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Best Handheld Steam Cleaners

Handheld steam cleaners are one of the best home appliances. From carpets to curtains, sofas and more, they can clean a range of things easily and effectively. What’s more, they are handy and affordable. It is easy to understand why they are so popular.

You can clean the smallest nooks and crannies with handheld steam cleaners. They are small and deliver a concentrated blast of steam which helps in this. You can also carry them around, which is always beneficial.

In this guide, not only have we discussed the various advantages and factors of handheld steam cleaners, but also reviewed the best one in the market right now! Read on to find out all about it.

Why Should You Buy A Handheld Steam Cleaner?

Before diving into the actual product recommendations, let’s give you the reasons why you should even buy a handheld steamer! Why are handheld steamers better than a steam mop or even a full-sized cleaner? Read on!

They are the best option for a small job

Let’s suppose you need to clean an itsy-bitsy small area or tight tiny crevice. Large cleaners will, not be able to be precise and hence will not do a good job. Additionally, a handheld steamer is great for cleaning surfaces of the kitchen, those dirty tiles in the bathroom, and stained kitchen windows. These cleaners are the best choice in these cases.

They offer the convenience of use

These handheld cleaners are lightweight. You can just hold it in one hand and use your other hand free for support or holding anything. They are very convenient to use.

A range of attachments

Yes, most handheld steamers come with a range of attachments that can be used for various purposes. You can use them as they are supposed to or use them as you wish helpful for you. They are meant to increase efficiency and reduce the time for cleaning a surface. A few examples of attachments are brushes, squeegees, and clothes.

Occupies less space

Since a handheld steamer is compact, it takes up less space in your cupboard or storage closet. If you are already short on space and are wondering what you should buy for cleaning surfaces, a handheld steamer should be considered.

Easy on the wallet

Handheld steamers are less expensive and light on your wallet when compared to larger-sized alternatives.

Since this is an honest review, we will be giving you the drawbacks of the handheld cleaner. This will give you all the pros and cons of the product and guide you to make the right decision.

Since it is compact in size, cleaning large areas can be time-consuming and require more effort due to the small nozzle. The handheld steamer is ideal for cleaning spots, but when it comes to huge space like your staircase, you might want to think it over.

Smaller steamers will definitely have lesser capacity than larger steamers. This is a reason why handheld steamers are light to carry.

Lastly, it is important to gauge the capacity of your handheld steamer. If the job is huge, you will do a better job with a full-blown steam cleaner. If it is a small job, the handheld steamer will do a good job.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Handheld Steam Cleaner

The choices are many when it comes to handheld steam cleaners. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind while getting one.

Size of the Water Tank

The water tank is a determining factor in how efficient the steam cleaner is. It directly affects the amount of steam produced. Your handheld steam cleaner will only work as long as there is water in its tank.

Since handheld steam cleaners are generally small in size, their water tanks are also compact and small. Even in that, the larger the tank, the longer you can clean without having to worry about replenishing it with water.

Large tanks also take more time to heat the water. You can choose the size of your water tank according to the intensity of your cleaning tasks.

Weight of the Handheld Steam Cleaner

The lighter your handheld steam cleaner, the easier it will be to operate it. Make sure to look for the size and weight of the model in its specifications. It varies from model to model.

A lightweight model is easier to carry around. Comparatively, a bulky one will, of course, be difficult to move. Do not get one if you are not willing to take on the extra trouble. It might even keep you from using the appliance altogether.

You should also consider your storage space. A large appliance is difficult to store as well as clean. There are small but powerful steam cleaners available. So, if you are worried about the efficiency, make sure to check both the weight and the power simultaneously.

Power of the Steam

If you are planning on tough cleaning jobs, you should get a handheld steam cleaner with a higher power. The more the power, the more heated and concentrated will be the steam. A strong and heated blast of steam will help you get rid of stubborn stains. Also, the hotter the steam, the more effective it will be in killing germs.

If you are, however, planning to clean delicate items, you might not need a very powerful steam cleaner. Too much heat and force can ruin certain items. Therefore, you must choose accordingly.

Also, take note of how well it maintains the temperature and the pressure throughout your cleaning session. If it keeps fluctuating, it will not be as efficient.

Water Heating Time

In general, handheld steam cleaners heat the water pretty fast. However, it is still a factor worth looking into. If a model consistently takes a long time to heat up, it can get difficult to use it in the long run. It reduces the longevity of the machine.

