dormeo mattresses. After getting out of the mattress, the layer regains its shape every time, making it less saggy. 

Layer 2

This is the Ecocell layer. The next-generation foam layer is crafted to make it achieve a permanent elasticity with a 3D cellular structure that allows more air to flow into and out of the mattress whilst giving you all the support you need. The layer is designed in a manner that guarantees you adaptable support. When you lie on the mattress, the elasticity helps to reduce pressure points. To help the mattress breathe, the designers equip the mattress with four air vents on its sides which facilitates air circulation through the mattress. Vents help in keeping the mattress clean and removing excess heat from it.

Dormeo Memory Silver Plus, Memory Foam Mattress, Firmness Medium, Size King
This mattress is 100% customisable. It has an Ecocell core that is “s” in shape. Dormeo boasts in manufacturing the first-ever completely personalised mattress with more than 30 combinations of comforts, including separate halves that function independently of each other. This means that you could share the same mattress with your partner, but each one of you has a completely different feel of the mattress. 

Let us now get into the mattress specifics 



This mattress is designed with an Octaspring centre surrounded by two Ecocell foam layers wrapped up using a silver cover. The luxurious Climate Silver cover dries quickly to wick away the moisture keeping your mattress sleep surface clean and dry. The mattress also uses Dormeo’s Sanitized protection to ensure your sleep surface is free from bacteria, fungi, and dust mite, ensuring it remains healthy and hygienic. In addition, Dormeo includes an anti-static treatment. The mattress has a handle that enables you to manoeuvre easily with the mattress. 

Mattress layers

The first layer is made up of memory foam which is 2 cm thick. It is designed in a way that allows it to cradle your body and help to relieve pressure points. 

The next layer is the Ecocell layers which surround the core of the mattress separated by colours. The pink side forms the firmer layer of the Ecocell that provides firm support for back sleepers. The grey side includes the softer layer of the Ecocell and is ideal for people who sleep on their sides as it offers more resounding support than the Ecocell pink layer.

The core of the mattress is found in between the layers of Ecocell. The core of the mattress is the Octaspring layer which is s-shaped to appear like a human spine. Octaspring is Dormeo’s next-generation sleep technology. 

The mattress has eight times more breathable memory foam than a conventional memory foam mattress. The more breathability, the more air will flow through your mattress, allowing heat to escape and ensure cooling takes place.

The design of Octaspring also allows a more incredible response as each spring reacts independently in three dimensions. The reaction of each spring ensures you get support as you move, sleep or change your sleeping position. In addition, Octaspring has three body zones, and each one of them has a different density and strength. These zones ensure you get specific support to your legs, torso, shoulders, and head while aligning your spine perfectly. If you want to experience the difference, you can rotate your mattress to either bring the mattress springs closer or move them further from you.

Dormeo Octasmart Plus Mattress Topper with Pillow, Sizes: Single, Double, King, Super King (King)
This Dormeo’s mattress is also a green solution as it is 100% recyclable. It is also free from harmful emissions and substances and has OEKO-TEX approval. This smart mattress has four layers, including Dormeo’s Octaspring layer, which has won an aviation award.


The Octasmart Plus Memory Foam Mattress has a three-layer design that features some of Dormeo’s latest innovations. Some of its features include the Ecocell foam layer, open-cell memory foam, Octaspring layer, and smart performance cover.


The cover is made up of hundreds of built-in pockets that provide an excellent comfortable surface. The anti-allergenic offers an extra freshness by allowing optimal air circulation while the heat escapes out of the mattress. You can remove the smart cover and dry clean it.

Layer 1

Below the cover is the mattress first layer. It is an open-cell memory layer that works to cradle your body shape and alleviate pressure points. The layer adapts to accommodate your unique body by cradling it completely. 

Layer 2

Octaspring forms the second layer of your Octasmart Plus Memory Foam Mattress. Hundreds of Octasprings are used to make this layer, and Octaspring work in unison to cradle your entire body. The layer responds in three dimensions to release pressure from your hips, shoulders, and back. Each Octaspring point of comfort adjusts the weight of your body to alleviate pressure across the responsive support points. 

The Octaspring feature in this mattress makes the mattress breathe more; in fact, it makes the mattress eight times more breathable than a traditional foam mattress. Dormeo refers to the mattress breathing systems as an Octavent air system: minimises the temperature of your mattress by three degrees celsius.  The air system compounds the Octaspring layer and the smart mattress cover, enabling air to circulate inside the mattress as the hot air exhausts. The organisation of Octasprings in three separate body zones provides customised support for your hips, shoulders and back while allowing your spine to stay in its natural shape.

Layer 3

The Ecocell foam layer forms the base and the last layer of this mattress. The layer lies below and above the Octaspring layer. The 3D structure of Ecocell provides a firm base for your mattress.

How thick is the mattress?

It is 17 cm deep with foam layers: 3 cm Ecocell base layer, 9 cm Octaspring layer, 3 cm Ecocell layer and 2 cm memory foam layer.

