Modern Kitchen Layout Ideas

Decorate Your Kitchen Cabinets: A Great DIY Guide!

Decorate Kitchen CabinetsYour kitchen is a centrepiece for your entire home. It’s an area you visit often and a section many guests will in time view. On top of the vanity feeling of a kitchen, it is also one of the highest resell valued areas in your home! There are so many ways you can express yourself while being creative in a kitchen – cabinets being one of them that most people over look. I’ve listed some great ideas you can browse through help transform your kitchen into a masterpiece.

Lights – Using rope lights, attach them into the corners of each cabinet. You will need to drill holes from one cabinet to the next so it goes through them all and keeps a professional appearance. This only adds eye appeal if you currently have window cabinets that you can see through. The end result is a very modern and attractive layout. To turn the lights on, simply conceal the rope lights to a nearby plug – it may work best if you sync your kitchen light with the cabinet lights so they all turn on at once.

Vines – Purchase artificial vines from the store – most craft stores sell these. You will place these on top of the cabinets so that they just hang slightly over the edge. Secure them with wood glue, hot glue, or a staple gun. For a little more spice you can also cut the vines and glue them to the actual cabinet doors so it adds a jungle-like feel.

Painting – We all have a little artist within us. Try to express yourself by painting images onto your cabinets. This can be anything – flowers, jungle print, etc. Be creative and have fun with it. If you feel you will not be any good at hand painting images, you may want to consider pre-made stencils. These can be purchased in many craft sections and come already cut and ready to paint. All you will need to do is tape the stencil to the cabinet door and fill in the blanks with paint!

Sponges – You will need to purchase craft sponges for this project. Many craft stores have a variety of textures and designs. Then using colours of your choice in cabinet paints dip the sponge and have fun creating a personal sense of design! I have seen many cabinets look anywhere from exotic to elegant. You can add custom textures they look as though you’ve paid a ton to have it done professionally, or add designs such as flower prints. This method is very easy for anyone to enjoy trying!

Fabric – Add a unique and elegant look to your kitchen. Find a fabric design that suits you best and cut it so that it is slightly larger than the door of each cabinet. You will need to remove the cabinet doors from the hinges and wrap the fabric around it. On the back of the door you will fold the fabric one time so that it creates a finished look on the edges. You’ll then staple it down onto the back of the door. When you re-hinge it back together, you can stand back and admire your new creative kitchen appeal! The only flaw to this method is that they are difficult to maintain looking nice if you splash anything up from the stove, etc. Vinyl may be an option if you want something easier to wipe down and clean.

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