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Have you ever experienced the scenario when after washing clothes, your washing machine smells like rotten eggs? Not the best smell is it! Well, this is due to several hundreds of washes which leave remnants of laundry detergent, fabric softener, and the debris stuck in the washing machine pipes. But the thing is, how do you make your washing machine smells nice? How do you remove the awful leftovers that stink up your washing? Don’t worry; we are here with the answers to your burning questions with our best washing machine cleaner picks, that’ll leave your washing machine smelling as good as new!

There are several washing machine cleaners to choose from on the UK market, so it can be hard to find out which one is going to be the best choice for you, but don’t worry we’ve done all the leg work.

All of our washing machine cleaner picks are available at a reasonable price, and they’ll get the job done with no problem at all, which is why each of our choices is highly rated in regards to reviews. In order to serve the reader with superior quality products, we have given a brief description, a quick look at the main features, a rationale behind why we’ve chosen them and an insight into their reviews.

The following products are worth buying, and they can serve you with excellent quality results getting your washing smelling fresh in no time, so without further ado let’s check them out:

5 Best Washing Machine Cleaners UK

We all know that the washing machine cleaning products are available from literally everywhere, any supermarket has them; the sheer amount of products might distract you from buying the best one, hence the article! So we are here along with the five products which are definitely worth considering when your washing machine needs a clean.

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Finding the products with the best reviews, price & product information for you:

Washing Machine Cleaner – 250 ml

Here we are with our first product the accurately and simply named Washing Machine Cleaner; it usually comes in the 250ml deep clean packing. That means you can easily store it anywhere, and it is long-lasting as well, the best part is you only need a little bit of this washing machine cleaner meaning that you can use it several times over.

As soon as you put it into your washing machine, it will get to for, it cleans, protects, and sterilizes the whole appliance. The foul smell will vanish as it removes the nasty odours that are built up in your washing machine. It states that it will kill 99.9% of the bacteria (the build-up of bacteria is what makes it smell awful) and in its wake, this product will leave a sweet fragrance.

Although simple in name and with quite obviously very little spent on the branding or marketing, you can tell the money has been well spent in actually developing the product itself, which is evident by the fact that currently, this washing machine cleaner is holding rank no. 46 in Amazon’s bestseller list, a significant feat and it makes it well worth considering. It also has excellent consumer reviews along with the 4.5-star ratings, just proving it’s a fantastic product! So what are you waiting for go and grab one to experience the magic for yourself.

Main features

  • It is proficient in killing 99.9% of bacteria
  • This product leaves a sweet fragrance
  • It works to prevent future build up and odours, keeping the pipes protected
  • It kills all the nasty mico-organisms
  • It’s an affordable product & in Amazon’s best sellers

Why we’ve chosen it
We have selected this product based on the most exceptional consumer ratings, and the fact it is currently holding rank no. 46 amongst 100 in Amazon’s bestseller. The buyers are going to get the 250ml packing that they can store conveniently, and use time and time again. All the great reviews, the fact it’s a best seller and a confident product description mean we’re more than confident it will do the job.

The Reviews
As we’ve touched on quite a few times this product has some great reviews which are a testament to it. If you really want to decide whether this product is for you, then you should read through as many reviews as you can, both positive and negative to get a full picture.

You can easily see the reviews by clicking the button below:

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Ecozone Washing Machine and Dishwasher Cleaner, 6 uses

Here is the second product the Ecozone Washing Machine and Dishwasher Cleaner; this can be considered as the best of both world products. Although this isn’t our first choice, it’s still a great product as it is available in the affordable range, it’s reliable and the manufacturers are also offering the users the six-time usable packaging.

Not only can the buyer use it to clean the washing machine and leave a lasting smell, and the best part is it can be used to clean the kitchen as well. This product is extremely proficient and will remove any dirt and limescale in your washing machine or around the kitchen if you choose to use it in that way.

