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5 Best Multi Cookers UK

Multi Cookers are a versatile small home cooking appliance. They make for an efficient, cost-effective addition to your kitchen. A great Multi Cooker will accommodate several cooking methods, in addition to using a very minimal amount of your time in active cooking.

Are you new to Multi Cookers but want to familiarize yourself with the appliance? Several people also asked questions regarding the things to look out for when buying a Multi Cooker. We have included these in our buying guide to make the search easy for you.

We first outline the five best Multi Cookers that made it to our list.

Our Five Best Multi Cookers

We have carefully looked at the Multi Cooker options and have picked five that made it to our Best Multi Cookers list. These options are easily available in the market and possess multiple interesting features.

We have created a concise list for you below. Read on to find out our five best products and why it may be just the right pick for you.

  1. Tefal CY505E40 All-in-One CY505E40 Electric Pressure/Multi Cooker
  2. Pressure King Pro Electric Pressure Cooker 12-in-1 Multi Cooker
  3. Tefal Multi-Cook Advanced 45-in-1 Multi Cooker
  4. Ninja Foodi Electric Multi Cooker [OP300UK]
  5. Crock-Pot Multi Cooker [CSC024]

A Buying Guide for Multi Cookers

While we were compiling our buying guide, we took note of the popular questions that people have had when they buy Multi Cookers. These and other little details have been incorporated below.

What is a Multi Cooker?

A Multi Cooker is an all-in-one kitchen appliance that accommodates several functions for a variety of cooking needs. You can slow cook, pressure cook, and steam food in most Multi Cookers. Others will let you bake, ferment, fry, and even sous-vide in some cases. Most Multi Cookers have a combination of these functions, and some advanced ones may have all.

It is a good idea to invest in a Multi-Cooker as it lets you save time, energy, and precious kitchen space. With settings that let you keep food warm, reheat, and delay cooking, you will have to spend minimal time on cooking.

Further, a single appliance with multiple functions lets you save up on electricity. In addition to this, a great Multi Cooker will let you save up on costs associated with multiple kitchen appliances.

How Many People Can I Cook for Using a Multi-Cooker?

Most Multi-Cookers are made for a capacity of at least three people. With a good one, you may be able to cook for as many as six people in a go. This makes it easy to cook enough quantities for families, a weekend lunch, or even a small party.

While buying, each Multi Cooker will give you a quote on the capacity, often in liters. You should know that this estimate refers to the maximum amount of food that the Multi Cooker can hold. This capacity quote reflects the amount of food after the cooking process is completed and not before it. This is because several foods tend to expand while cooking and take up more space. Further, any steam released will occupy volume. Try to be mindful of this while picking your Multi Cooker.

It may be a good idea for you to buy a cooker with a larger capacity. We also recommend this if you are a busy bee who prepares to cook in bulk for the week ahead. A larger capacity will let you cook more and freeze the food away for later.

What Cooking Methods Should my Multi Cooker Cover?

As a basic rule, your Multi Cooker should accommodate a pressure cooker and a slow cooker. However, you can let go of this rule if you have other goals from your food. It is best if you can note down the cooking methods that you are most likely to follow.

For instance, if your family tends to consume a lot of rice, you may want to invest in a cooker with a pressure cooker and rice cooker.

If casseroles and quiches are your go-to meal, it is a good idea to look for Multi Cookers that let you bake and slow cook in a single appliance. For the most adventurous among you, it is a great idea to buy a cooker that will let you experiment with multiple cooking methods. These may include even yogurt makers or bread makers. If you are caring for a baby, look for an appliance that will let you cook nutritious baby food.

How can I Schedule Cooking Time Using my Multi Cooker?

Most Multi Cookers come with timers and alarms using which you can plan and schedule cooking times. These timers will make cooking very easy for you if you have a busy schedule but still want to cook at home.

Many cookers have a delay timer. Using this, you can add your ingredients to the cooker and schedule a time for cooking. Even if you are away, the cooker will begin cooking on time. In some appliances, the delay timer can be used to schedule cooking even twenty-four hours ahead of time. When you return home after a busy day, your meal should be ready for you.

Multi Cookers also have a setting called keep warm. In most cases, your cooker will automatically switch to keep warm mode after cooking. This will ensure that your food remains warm when you finally eat it. Many cookers will also allow you to use timers to reheat frozen food.

