Contemporary Headboard

Contemporary DIY Headboard: Wood Squares Headboard

Contemporary HeadboardYou can make your own designer looking DIY contemporary headboard almost for free using scraps to create a modern look. This DIY contemporary headboard is made from scraps of wood or small pieces of wood you cut your self.
This is an easy wood working project and prefect for beginners.

To make a DIY Contemporary Headboard using wood blocks you will need:

  • Wood 2X4’s
  • Paint
  • Screws
  • Plywood Sheet
  • Picture Hanging Hooks
  • Power Drill
  • Sand Paper

To get started you need to buy a 4X4 board. Depending on the size of your headboard you may need more than one.

Now, start cutting this down into small pieces. Vary the size creating three sizes. Try a 2 inch cut, a 3 inch cut and a 4 inch cut.

Pile the pieces up to use later.

Measure how wide your bed is. Have a sheet of plywood or MDF cut to this width. You can make your contemporary DIT headboard as tall as you want.

Now, lay the board flat on the ground. Use wood glue to start gluing the blocks you cut from the 4X4 on the front. Glue will hold them in place temporarily before you drill them in.

Tip: Lay the blocks so the cut ends are up all the time. This will give consistency and add some fun modern texture by exposing the cuts.

Now, let the glue dry for 24 hours. Flip the headboard over face down with a friend.

From the back pre drill a hole into the back of each block. Screw way wood screw into the hole to securely hold each wood black into place

Flip the headboard back over.

Prime the whole piece out in a good quality primer. This will seal the ends of the wood and prepare it for painting.

Now, once the primer dries use a semi gloss paint in a n express chocolate color to paint out the whole headboard. Black, earth tone, and even a glossy red will work well also!

Now, once all the paint dries you want to flip the headboard over and install an industrial picture hanging hooks on the back in the top two left corners. Do this about 5 inches in from the top and sides.

Hang above your bed and your contemporary DIY headboard is finished!

Tips: MDF Is heavy. You must drill into studs in the wall to hang this.

Plywood will lighten this up considerably.

You may find that a product like Tough as Nails will work to hold your blocks on the contemporary headboard. Screws are always the safer bet.

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