You will see no leftovers of the detergents, just lemon scent, and freshness. We have selected this product in our best washing machine cleaner UK list for several reasons, it’s a great product, at a great price point.

The manufacturers are offering the buyers an easy-to-use a product that creates no mess and a soluble wrapper means it’s eco friendly. It is even vegan certified, and it is the cleaner that has been specially formulated to the clean and freshen your appliance.

Main features

  • It is formulated very reliably and it will help you to protect your washing machine and kitchen from future bad smells
  • It is easy to use, and this product is vegan certified
  • After you have used it, you will experience the freshness and an amazing lemon scent fragrance
  • This is the multi-tasking product which allows the users to get the best of both worlds

Why we’ve chosen it
This product is offering the buyers a six-time usable packaging so that they don’t have to buy it that often, which for the price is fantastic. The most significant factor is that this product can be used for the kitchen and washing machine; which is great as you may not need to clean your washing machine all that often. After usage, you will experience the great lemon scent that fills the room. It really is a great purchase which is why we’ve put it in our list!

The reviews
This particular product is maintaining impressive ratings on the online shopping platforms, and you should always read reviews before making any purchase.

You can easily read all the reviews of this product by simply clicking the button we’ve highlighted below:

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Dylon Washing Machine Cleaner 3 in 1

If you’ve been looking for a product that is cheap and does the job, this is the one for you. The Dylon Washing Machine Cleaner 3 in 1 is a product that will leave your washing machine smelling fresh, cleaning all the pipes and ensuring there is no future build up.

This product is proficient in cleaning and descaling, and it will freshen up your washing machine within a short span of time. As well as this it contains a treated wipe that performs a deep clean on the drawer drum so that it can clean every little part of the washing machine.

It can be considered as a convenient and effective solution that is more than capable of washing away your washing machine worries and foul smell issues. The deep clean functioning in the product description states that it is capable of removing all bad bacteria, which is what creates the awful and unbearable smell.

Main features

  • It can be considered as a convenient and effective solution and for a very reasonable price
  • This product contains a treated wipe so that the deep cleaning process can be done effectively
  • It’s a 3 in 1 product at a more than reasonable price
  • The users will experience superior cleaning, descales and the freshness after its usage

Why we’ve chosen it
There are several reasons that we’ve chosen this product, which you can see are listed above, but the main two are the price and reviews. The price is extremely low for this product in comparison to a few of the alternatives, it’s very highly rated and has a significant amount of reviews too.

The reviews
This product is highly rated on the popular online shopping portal that we use, with several reviews. There are both positive and negative reviews on there, so if you want to purchase this product, make sure you read them all just so you can ensure the product is right for you.

You can read all of the reviews by clicking the button below:

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Dettol Washing Machine Cleaner 250ml

We all know that the Dettol is a reliable brand that has been serving customers with a variety of quality cleaning product, you’ve probably heard the name. The brand is well known and reputable, so choosing this washing machine cleaner you can be sure it will be a reliable product.

It is proficient in not only cleaning your washing machine but for keeping it fresh, clean, and fragrant for a specific period. It is a trustworthy product as judging by the reviews, and in the product description, it details it will wash your washing machine and remove 99.9% bacteria along with the limescale.

The limescale present here will serve the users washing machine with a lemon fragrance that enables them to maintain the freshness of their washing for months to come.

The product comes in a 250ml packaging, which is more than is required for a single-use, so you can always store it and reuse it a later date to keep your washing machine clean consistently. The efficiency of the product means you won’t have to buy more as often, saving you money in the long run.

Main features

  • After use it leaves a lemon scent that will last.
  • It will remove 99.9% of bacteria
  • The reputation of the brand and their quality product track record means we’re confident you’re going to get a great product here.

Why we’ve chosen it
We’ve chosen this product for a few reasons. It’s a little bit more expensive than some of the others, but this is likely due to the brand name, which is the main reasons we’ve chosen it. Dettol is a very reputable cleaning brand in the UK and they have hundreds of highly-rated cleaning products so we’re confident if you choose this product it’ll do exactly what it says on the box.