When you purchase your Multi Cooker, take note of timers as this is one of the most important features. This is the feature that lets you put in minimal time and effort into cooking, and your cooker must have a variation of this.

What Pre-set Programs Should I Expect?

Your Multi Cooker should have a few basic pre-set programs, especially if you are a novice cook. You may want to look out for programs that make routine cooking easy. Most cookers will have pre-set programs for rice, porridge, and baby food. Look out for these as they will let you cook without being mindful of temperature and time variations.

Some of the Multi Cookers on our list have more than twenty pre-set functions that let you cook a variety of dishes. Appliances with more programs also tend to accommodate more cooking methods as these usually go hand in hand.

Most cookers with a large amount of pre-set programs will also provide you with a compilation of interesting recipes to work the settings.

If you love entertaining people often, you may want to pick out a Multi Cooker that has a decent amount of pre-set programs.

Should I Be Mindful of Pressure and Temperature Ranges on My Cooker?

These parameters are connected with the time required for cooking, and a working knowledge of this will help you make a good purchase. In general, with Multi Cookers, the temperature chosen will determine the time required for cooking. When you choose to pressure cook, the chosen temperature will give rise to steam. This will, in turn, determine the cooking time.

Based on the above logic, pressure cooking should take minimal time, and slow cooking will usually take a couple of hours. Depending on the method most used by you, pick a temperature range that lets you cook the way you would like. However, if you want to use both cooking methods often, it is best to invest in a Multi Cooker with a large temperature range.

While this may seem complicated, a cooker with both pressure cooking and slow cooking as pre-set functions will adjust the temperature for you by default. You may note down the temperature, pressure, and time variations in the pre-set functions to be able to use it for cooking your own recipes.

How Can I Clean My Cooker?

Most Multi Cookers have non-stick surfaces and are easy to clean. They simply need to be wiped down. When buying a cooker, look for labels that tell you that it is safe to wash the cooker accessories in a dishwasher. This is crucial as it will save you a lot of time.

Some cookers come with detachable pots that can be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher. You may want to purchase these cookers if you want to prevent any stains and scratches on the body of your appliance. You should be mindful of this instruction if you maintain an aesthetic kitchen where design is important.

What Safety Measures Should my Multi Cooker Possess?

Your Multi Cooker should have heat protection in place so that you can refrain from getting any burns while cooking. If it has a pressure cooker option, be very careful to see that the safety measures are in place.

These can include a button that releases steam and a lid lock that will not let you open the cooker while pressure cooking. Some cookers also have safety alarms that are triggered if the lid is open while pressure cooking.

If you are purchasing your cooker from a good brand, these safety measures are generally taken care of. If you are unfamiliar with the brand, you want to scan some reviews to look for any safety issues.

What Material Should My Cooker Be Made of?

While purchasing the cooker, you may want to look for a pot that is coated with Teflon or ceramic on the inside. This makes the pot non-stick and extremely easy to clean. Teflon cookers are relatively inexpensive but may wear off quickly. When they wear off, they may release toxins into the food. For this reason, if you buy a cooker with Teflon, ensure that you keep up regular maintenance and correct wear and tear.

Ceramic coating, on the other hand, can handle high temperatures better but is slightly expensive. A few cookers also use stainless steel, which will last you relatively longer. It takes more effort to clean stainless pots, but they last a very long time. They are the most expensive material on the list.

Depending on what features are a priority for you, you can make the best purchase. If you want to sacrifice durability to prioritize ease of cleaning, you should pick the Teflon coating and vice-versa.

Are Multi Cookers a Healthy Choice?

Multi Cookers are a healthy choice for you, especially if you have a busy schedule. With this cooker, a meal that may take two hours might take just about forty minutes to cook. This will let you push cooking into tiny time slots, and you will be prompted not to regularly consume processed food outside your homes. This time-efficient home cooking can benefit the health of your entire family.

These appliances are also designed to retain the nutrients in your food. Vitamins and minerals that otherwise escape with the steam will be retained within the food in the cooker. In this case, about 90% of soluble water vitamins will be preserved. It is also a great idea if you tend to make unhealthy choices as you crave variety.

Cookers that come with multiple pre-set functions will let you cook a variety of delicious fare regularly. You may also be encouraged to experiment with new recipes.

What Foods Should I Avoid Pressure Cooking?

