Natural Ventilation

Natural Ventilation Tips for Your Home

Over the past few decades, homes have become increasingly airtight. People have become very cost-conscious, especially when it comes to heating and cooling. As a result there has been the loss of natural fresh air coming working its way through the house. This has also has led to an increase in condensation issues, but on top of that there are many different reasons to let fresh air into your home. Here are some tips to help you out:

Install a solar chimney

As many people don’t have or don’t want mechanical ventilation systems in their homes, they’re interested in natural solutions such as solar chimneys. As the sun heats the air, it rises through the solar chimney and exits the home. This creates space and invites cooler fresher air in through inlet ports.

Open a window

It may seem obvious, but why not try things the old-fashioned way and simply open a window to create a natural cross breeze. It helps if it’s a cooler day outside I’m just a little bit of. Make this whole process easier you could install some window openers to help open both challenging to reach windows, and keep them securely opened too. This may seem like a simple solution, but it’s certainly better than doing nothing at all.

Create a transitional space

The more space you have around your home, the better airflow you will have whether you’re lucky enough to have a front and back garden or you have to simply deal with the balcony. Whatever space is likely to let in air the most air, make sure you keep it clear so it can be free flowing.

Use the prevailing winds

If you were a quick study, you could set your house up to get the benefit of the prevailing winds. You can create a mini wind tunnel, as a rule of thumb when it’s cold, the wind tends to come from the Northwest and the southwest when it’s warm, providing excellent natural ventilation, so if you open the front and back door for instance the wind will blow through the house.

Try installing some screens

If your home isn’t fitted with screens already, this is something you should consider. You can then leave your windows open day or night without the fear of pests are bugs entering home.

The design and height of your windows

The height of your windows can also make a massive difference to the airflow within your home. This is not something you can change easily but if you are considering a new construction talk to a specialist about correctly designing and placing the windows to create the most natural ventilation possible

Natural ventilation will not only make you more comfortable it also makes it safer. You can either design your home in a specific fashion all you can use additional tools such as window openers or solar chimneys to help you. if you do have issues with ventilation in your home as you see there are many different solutions available

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