As we have mentioned already, larger tanks, in general, take more time to heat the water. So, while you are considering the capacity of the water tank, also consider how long it will take to heat the water.

Additional Accessories

Accessories are also an important factor in determining how good the handheld steam cleaner is. Most steam cleaners come with several accessories. These usually include cleaning items for different types of surfaces.

Some of the most valuable ones include brushes, scrubbing pads, and the like. You can also buy them and many other accessories separately depending on what the brand of your choice is offering.

The more versatile your accessories, the more multi-purpose will be your handheld steam cleaner. You can then use them to clean several types of surfaces. You can also use them according to the intensity of the stain and how dirty the location is. They greatly increase the functionality of your handheld steam cleaner.

Cost of the Handheld Steam Cleaner

Handheld steam cleaners are generally affordable. They are mostly available at a low to a mid-range price point. Fix your budget and then start looking at the various options available. This again depends on various factors.

The cost of a handheld steam cleaner depends on its features, brand, and even accessories. The costlier ones may be more multi-purpose. You can choose which one you want depending on the kind of tasks you are aiming for. If you are going to be doing tougher cleaning jobs on various surfaces, a more expensive cleaner with fancy features be better for you.

There a few famous brands that may cost more. They are also more reliable and work better for a long time to come. Nevertheless, there are also cheaper options that can be equally good. The trick is to look for customer reviews to see how well they work.


If you are particularly sensitive to noise, make sure to check for the decibel rating on the model of your choice. It is present in the specifications. Handheld steam cleaners are usually not very noisy, but they tend to become so as they get older. You can also check customer reviews to get an idea of how noisy the particular steam cleaner is.

The Best Handheld Steam Cleaners

Quest Handheld Steam Cleaners / 2 Colours / Multi-Purpose / Portable / 1,000W / 0.25L Water Tank / Produces Steam Up To 130°C (Yellow)
Just like the Hoover, this is a great choice for a handheld steam cleaner. The Quest offers the convenience of use and comes with many accessories to assist you with a variety of cleaning jobs. Additionally, the Quest is light on the wallet. This made it an easy top second choice after the Hoover.

There is a range of benefits with the Quest 41940. It offers many attachments. These are a bent nozzle for spraying, a window squeegee, a round-shaped brush nozzle, a long length spray nozzle, and one extension tool as well.

They have also included a steamer for clothing or garments. This is basically used to steam out wrinkles on clothes, thin curtains, or even drapes. The steamer can be used for showers, windows, or furniture. This assists in simplifying the job.

Despite the Quest being small, it offers great power. It efficiently cleans areas that cannot be reached easily. It cannot be compared to a full-blown steam cleaner but does a good job for its capacity. It is efficient in cleaning bathroom mould which forms due to stagnant water. This is actually the main reason why buyers opt for handheld steamers.

It offers a 250 ml water tank which is not a very large capacity. It will thus have to be re-filled many times. Along with that, it needs to be cooled in between re-fills. Be prepared for this and plan your cleaning tasks accordingly.

On the plus side, it is light in weight. Thus there will be no struggle to hold it and work. Even within the handheld steam cleaner category, it is very cheap.

There are some disadvantages to this steam cleaner, though. As mentioned earlier, being a handheld cleaner, it cannot be used for large spaces. It is only suitable for small areas and crevices. Its small water holding capacity can also be an annoyance to some as it will not run for long at one go.

Although it has good power, it cannot remove grout and limescale marks.

Overall, the Quest is a good choice as long as your expectations are in check with a handheld steam cleaner. It is definitely not made for industrial uses and needs to be re-filled multiple times.

Despite these issues, it has proved to even clean grime, dirt, and greasy surfaces.

Specifications: power- 1000 W

Weight: 1.64 kg

Beldray BEL0701TQN 10-in-1 Handheld Steam Cleaner, Perfect for Sanitising, Upholstery, Bathroom Tiles, Mirrors & Windows, 1000 W, Effectively Kills Household Bacteria, Turquoise
This handheld steam cleaner has the advantage of being an all in one tool available at a much cheaper rate. It has a 250 ml water tank which means it has a capacity lesser than the Hoover. But for the price it is available at, it is a good deal.

The USP of this device is its various attachments. It consists of various round sized brushes, one cleaning tool for glass, one fabric nozzle, and one bent nozzle meant to access smaller inaccessible areas. Additionally, it comes with an extension hose for access in spaces like crevices.