While cooking in a Multi Cooker, you should know that some foods are suitable for pressure cooking while others may be better suited to slow cooking. While pressure cooking, avoid small grains like rice, thin pasta like spaghetti, small fruits, and celery. These foods tend to crumble or break into little pieces. When used regularly, they tend to block the valves of your cooker.

In this case, the best option is to upkeep regular maintenance and get rid of any clogging often. However, these foods are not forbidden and can be added in reasonable quantities.

How Can I Avoid Burning the Food in a Multi Cooker?

While pressure cooking in a Multi Cooker, ensure that there is sufficient water inside the pot. Lack of water may reduce steam, and the food inside may end up burning. This is easily avoidable by ensuring that the quantity of water is double or more compared to the quantity of food. If the water turns out to be too much, you can always drain it and thicken it later.

If you are a novice cook, you may want to follow recipes while pressure cooking. This will easily let you avoid any cooking accidents. As a general rule, experiment with the quantity of water until you find the perfect amount that will give you the right consistency without burning.

What Should I Know When I Use the Slow Cooker?

If you want to use a slow cooker for cooking a traditional recipe in the Multi Cooker, you may want to reduce the temperature from the original recipe. Make sure to reduce the amount of water or liquid by half and to increase cooking time. This will preserve delicate flavours that may not be enhanced in the original recipe.

If the original recipe called for an hour in the oven, slow cooking will increase the time so that you cook for close to six to eight hours. Also, avoid reheating on a slow cooker pre-set function. This will likely take too much time.

Finally, if you choose to slow cook meat, buy tough cuts that require long cooking times. Through this, you can enhance the flavour of the meat substantially.

What Should My Budget Be?

We have put this question at the end as your budget for the cookers will include all of the features we have discussed above. The more the features you would like your Multi Cooker to have, the more you will have to pay. If you are comfortable ordering online, you can avail of some great discounts on these appliances.

A few Multi Cookers can be as cheap as £70, but they often have very few features. In this case, you may be better off buying a better quality individual pressure cooker or slow cooker for your respective needs. A good price range is between £80 and £200 after discount.

To arrive at your budget, you may want to ask yourself if you have enough kitchen space to spare. This will let you decide on the size of your Multi Cooker and hence, the cost. You may also want to ask yourself if you have enough time on your hands. Expensive cookers may have more features, but some of them might tend to consume a lot of your time.

You may not even have enough time to explore these additional features. In this case, a simpler and cheaper Multi Cooker with a few basic features might be best for you.

When buying these appliances, make sure that you conduct any necessary quality checks and look for the exact features you want so that you get great value for your money.

Our Picks for the Five Best Multi Cookers

Read ahead for in-depth descriptions of the best five Multi Cookers on our list. The questions that we have answered above should serve as a general guide to let you know which cooker is the best for you.

Tefal All-in-One Electric Pressure/Multi Cooker, (6 Portions), Black/Stainless Steel, CY505E40

Product Description

Tefal is a popular household name, and their Multi Cooker is a piece of great equipment to add to your kitchen. We think that CY505E40 All-in-One was the best product for our list.

This Multi Cooker is a sturdy appliance made for everyday use. Made from stainless steel, the cooker has a capacity of six litres, inclusive of any food expansion that will occur during cooking. Its capacity of six portions makes it an ideal cooker for family meals but can also be used for your fun, experimental cooking sessions.

Priced at an RRP of £99.99, this Multi Cooker provides users with twenty-five one-touch programs like steaming, baking, reheating, simmering, and slow-cooking. Its delay-timer will let you time your meal for up to twenty-four hours so that it remains hot when you consume it.

The versatile Multi Cooker also comes with a complimentary recipe booklet of its own. This contains thirty interesting recipes curated for your adventurous self. These include dishes like chili con carne and a chocolate cake recipe for dessert lovers.

The Multi Cooker will also let you switch to its DIY Chef mode, where you can set customized temperature and cooking time. Meals are cooked quickly as a sealed lid traps steam within the cooker and increases pressure and temperature.

For the sake of convenience, the Multi Cooker lid is hinged so that you can don’t have to set the lid down while serving. This will ensure that no wet rings are left on your kitchen counter. Further, the cooker’s one-steam button will ensure safety by letting you release the pressure built inside the cooker.

The cooker is also repairable for up to ten years, irrespective of the warranty. Note that the accessories in the Multi Cooker are all dishwasher safe and can be cleaned with no hassle.