Dormeo Octaspring Hybrid Plus Medium Tension Mattress - UK King (150 x 200 cm)
 This is a premium mattress in the range of Dormeo mattresses. This mattress has a green option as well. It is 100% recyclable and is OEKO-TEX certified. The mattress has four layers that use Dormeo’s sleep technologies. Octasmart Hybrid Plus Mattress layers include memory foam, Octaspring, individual pocket springs and an Ecocell foam base.



A smart cover is what wraps your mattress, and the exterior features hypoallergenic properties. The hypoallergenic properties make the mattress suitable for people prone to allergies as it does not cause any reactions. The cover also creates a hygienic sleep surface as it prevents the mattress from mould, bacteria, and dust mites. The cover also consists of hundreds of built-in comfort pockets that add an extra soothing comfort layer.

Layer 1

This is a luxurious initial layer mattress that is crafted using high-quality open-cell foam. Like other Dormeo’s mattresses’ first layers, this layer works to cradle your entire body and provide pressure relief on your body’s hips, shoulder, and back. 

Layer 2

The Octasping forms the second layer of the mattress:  the springs are designed using memory foam. This layer functions independently to give you the support you need from your mattress. Each spring functions in three dimensions to release pressure points and support your hips, back, and shoulders. Also, Octasprings enhance air circulation in your mattress. The Dormio’s Octavent system combines the Octaspring layer and smart cover to increase the rate of cold air circulation and hot air release. This ensures your mattress does not heat up, providing you with a cooler sleep throughout the night. Also, the layer features three zones that help support your shoulder and back while allowing your back to relax naturally. 

Layer 3

The pocket spring layer forms the third layer of your mattress. Each spring of this layer reacts independently alongside the Octaspring layer to cradle and support your body, providing a more bouncy feel.

Layer 4

This is the Ecocell base layer. The 3D feature helps in keeping the mattress in its shape by providing a sturdy base. The Ecocell is also used in layer separation as well. In between the mattress layers, you will find layers of Ecocell. 

Are Dormeo mattress of good quality

Dormeo has a wide variety of mattresses, from cheaper memory foam design to high-end and award-winning ones. You get the value of the mattress by what you pay. Medium priced to expensive Dormeo mattresses is highly dependable as they are well-crafted to give out high-quality models. 

What attracts positive ratings in reviews from reviewers and experts is the firmness of the Dormeo mattresses and their ability to provide excellent pressure relief, high breathability, and low noise levels.

Although most consumer feedback is positive, some critics complain about the mattress dipping issues after some time. Also, some have raised concerns about its durability. However, Dormeo gives trials and guarantees which assure you of protection in case you experience such problems.

What is different about Octaspring

Back in time, mattresses were made using springs. With the invention of memory foam, the mattresses provide more consistent levels of support across your entire body when you sleep on one. Memory foam mattress works well for back pain sufferers because it is able to adjust to your body shape, thus releasing pressure points while spreading your body weight across the entire frame.

However, some people are not fond of these foam mattresses. Some say they don’t like the sinking feeling a foam mattress brings when they sleep on it, while some say they feel trapped in them. Different people have different needs, tastes, and preferences, which explains different sleepers’ opinions. 

Dormeo Octaspring mattresses come in between the two sides to solve sleepers issues. The manufacturer, Dormeo, creates their mattresses using a breathable Octaspring which helps in offering pressure relief, cooling, and support. Dormeo mattress boasts of being eight times more breathable than a regular foam mattress, and for this, it has won several awards within the mattress industry. 

If you are one of the back pain sufferers, you should try the Dormeo Octaspring mattress because we believe in it, especially in releasing pressure points. Dormeo offers 60-night trials, and if after sleeping on their mattress you still feel it’s not the mattress for you, you can request a return. Also, Dormeo offers free shipping, but you may be required to pay shipping costs in some territories.

What’s it like to sleep Dormeo mattress

Despite the chemical smell that the memory foam emits in the first few days after unpacking the mattress, we were very impressed by the Dormeo mattress. The mattress delivers ample support when used on a solid foundation and sprung-slatted base.

The mattress is a little more stable when used on a solid foundation, as the support level does not diminish when it heats up. We agree with Dormeo that the mattress offers a medium firmness, although it is firmer than the way they describe it. You may want to look for something softer if you are a side sleeper.

If you are the person who warms during the night, Dormeo Memory Plus may not be the best mattress for you. It is suitable for sleeping in cold places. Regardless, the Dormeo mattress design tries as much as possible to regulate the temperature to ensure you have a cool sleep.

Dormeo mattress trial period and warranty  

Dormeo gives you 60 nights trial to sleep on their mattress before you can claim to own it. You will need to sleep on it at your home for 60 days. If you have issues with the mattress, you can launch a complaint within the trial days. If you find out that the mattress is not for you, Dormeo will gladly come and collect the mattress and give you a refund.

A warranty is a very crucial element to consider when purchasing a mattress. Warranties protect your purchase and keep you out of fear when buying your mattress. The Dormeo warranties range between 15 to 18 years.

