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When there is a spill in your oven, you should clean it right away. Your oven can achieve full life expectancy only in two ways. One way is to opt not to use it at all, and the other way is to clean it up after use. When you keep your oven clean, it will serve for long, and the levels of efficiency will also go high. A dirty oven heats up slowly, thus making it less efficient.

In the market, there are many commercial oven cleaners available. Some are good and efficient, while some are harmful and less efficient. When choosing a commercial oven cleaner, there are factors that you should look at before taking one home. The reason is, you could expose yourself and your family to harmful substances. 

The self-cleaning oven element sounds like a perfect cleaning solution, but it is not, and you should avoid it. To incinerate grease, grime and grit, the oven applies extreme temperatures for a prolonged period. The design of an oven can not withstand extreme temperature for an extended period, especially if your oven is Teflon-coated. The coating may break down during the self-cleaning cycle. In addition, during the wearing out process of Teflon, there are toxic fumes produced that are harmful to you and your family. 

It is possible to clean your oven using homemade oven cleaners. If you want to avoid hazards that come with commercial cleaners, you may want to choose this path. 

Ovens are among the kitchen appliances that are capable of turning into culinary crime scenes very fast. Steak drippings accumulate at the bottom of the oven. Sometimes, french fry may slip through the crack and, after a while, turn into carbon. The oven glass may also be covered with grease, making it hard for you to peer into the oven. Regular cleaning of your oven will prevent further effects associated with such unfortunate occurrences in your oven.

Cleaning an oven may be overwhelming, but the reward and results of a clean oven make it worth the effort. If you wonder where to begin or how to clean your oven, we will guide you through how to get down with cleaning. We will major in the following areas:

  • How to clean an oven?
  • What to Consider When Choosing Oven Cleaners?
  • Our best oven cleaner

How to clean an oven

It is always the thought of cleaning an oven that is worse than cleaning it. With the right tools and knowledge, cleaning an oven need not be an overwhelming task. 

How often should I clean my oven?

If you want to know it’s time to clean your oven, there are three signs you need to keep an eye on. These signs are: 

  • When you notice residue or crust at the bottom of your oven
  • When your oven’s door is splattered or coated in grime or grease.
  • The moment there is an odour coming out of your oven once you open it.
  • When there is smoke, it signifies the presence of build-ups. A clean-kept oven should not produce any smoke.

The number of times you use your oven will determine how often you clean it. For frequent bakers and cooks, cleaning your oven after every three months is a perfect routine. If you use your oven a couple of times a month or year, cleaning your oven two times a year will be enough. If the above signs arise before cleaning time, do not hold off cleaning: do it immediately.

Why is a clean oven important?

The following are benefits associated with a clean oven:

  • A clean oven improves the food quality cooked in it.
  • The oven heats up faster; thus, food does not take much time in the oven.
  • It prevents wearing out of the oven’s coating.
  • A clean oven prevents a premature breakdown.

Can I use the self-clean function?

The self-cleaning function is only helpful when your oven is moderately dirty. When you activate the self-cleaning function, the oven locks, and the temperature rises to 550 degrees—the grime and grease meltdown, leaving a clean oven. Note, if your oven is too dirty, the function will not be effective: the oven can smoke up or, in some cases, ignite a fire.

When using the self-clean function, first, clean the racks yourself. The process takes around two hours, but time may vary based on the type of your oven. Remember, during the whole self-cleaning period, you should be at your home for safety reasons.

What materials do I need to clean my oven?

If you are looking for a quality oven cleaner, we have several options for you:

  • Store-bought oven cleaner: This is one of the fastest and easiest processes that removes grime and grease in your oven. Yet, the cleaner has harsh corrosive chemicals that can be sensitive to your skin. If you do not have enough protective gears to use corrosive products, this cleaner is not for you.
  • Baking soda, water, vinegar and a spray bottle: If you have large amounts of build-up, this DIY approach is good for you. You need to create a paste by mixing baking soda, vinegar, and water and giving the mixture 10-12 hours. After the sitting period is over, put the mixture in a spray bottle, and after that, you can start cleaning your oven.
  • Lemons (2) and water: This is another DIY approach that takes around two hours. The method is effective only if your oven is moderately dirty.
  • Rubber cleaning gloves: When using commercial oven cleaners products, you will need a barrier between your hands and the cleaner.
  • Protective safety glasses: The glasses guard your eyes against the toxic oven cleaner when using store-bought cleaners.
  • Old newspapers or paper towels: While cleaning, some corrosive liquid may drip on your kitchen floor; to prevent this, you can pad old newspapers or towels around your oven.
  • Damp cloth rag(s): After applying the liquid cleaner, you need a wet cloth rag to wipe off the grime. If your oven is too grimy, you may need to have more than one dam cloth rag.

How to clean your oven with store-bought cleaning products

Store-bought cleaning products are applied with a lot of care. They are toxic, corrosive and they can be very harmful to your skin. If you opt to use these commercial oven cleaner products, here are steps to follow:

  • Start by removing all removable items such as racks, thermometer, grills, and pizza stone from your oven.
  • Pad old towels or old newspapers on the floor around your oven.
  • Put on safety glasses and rubber cleaning gloves.
  • Next is the spraying stage: spray the cleaner inside the oven sides, back, bottom, door, top, crevices and corners. Note that if your oven is electric, do not spray on the oven’s heating elements: lift the elements and spray beneath them. Also, if you have a gas oven, avoid spraying the point where the gas comes in through. After you are through spraying, close the oven and let the cleaner sit for around 20 – 30 minutes. 
  • In the meantime, spay the racks of your oven with the cleaner. After spaying, place the racks in a plastic garbage bag and tie the bag up. Leave them outside for a period listed on the label of the cleaner.
  • After the appropriate resting time is over, open your oven and wipe down all the areas you sprayed using a damp cloth rag. In case there are extra sticky spots, you can use a wet microfiber sponge, pumice or any other abrasive material that can easily remove the spots.
  • Take the racks out of the plastic garbage bag and rinse them with hot, soapy water.
  • Next, dry the racks and place them in the oven.
  • Return all items to their respective places in the oven.

What to consider when choosing oven cleaners

Ovens getting messy is normal and cleaning them is not the best household chore. If you get the right cleaning product, cleaning becomes less overwhelming, less messy and quicker. Before choosing any oven cleaner, there are factors that you need to take into consideration. 

The following is what to look at when choosing an oven cleaner:

1. Intended use

The more the build-ups, the more cleaning powder will be needed. Mild oven commercial cleaners are ideal for removing minimal debris and spills. Cleaning large masses of spills and debris requires something tougher than gentle cleaners. In this case, you will need to apply the cleaner multiple times with a lot of scrubbing. When selecting an oven cleaner, understand the purpose of buying it. If your oven has more build-up mess, you will require a heftier cleaner, and you will need a mild cleaner if there are fewer spills in your oven.

2. Form

Different types of build-ups require various cleaning approaches. There are different kinds of cleaners in the market: some are for general oven cleaning while others are designed for specific oven-cleaning functions. When looking for a cleaner, you will need to check whether the cleaner is best suited for a cold or heated oven, while some are suited for either option. The cold option requires much more cleaning time than the heated option. 

3. Liquid concentrate

This type of cleaners contains a concentrated liquid for frequent oven cleaning functions. Before you start using this product, you need to dilute it first with water and apply it on oven surfaces using a sponge or a spray bottle. The good thing with concentrated cleaners is, you can reduce or increase the level of concentration based on the toughness of stains. These oven cleaners are budget-friendly because they come in large containers that you will need to dilute the liquid every time you clean.

4. Spray 

Many oven cleaners are in spray form. All you need to do is spray the oven surfaces and wait for a few minutes before wiping. Different spray oven cleaner products have different wait times determined by their strength. Using spay cleaners is very easy; there is nothing to mix or dilute. Also, they are very versatile in their usage. If you don’t need a cleaner that needs further mixing and diluting, spray cleaners will be good for you.

5.  Ability to expand into a foam

Different oven cleaners have different abilities to expand into a foam. Cleaners that expand more are ideal for cleaning the vertical walls of an oven. Also, foam is suitable for cleaning oven glass windows: softens and dissolves carbon stains making it easier to wipe the masses.