The reviews
There are only a handful of reviews, but most of which are positive and it’s highly rated with currently 4.0 stars on Amazon. Before buying this washing machine cleaner ahead of the others in the list, you should always read as many reviews as you can, just to ensure that it’s going to do what it says on the box.

You can read all the reviews by clicking the button below:

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Effervescent Tablets Washing Machine Cleaner – 15 pieces

We are here with our last product, the Washing Machine Cleaner, Effervescent Tablets; these are the tablets that enable you to clean your washing machine thoroughly. There are 15 tablets in the pack allowing for that many uses, and it is mainly considered to clean the residue in the washing machine.

As we have described earlier that the leftovers of the fabric softener, detergent, etc. create an awful smell, but by opting for Effervescent Tablets, it will ensure that all the residue is removed from the pipes and therefore remove the smell completely.

It has triple decontamination technology along with active oxygen decontamination features. These features ensure that the product can get to even the toughest and most harmful of bacteria build-up in your washing machine system, leaving it completely clean after use.

Each cleaning effervescent tablet is made to a perfect particular size so they can easily penetrate and target grime better, and it can easily be saturated into the water.

Main features

  • Cleans residue and removes limescale from the washing machine barrel
  • This product is suitable for all washing machine types
  • It’s easy to use, you can put between 1 to 3 pieces in at any one time
  • The tablets are perfectly designed to easily saturate into the water & get to even the toughest dirt

Why we’ve selected it
This product is slightly different from the rest & slightly more expensive, but you get 15 tablets which is enough for 15 cleans unless you use more than one of course. It’s currently only got a single 5-star rating, but a very detailed product description & it’s advanced features really set it apart from the rest of the products.

The reviews
You don’t have too many to read from with only a single review at current, but there could be more by the time you check this!

Before buying the product you should always make sure that you read all the reviews you can, and you can do so by clicking the button below:

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Washing machine cleaner buying guide

As we have elaborated earlier that the washing machine cleaners are available in an immense range, this availability of the product might distract you from buying the right one. What is it that you need to look at when buying a washing machine cleaner? We’ve broken down some of the details & features you should take into account when picking a product:

Convenient usage: Washing machine cleaners are far from complex to use, but the chances are that you won’t use the full amount of the product in one go, so you need to choose one that is easily stored away. There are quite a few products that are in small cardboard boxes that might be a little bit awkward to store, so choosing a better-packaged product is definitely a benefit.

Removes bacteria: The washing machine cleaner should be proficient enough to remove the bacteria up to 99.9%; this is the minimum you would kind of expect & that will ensure your washing machine is rid of the bad smell.

Comes at an affordable price: There are a lot of washing machine cleaners out there, and in truth, most of them will do the job easily. You need to choose a product that is obviously reliable, but importantly, cheap, some of the more expensive products are simply because of spending on brand marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the washing machine cleaners remove the foul smell?

The bacteria present in the washing machine drum appears due to the leftovers of the detergent, fabric softener, etc. the washing machine cleaners remove that bacteria thoroughly; this will remove the smell simultaneously. The washing machine cleaners remove the odour entirely and often give a fresh smell for several washes afterwards, most products often a lemon scent.

Are the washing machine cleaners worth buying?

Yes, you should always ensure that you are using a washing machine cleaner at least every few months, it will prolong the life of your washing machine & leave your washing smelling great. The products are relatively cheap and easy to use, so there is no reason you shouldn’t use them over home remedies for example.

Final verdict

So there you have it, we’ve gone through our favourite washing machine cleaners and provided you with an insight into each. If you’ve skipped right to this bit, to avoid reading the blog, I don’t blame you! It’s rather long. Here is our top product pick:

Washing Machine Cleaner – 250 ml

A great product with no spend on-brand as you can tell, but a product none the less that is cheap, highly rated & will do the job easily.

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