Dormeo Mattress Delivery

If you live in the UK, you have the advantage of receiving your mattress on free delivery up to your doorsteps. The mattress is vacuumed-sealed rolled and is transported in plastic protection or a box. This kind of packing makes it easy to transport the mattress around the country. Upon your order confirmation, it will take five to 28 business days for your mattress to arrive. 

The mattresses are arranged in four different sizes: super king, king, double, and single. The prices of all these mattresses range from £529.99 to £1799.

Product pros

  • The Dormeo mattress is comfortable and supportive.
  • It does not warm excessively.
  • The manufacturer gives you 60-night trials, and you can request a return if you feel like the mattress is not for you. This shows that the manufacturer has high confidence in the mattress manufactured.
  • It has a medium level of firmness which is suitable for back and front sleepers. When the mattress is too soft, it may not be able to align your spine in the correct position, and you will always wake up with back pain every morning. Also, if a mattress is too firm, you will feel uncomfortable sleeping on it and in some cases, you might wake up with soreness and pain. So, the Dormeo mattress is an ideal mattress for you because it offers you an optimal medium firmness level.
  • Dormeo mattress has a special mattress technology that encompasses Octasprings. The technology utilises foam-based springs to come up with a mattress that can cradle your entire body.
  • The mattress provides great pressure relief. Some parts of your body experience great pressure when they come in contact with the mattress. These parts include the hips, shoulders, and back. Dormeo mattress provides a solution to this issue. It has the capabilities of providing pressure relief and aligning your spine correctly on the mattress surface. If you always wake up with sores, the Dormeo mattress will do you good.
  • The mattress is suitable for all body sizes, especially plus size body type.
  • With the Dormeo mattress, you are assured of cool sleep. The mattress has pores that facilitate airflow through the mattress. Pores ensure that the hot air gets out of the mattress while the cool air gets in, allowing your mattress to clean.
  • It provides decent sound and motion isolation. All Dormeo mattresses have this feature in common. Dormeo mattresses are able to minimise the effect brought by turning and tossing on your bed, which disturb your sleeping partner. Also, Dormeo mattresses retain their silence throughout their lifespan.
  • Dormeo mattress boasts in improving couples sex life because of its bounciness.  A bouncy mattress takes away a lot of effort that could have been put in if your bed were prone to sinking when exposed to weight.

Product cons

  • Dormeo mattresses are thin and quite effective in offering all the comfort you need.
  • Some have a non-removable cover which makes them hard to clean.
  • Some customers have complained about the mattress’s durability. We already established that the Dormeo mattress is not prone to sinkage compared to other mattresses. However, some reviewers say that the mattress starts to sink down and sag sooner than you would expect. 
  • Dormeo mattresses are quite expensive compared to other foam mattresses in the market, falling in the same category. They have one of the highest price points in the mattress industry. You will be surprised to know that even luxury mattresses are less expensive compared to Dormeo mattresses. Purchasing a Dormeo mattress is equivalent to purchasing two separate mattresses: an innerspring one and a foam one and combine them. If you are in the market looking for a budget-friendly mattress that will give you an overall pleasant sleep, Dermeo is not a place to start looking for that kind of mattress.
  • A 60-night trial is a very short trial period considering other brands offer even 200- night trials. A mattress with such a high price tag ought to have more extended trials. A customer may not have decided whether the mattress is good or not. Mattresses way below their quality give a longer trial period than Dormeo.

Our honest overview

Generally, Dormeo is an excellent mattress. They have revolutionised the mattress industry by crafting high-end mattresses that are medium-firm, supportive, and comfortable. The Dormeo innovative mattress technology integrates Octasprings, Ecocell, and memory foam to develop a mattress that is ideal for all types of bodies.

Most bed-in-a-box mattresses regularly give out discounts, but the Dormeo mattress makes you save a lot as it gives out some lofty discounts if you compare discounts given by other foam mattresses brands. You will take home your mattresses at the best price, and you will not feel like the product was not expensive at all.

Reading through the review, we could tell that the Dormeo mattresses are not for everyone because of their price. The mattress can fall under the Giffen goods category of products, whereby the pricing attracts a specific group of people in the society. People who buy budget-friendly products may be shunned away by the Dormeo mattress prices. 

Notwithstanding, Dormeo is a high-quality mattress that boasts of having one of the latest and unique technologies.  It suits all sorts of sleepers offering a supportive and comfortable sleep surface. For back pain sufferers, this mattress is an ideal one as it offers a medium firmness effect. It is also suitable for side and back sleepers. The mattress can release pressure points allowing you to have a restful sleep throughout the night.

Dormeo mattresses are arranged in layers whereby each layer plays a significant role in delivering comfort and support. Octaspring reacts in three dimensions to offer support to your shoulders, back and hips. 

Another thing we noticed about the Dormeo mattress is its breathability properties. It allows cool air to circulate throughout the mattress while hot air escapes; this ensures that the mattress does not heat, thus giving you a conducive sleep surface.

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