Similar to the previous device, the Beldray comes with a small water holding capacity of only 250 ml. This cleaner runs for ten minutes before it needs to be filled again. Although the Beldray is very versatile, the Hoove wins in power. It is efficient in spot cleaning grease but does not have expectations of cleaning the entire kitchen with this device.

It weighs only 1.7 kg and can be easily manipulated. The cord for power is short, of only 4 meters. This means you need to be prepared to change power sockets often. If you are content using a water tank of less capacity, this device is cheap and worth it. If you want a cleaner with more power and efficiency, Hoover is the better option.

Specifications: Power-1000W

Weight: 1.7kg

MLMLANT Handheld Portable Steam Cleaners For Cleaning,The Home Mini Hand Held Multi Purpose Steamer,9 Accessory Kit for Air fryer,Sofa,Bathroom,Kitchen,Floor,Window,Carpet,Car Seat,Upholstery,Tile
The MLMLANT offers a run time of a total of 20 minutes and is very versatile. It comes with many attachments, and the power of steam is very good. It can even cut through mould and grease.

It provides good performance but is surprisingly not a very popular brand name. It even features a safety lock and a three-meter long cord. It offers the power of 1050 W. It may struggle to remove dirt from surfaces like curtains as it is not the most powerful steam cleaner available. But it can achieve regular cleaning like removal of grease.

It comes with an accessory kit containing nine attachments. These include a towel sleeve, one bent spray for better reach, a long length spray cup, and a specific cup made for windows and doors. Additionally, to increase your reach, they have included an extension nozzle.

There are a few drawbacks like the small 250 ml water capacity. You cannot tilt it too much as it will lead to leaking from the device. This drawback is common for most handheld steam cleaners in the market. The company claims it to run for twenty minutes, but that is highly unlikely.

The MLMLANT is a good buy if you are looking for a budget-friendly and handy handheld steam cleaner. It will not perform like a full-sized cleaner, and it is unfair to expect so.

Specifications: Power-1050 W

Weight: 1.9 kg

Comforday Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner with 9-Piece Accessories, Perfect for Stain Removal, Curtains, Car Seats, Floor, Bathroom, (Yellow)
Although this brand is not a very well-recognized brand like others, it is worth buying from them. Comforday offers a cleaning time of 20 minutes and the power is not as great as the Hoover but is reasonable. It is not the best option for very hard cleaning jobs.

Comforday is easy to hold due to its lightweight and offers ease of use. The power is 1050 W. The pressurized steam this device emits out is sufficient to kill bacteria. It is well recognized in the removal of grime and dirt from surfaces.

As with most handheld steam cleaners, Comforday comes with many accessories. These are a long length spray cup, one brush plate, one funnel, one round brush, and one window cup. These attachments allow it to be used in various household cleaning jobs. Whether it is cleaning of curtains, dirty windows, bathrooms, or furniture in the outdoors, the Comforday has got you covered.

Having said that, Comforday, unfortunately, has big drawbacks. Although it gives out a huge amount of steam, it lacks steam pressure. This means the cleaning will not be as efficient. It has many attachments but is not very powerful to do a very great job.

Similar to the Hoover, it has a drawback that the Comforday’s cap of the tank causes a tantrum to be removed off. The fact that you need to re-fill it often makes it all the more a nuisance when the cap doesn’t get off. The button used for switching on the steam is also not conveniently designed. This leads to frustration while working.

To summarize, the Comforday steam cleaner is useful in cleaning with its various attachments. Although it is not the most powerful handheld steam cleaner and can be annoying while cleaning, it is worth considering.

Advantages of Steam Cleaners

Still not convinced? Why steam clean? How is it better than traditional cleaning methods? Take a look at the following reasons to understand how buying a handheld steam cleaner might be your best decision yet.

Safe for the Environment

Stains from grease, oil, and the like are stubborn and require the use of harsh chemical cleaners. They are not only harmful to you but also to the environment. Often, they do not even remove germs and harmful bacteria properly.

Steam cleaners, on the other hand, get the job done with a simple blast of steam. This is far safer for the environment than harsh chemicals. They also effectively remove germs without any harmful side effects from chemicals.

Safe for Children and Pets

The lack of harmful chemicals used in the process makes it safer for children and pets too. There are far lesser chances of rashes and allergies. It also keeps them from inhaling harmful fumes that chemical cleaners often produce. This is why steam cleaning is so safe for children and pets.


The initial cost might seem more, but steam cleaners are far more cost-efficient than traditional cleaning method equipment. Imagine how many bags of detergent you buy, or the number of mops. This includes changing them once in a while.

