Blocked Drain

Overflowing Drains: Causes & Prevention

Some problems are really small but they can cause a lot of discomfort. Drain blockage is one of the top irritating problems that can occur in any house. It can occur due to many different reasons. Some of them are given below.

Things getting stuck

A lot of things can get stuck in the drain system. One of the top culprits is hair. Hair falling is a regular phenomenon in humans and hair can cling to surfaces. These tend to combine in pipes and block the drain system. It can accumulate in the system and block the tank completely. You cannot remove hair from the drain system without opening it. Other things that can be stuck in the drain are dirt and roots. Dirt and roots are present in vegetables. When we wash the vegetables, the dirt and roots will enter the drain system and stuck there. This can choke the whole system by clinging to the walls of the drainage pipes. Certain things cannot be avoided like the mineral buildup in the drain system. Minerals build up in the drain slowly. It will block the system completely after some time.

Small drainage pipes

This is another reason that can cause the drain system to choke. If your drainage pipes are small, you have to you replace them with the larger pipes. The smaller pipes will have less diameter and any small object can clog the system. You should hire good plumbing services like ALK Emergency Plumbers for replacing the drainage pipe. They should give you a detailed quotation for the drainage pipe replacement. Always ask for a guarantee. These pipes should not be clogged again at the same frequency that they were in the block before.

Removing the sieve

Sometimes the water is not moving from the drainage system so people tend to remove the sieve to speed up the process. This is a big mistake because when you will remove the sieve, all the dirt and the roots will go inside the drain system. It will start to build up there. Removing the sieve should only be considered when the drainage system is completely blocked and you have to clean the system.


If you do not want your drainage system to block frequently, you have to take certain precautions. There are some steps that you can take to ensure that your drainage system will always run smoothly.

  1. You should never remove the sieve of your drain system.
  2. You should always remove the dirt and roots from the vegetables before placing them on your sink. This is the best way to avoid roots entering your drain system.
  3. Try to remove hair from the sink and do not let them enter the drainage system. You can also wear a cap in the kitchen so your hair will not fall and clog the system.
  4. When you are installing the drain system, always go for the best plumbing services. A good company can guide you about the details of the drainage system. This detail will help you make a better decision.

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