6. Natural versus chemical ingredients

In the past, all chemical oven cleaners used to be caustic. The cleaning process was never safe for the cleaner and the rest of the family. Toxic fumes would fill the kitchen, and for this reason, most of the family members would be forced out of the house. 

Chemical cleaners still enjoy a favourable demand in the market. They are more effective for dissolving stubborn stains. Although they are less caustic, they can be harmful to your skin. 

Natural ingredients cleaners are eco-friendly. You can make a cleaning mixture using home ingredients such as baking soda, lemon, and vinegar. Natural ingredients are not tougher on stains compared to chemical cleaners. However, for minimal masses, they will be efficient.

When choosing an oven cleaner, you may choose the natural or chemical way. Choose the option that is safe and works well for you.

7. Application time

The time a cleaner takes to dissolve the mess depends on the product’s strength. Some oven cleaners take a shorter time to dissolve the build-ups, while others take longer. When choosing an oven cleaner product, select the one you feel will be good for your cleaning time. Yet,  I would advise you to pick the one with less wait time.

Our best oven cleaner

We tried several oven cleaners and intensively read about them. Of all the products we tried, we came up with the following products as our top picks:

HG Oven, Grill & Barbecue Cleaner Spray, Removes Baked On Food & Burnt-in Grease Fast, For Kitchen & Outdoors (500 ml) - 138050106

Product description

The HG 138050106 Oven, Grill and Barbeque cleaner comes in the form of a spray, weighs 0.5 grams, and is 500 millilitres in volume. The cleaner is ideal for removing burnt-in grease and caked-on from grills, barbecues, racks and baking trays. 

Cleaning your oven using this product is very easy. You only have to follow the following steps:

  • Heat the oven, baking tray or barbeque to a lukewarm temperature.
  • Spray the surfaces with the liquid, wait around 3 – 5 minutes, and then wipe clean with a wet towel or sponge.
  • Clean the oven, barbeque and baking tray again, this time with hot water.
  • You will need to repeat the procedure several times for filthy oven surfaces.

Product features

This product outshines many oven cleaning products in the market. Its main selling makes it a unique product as follows:

  • The HG oven, grill and barbeque cleaner makes it easier to remove burnt-in grease and caked-on from oven components’ surfaces.
  • The cleaner comes in spray form, which reduces the work of mixing and diluting.
  • After spraying, the wait time is shorter: around 3 – 5 minutes, which assists you to clean your oven in less time.
  • The product is less corrosive.

Why we have chosen it

The product has a high ranking on amazon because of its high ratings. We read the product reviews, and almost all of them are excellent.

Cleaning an oven with HG clear makes the work less overwhelming. After we sprayed the oven with the liquid, we waited for three minutes to allow the mess to dissolve, and with no time, we had finished cleaning.

Read reviews

Before you purchase any product, read what people say about the product. The reviews are the views that different users have on the product. Most of this product’s reviews are great. Yet, there are critical ones. To make a proper decision, read all the reviews about this product.

Oven Pride Complete Oven Cleaning Kit 500ml Includes Bag for Cleaning Oven Racks

Product description

The cleaner is from the  Oven Pride manufacturer, package dimensions of ( 22.1 x 9.7 x 7.55) centimetres, 600 grams in weight, and a 500-millilitre capacity. Oven pride cleaner is ideal for removing stubborn stains which are hard to remove even manually. It helps you in returning your oven to life as it can remove rust.

It has a sparkling effect once applied on oven ranks and bars. The product is corrosive, and you need to put on safety glasses and rubber gloves; the product’s package comes with these safety gears. The oven pride cleaner kit also comes with a heavy-duty bag for placing removable parts of an oven when you are cleaning.

Products features

We have read about this product, and we have detailed some of its main selling points. They are:

  • The HG cleaner can remove messes that you can not remove even manually. 
  • Its ability to remove the rust, thus leaving a sparkling clean effect.
  • A comprehensive cleaning kit that comes with a heavy-duty bag to place removable parts of an oven. Also, it contains rubber gloves to prevent you from the corrosive effects of the cleaner.