If you, however, buy a steam cleaner, it will last a long while. There are hardly any maintenance costs. Even the electricity requirement is quite low.

It will last for a long time to come and efficiently help you clean throughout. It is by far the more cost-efficient option when you are looking at, the bigger picture.

Multi-Purpose Cleaning Machine

One steam cleaner alone can help you with several cleaning tasks. The versatility of these machines is truly unmatched. Given their cost efficiency, it is also value for money. You do not have to buy separate mops or cleaning liquids if you have a single steam cleaner.

You can clean everything from grill stains to bathroom floors and tiles. Even things like carpets and curtains are very well cleaned with these machines. Whether it is stubborn stains or just regular dusting, a steam cleaner is efficient in all tasks.

Good for Allergies

Besides the fact that this tool does not use harsh chemicals, it is also very efficient in killing all sorts of germs, dust mites, and more. This makes it a very good choice if you are suffering from allergies. The hot air is also very effective in killing viruses. The hotter the air, the better.

Hot, concentrated steam can kill almost 99% of germs and viruses. It is very useful for people suffering from allergies. It is particularly helpful for those who suffer from dust allergies.

How to Use Your Handheld Steam Cleaner?

By now, we hope you can see how beneficial it is to get a handheld steam cleaner. It is convenient, affordable, and long-lasting. What’s not to love? Here is how you can use this handy appliance.

Fill the Water Tank

  • Make sure your appliance is not connected to any power supply
  • Keep your handheld steam cleaner on a flat surface and open the lid to the water tank
  • Measure the amount of water according to the capacity of the tank and pour it in
  • Make sure there is enough water to prevent damaging the appliance
  • Pour in the water slowly and look at the measuring line from a titled angle. Directly looking at might mess up the measurement.
  • Make sure the water level does not cross the maximum capacity
  • Once the water is poured, put the lid back on tightly

Fix the Jet Nozzle

  • Screw on the jet nozzle to your handheld steam cleaner
  • According to your machine, follow the instructions and make sure it is not loose
  • Ensure you have fixed it correctly because otherwise it can burn you or harm the surface you are working on

Start Cleaning

  • Ensure there is enough water in your appliance
  • Wait for the indicator on your device to show if it’s ready for use
  • Direct the nozzle away from yourself and anything that can be harmed, before pressing the appropriate button to start the operation
  • Direct the steam to the area you intend to clean

Switch Off After Finishing

Remember to always switch the power off after you are done cleaning. If you constantly keep the boiler on, it can overheat or get damaged. Keep it aside for at least twenty to thirty minutes before packing it up. This is because it needs sufficient time to cool down.

Safety Precautions

  • Improper usage of handheld steam cleaners can get you injuries like burns. Here are some things you must be careful about while handling a steam cleaner.
  • Turn the handheld steam cleaner away from your body and make sure to keep it at a distance
  • Keep your hand away from the nozzle
  • Do not try to grip the heated parts of your machine when you are operating it
  • Always give the steam enough time to cool before you begin to detach the nozzle or open the water tank lid
  • Make sure you do not slip with the steam cleaner in hand
  • Keep it away from children and pets


If you want your handheld steam cleaner to help you out for a long time, you need to be careful with its maintenance. Like with all electrical appliances, there are also ways to correctly maintain your steam cleaner. It is not much, but it will help you keep it well and good.

After every use, make sure to take out any remaining water from the water tank. Wash it thoroughly. Even if you do not wash it daily, make sure to do it at regular intervals.

Also, detach the nozzle and clean it carefully. Often, a lot of dust gets collected around the nozzle which you need to clean after each use. Repeated accumulation of dust in the nozzle can hamper its working. It can even harm the operation of the whole appliance.

Where Should You Not Use A Handheld Steam Cleaner?

Although a handheld steam cleaner is a very versatile appliance, you should refrain from using it on certain surfaces. Painted or wallpapered walls and hardwood floors are examples of such surfaces. This is because the highly heated and concentrated steam can harm them. Any surface that is susceptible to heat should be kept away from steam cleaners.


Handheld steam cleaners can be a great deal of assistance while cleaning your homes. You can choose to remove grease from your old oven, clean dirty windows, or use it for the removal of limescale.

Even though the handheld cleaner is efficient, it cannot get as efficient as a full-sized cleaner. Having such high expectations can lead to disappointment and frustration. There are various handheld steamers in the market as we have described. Do not forget to consider the pros and cons before making the final choice!

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