  • Compact appliance with an elegant, sleek design
  • Teflon-coated aluminum bowl for easy cleaning
  • Complementary accessories including a measuring-cup and spatula, a trivet and steam basket
  • Keep-warm and delay cooking features that can begin cooking food from two to twenty-four hours after setting
  • Special functions for rice, porridge, stew or soup in three levels and even baby food
  • Customized cooking with a manual mode for your temperature and time settings
  • Is repairable for ten years and in more than 6500 centers across the globe.

Why does this product feature on our list?

This Multi Cooker made it to our best five lists as it provides great value for your money. With portals like Amazon UK offering it for £85.99, you can save £14 on the RRP of £99.99.

It has great features that let you cook both regular meals and experiment. Further, the reviews for the product have been great. It is also a great appliance even for novice cooks with busy work schedules. The complementary accessories like the steam basket and the recipe booklet are great additions.

Tefal Multi-Cook Advanced 45-in-1 Multi-Cooker, (4 Portions)

Product Description

The first thing that you notice about this Tefal Multi Cooker is the compact, modern design it possesses. The advanced Multi Cooker is designed to cook four portions and is a great appliance for individual and standard family meals. It is a smart appliance with a feedback system that adjusts settings like temperature and time to the specific ingredients used.

The shape of the product is patented and features a spherical pot with five layers of coating for efficient heat distribution and durability. It also features a delayed start and automatic keep-warm function for hot meals on a packed schedule.

The best part is that there are forty-five functions available, and you can cook a range of food, including yogurt, porridge, rice, and even baby food. You can also use multiple cooking methods like baking, frying, stewing, and steaming. Keeping up with other Multi Cookers, it uses internal pressure to keep food flavourful, delicious, and nutritious.

There are interesting complimentary goodies that come with the appliance. These include a steam basket, soup, and rice spoons, a spoon rack, and a measuring cup to cater to multiple cooking needs. It also has a DIY Chef Feature that lets you adjust the temperature and time settings depending on the dish you are cooking. This also lets you save the customized recipe.


  • Able to intelligently recognize ingredients and adjust accordingly with its micro-computerized chip
  • Strong handle for easy movement
  • Dishwasher safe accessories
  • Responsive LCD control panel with 45 in-built functions
  • The transparent window lets you view food and track the cooking progress
  • Spherical design for improved heat convection
  • Hinged lid to keep kitchen counter clean

Why Does This Product Feature on Our List?

This Tefal Multi Cooker made it to our list because it is a sleek, well-designed product with intelligent features. It is a versatile appliance with which you can cook multiple dishes, including cream cheese, and even let the bread rise with its pre-set functions.

The complementary accessories are great, and the reviews for the product are exceptional. With a guarantee of two years and an RRP price of £94.99, it is quoted at a price relatively higher than other Multi Cookers in the list.

With forty-five cooking functions and a smart system that recognizes ingredients, it is a great appliance for the price quoted. At Amazon UK, you can avail of a discount of 5% on RRP and buy the Multi Cooker for £90.00. We recommend this convenient and trendy Multi Cooker for your kitchen.

Ninja Foodi Multi-Cooker [OP300UK], 7-in-1, 6L, Electric Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer, Grey and Black

Product Description

The Ninja Foodi Multi Cooker that comes in black and grey variations is a trendy addition to your kitchen countertop. It is largely made of plastic and has a capacity of 6 litres for cooking. It also comes with a Cook and Crisp basket of 3.6 litres and a reversible rack. Besides, a crisping lid and pressure lid are provided to support its various functions.

It serves as both a pressure cooker and an air fryer, all in one appliance. This combination makes this Multi Cooker the go-to healthy cooking appliance for all your nutritional goals. Its TenderCrisp technology is an interesting feature that first cooks and then crisps your food perfectly. In addition to this, its pressure cooking feature lets you cook meals about 70% quicker than other conventional methods.

The Multi Cooker also has settings like bake or roast and even grill for a versatile cooking experience. Further, the combination is a great way to reheat frozen food as it adds crisp to food that can otherwise turn soggy. While the pressure cooking option lets you cook quick meals, the slow cooking option enhances both nutrients and flavour.

If you face a creative block, the complimentary recipe guide is a great resource for delicious meals.