Why we have chosen it

Despite it having a long wait time, its cleaning results are awe-inspiring. Not all products have the ability to remove tough and stubborn stains as this product does. After wiping the mess, no stain was left on the oven surfaces.

It has a comprehensive kit: comes with safety items such as gloves and also a place to clean removable parts while cleaning. You will save on the cost of buying such items.

Read reviews

Read all the positive and critical reviews. Positive reviews give you the best side of the product while critical reviews assist you to see the other side of the product that many users haven’t seen.

Astonish Oven & Cookware Cleaner Cleaning Paste, 500g

Product description

This Astonish brand oven and cookware cleaning product have 5% soap and 5% perfumes. It also contains a d-Limonene compound which is tough for stubborn stains. The item weighs 150 grams, and it is cream in form.  It is recommended for cookware surfaces. The Astonish cleaner is one of the most versatile products in the market. You can use it to clean all kinds of ovens, pans, cookware, sinks, cooker tops, and tiles. It is ideal for removing stubborn burnt oil, dirt and grease. 

You can use this product for cleaning oven enamel, racking, glass window, ceramics, and glazed cookware. Using Astonish cleaning products is very easy; all you need is a sponge, warm water and a scouring pad. Apply the cream on the mess and stained areas and rub the areas in a circular motion. After you are done with rubbing, rinse the surfaces with clean water and clean wipe them with a clean towel. 

Note: the Astonish cleaner is very abrasive, and you should never use it on plastics, polished metals, or non-stick coatings. 

Product features

After taking a keen look at Astonish cleaner, we have pulled out some of the cleaner’s main selling points. They are as follow:

  • The product contains 5% soap which allows foam formation, making it easier to clean, especially the glass window of an oven.
  • The 5%perfume in the product leaves a tremendous sensational smell after cleaning.
  • Astonish oven cleaner comes in cream form; this makes it easier to apply specific areas with excess dirt.
  • You can use the product for long as you need to scope a small quantity every time you clean your oven.
  • It is very tough on stubborn stains.

Why we have chosen it

This product had to appear on your top pickups list. We could not ignore the pasty form of Astonish cleaner. Using the product is very easy as you will only need to scope a small quantity, apply it on the oven surfaces, rub, and wipe the mess with a clean wet cloth. The abrasive nature of this product for the removal of stubborn stains on the oven surfaces. 

Read reviews

We always recommend shoppers to read all the product’s reviews before they decide to buy any product. Astonish cleaner is no exception. The product has all kinds of reviews. After reading them, you will know whether the product is for you or not.

Astonish Specialist Oven & Grill Cleaner Sponge, 250g
1,852 Customer Reviews
Astonish Specialist Oven & Grill Cleaner Sponge, 250g

Product description

The cleaner is tough on grime and dirt; it tackles the toughest jobs effortlessly, giving you a sparkling clean oven. The cleaner restores the new look for your grill and oven. 

The Astonish Specialist Edition Powerful Oven and Grill Cleaner is a perfect solution for your dirty and greasy oven. It makes cleaning simple with no harmful chemicals; hence you do not need to wear protective gloves and glasses.

Notwithstanding its non-harmful chemicals, the cleaner has an abrasive compound. When cleaning, you should take care of your polished surfaces and delicate items to prevent scratching. Avoid using it on Teflon coatings. 

Products features

Astonish products have a big say in the market. For this product, the following elements make it a top seller in the market:

  • After cleaning your oven with this product, it leaves a lasting, shiny effect on your oven surfaces.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It Contains non-harmful chemicals.

Why we have chosen it

Many oven cleaning products did not appear on your top picks. However, this product works a miracle, and we had to include it here. After using this product, the surfaces of the oven gets a new whole look.

While cleaning, you do need safety gloves and glasses. The cleaner has no harmful chemicals, which makes you clean without any worry. 

Read reviews

Reading all the reviews get boring. Yet, reviews give you more details about the product than what we provide you with. Take your time and go through all the negative and positive reviews before buying this product. 

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