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Amtico vs Karndean, Which is the Best Flooring?

Amtico FlooringAmtico and Karndean are two of the most popular and luxurious types of vinyl flooring. They are both excellent choices in terms of durability, design and cost. They are actually the only brands all those years that have managed to maintain their popularity and the trust of the customers. Deciding between those two however, can be quite tough since they both have their unique selling points. Here are a few things you should take into consideration when we look up for Amtico vs Karndean flooring.

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Product type and materials

Amtico flooring is typically made of a combination of resin, plasticisers and stabilisers. Those materials are then compressed under high pressure and temperature to create a really thin and flexible floor. The whole look of an Amtico flooring resembles that of natural stone with a matte finish. On the other hand, a Karndean flooring is made of a combination of 5 different layers: a top protective one, a PVC embossed wear layer, a photographic one and two separate PVC backing layers. Therefore, the final floor is naturally sturdier and glossier that its Amtico counterpart.

Amtico flooring is manufactured at the company’s own facility in U.K. Karndean flooring, on the other hand, is manufactured in the company’s affiliates in Asia. However, that doesn’t affect at all the quality of the final products, since both companies are fully dedicated to providing a high-quality result that will leave their customers satisfied.

Price Comparison

In general, Amtico flooring is considered a bit more expensive compared to Karndean flooring and that is an important factor to consider when you are on a budget. However, both companies offer some good offers and depending on the amount of each flooring type you are going to need in total, the final cost may vary a lot.

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Durability and slip resistance

Both types of flooring are extremely durable and they promise to serve you greatly for at least 35 ears after purchase. Despite their differences in the whole manufacturing process, the companies pride themselves in offering a high-quality product that will satisfy your needs. In terms of slip resistance, both companies have tried hard to make their flooring options slip resistant, but like any smooth flooring surface, water or liquid can make both floors quite slippery.

Specific features of Amtico flooring

  • A+ indoor air quality rating
  • BREEAM/BRE certified
  • 100% waterproof
  • High slip resistance/ average rating of R12
  • 20dB acoustic rating

Specific features of Karndean flooring

  • Certified by SGS
  • Highest wear rating
  • 40+ score on the pendulum wet test
  • Heat and sound insulation

Overall, both flooring options are extremely durable, good-looking and of high-quality. The final choice should be solely determined by your own special preferences, and budget. If you are on a tight budget, you should probably go for the Karndean option. Moreover, if you wish to have a certain type of finish, then you should go for a shiny Karndean option or choose the most natural-looking and matte Amtico alternative, depending on your needs. In every case, you can rest assured that your final choice will look perfect on your house’s or office’s floors.

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