  • A reversible rack and lets you layer and cook main dishes and sides simultaneously
  • A capacity of 6 liters cooking pot for large family meals
  • Customized lids for cooking and air frying
  • Built-in pressure cooker, slow cooker, air fryer, and tender crisper
  • Sensitive and responsive touch screen to switch to multiple functions
  • Meals kept warm for twelve hours after cooking
  • Parts are coated with ceramic and are dishwasher safe
  • Great investment for novice cooks

Why Does This Product Feature On Our List?

This product made it to our list because it is a single stop for multiple cooking needs. If you are cooking for large families, it is a great addition as it lets you save time by cooking mains and side dishes in one go.

Its relatively large cooking capacity is also a plus. For those new to cooking, its versatility lets you experiment with pressure cooking, slow cooking, and air frying with just one appliance.

It is on the pricier side with an RRP of £199.99. Amazon UK offers it at £169.00 with a 15% discount on the RRP. Despite its relatively high price, it is an economical investment if you are also looking for an air fryer. In this case, the compact appliance will also save on both space and energy.

Finally, this Ninja Multi Cooker is on this list as it has excellent reviews and does justice to its name.

Crockpot Multi-Cooker| Programmable with Slow Cooker, Saute, Roaster & Food Steamer| 5.6L (6-7 People) | Removable Bowl [CSC024]

Product Description

This Crock-Pot Multi Cooker is specially made for regular use and to serve large portions of food. With a capacity of 5.6 liters, it can serve six to seven people in one go. This makes it an efficient option for large families.

The Multi Cooker also allows you to slow cook your meals, in addition to sautéing, steaming, and roasting food. You can also sear and bake food. This makes it versatile, letting you experiment with multiple recipes.

It is an ideal appliance for single-pot meals like casseroles and curries. However, its settings can also be adjusted to bake cakes and other delicious desserts. Also, it comes with a roasting rack and rice measure. For the sake of convenience, there is a digital timer on the Multi Cooker, and the controls are especially easy to use. The timer is programmed to countdown during cooking time.

An important feature is a removable bowl that makes cleaning easy. Once you cook food, you can detach the bowl from the cooker and clean it. This will also avoid any unnecessary scratches on your cooker. For inspiration, a slow cooking recipe book is provided with the appliance. The bowl can also be taken to your table instead of using multiple serving bowls. This reduces your cleaning load.

The slow cooker is further designed to save energy and cook food in a couple of hours. You will only have to add the ingredients, and the Multi Cooker will take care of the rest. This is done by using the five pre-set programs in the cooker that can be adjusted to your liking.

Do note that this Multi Cooker does not come with a pressure cooking option. You will also have to be cautious and handle the non-stick coating with care.


  • Slow-cooker that lets you steam, bake and sauté
  • Slow cooking that needs a minimum of your time
  • Recipe booklet with 29 recipes including Thai Style Steamed Fish and a self-saucing Chocolate Orange Pudding
  • Dishwasher safe removable bowl and roasting rack
  • Energy-saving appliance
  • Customizable temperature and time settings with a temperature range between 65 to 230 degrees centigrade.
  • Slow cooking for up to 12 hours.
  • See-through lid to track cooking progress.

Why Does This Product Feature On Our List?

We featured this Crock-Pot Multi Cooker on our list as it is a great option for everyday household use. It cooks delicious and nutritious food with minimal effort. Its slow cooking option is a healthy cooking choice. Further, reviews suggest that the baking option is often better and more energy-saving than regular convection ovens. Hence, it is a versatile product.

With a serving capacity for six people, it makes for a great option to cook meals for large families and small dinner parties. With multiple positive reviews and good ratings, it is a great addition to your kitchen, especially if you often find yourself with no time to cook elaborate meals.

With a price tag of £119.99, the crock-pot Multi Cooker is on the pricier side. It does have great design sensibility and is apt for anyone looking to get the best of the slow cooking and baking functions.

Final Verdict

While looking for Multi Cookers, you may want to pay attention to the features you want to be included. Take note of functions like pressure cooking, crisping, and baking and see which Multi Cooker ticks all of these boxes best.

Most Multi Cookers will provide you with multiple functions, delay time, and keep warm options to ensure minimal effort from your side. These are basic features, and it is best to buy one possessing these.

Finally, Multi Cookers are also a fun device that should help you experiment with multiple recipes. From everyday cooking to elaborate desserts, this kitchen appliance will let you make the best of your kitchen space.

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