Ideal Boiler Fault Codes

Have you been experiencing issues with your Ideal boiler? Then chances are there is a fault code displayed on the console of the boiler itself. This fault code is unique to the issue and you can use it to find out exactly what the problem is and how to tackle it.

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Common Fault Codes – Ideal Logic

There are three different types of fault codes that may be displaying on your Ideal boiler, and they start with different letters.

  • F Fault Codes: This includes “FD” and F1 through to F9.
  • L Fault Codes: L fault codes are slightly more confusing, there’s L1-6 (excluding L4) as well as L9, LF & LA. In the L fault code range there is also H9 & HA.
  • C Fault Codes: There is only two in this, C2 & C0.

Don’t worry though, later in this article we will explain about each individual fault code, what the issue is and how you can fix it.

Common Ideal Logic Boiler Questions

Before diving into the specific fault codes and issues there are a few common questions that came up time and time again in our research that people often ask.

What Does 00 Mean On Ideal Boiler?
If you are looking at the display screen on your Ideal boiler and it’s displaying a 00 code, or 0 on older models, then it means that it’s in standby and there’s no active demand for hot water. If you turn on an appliance that demands hot water, you should see the status appear, if you could have an issue!

What Does F Mean On Ideal Boiler?
The “F” means that you have an error, which could be a variety of different errors. The most common “F” error however is usually F1 which means that you are low on water pressure. This can often be fixed yourself by re-pressuring the boiler. If it keeps occurring it means that you have a leak or air bubble in your system, which you may be able to locate yourself or call a boiler engineer.

How Do I Reset My Ideal Logic Boiler?
Resetting an Ideal boiler is easy. Turn the mode control knob to the reset position labelled, then immediately return it back to where it was. You often need to do this when fixing an error, or if your electric has gone off for example.

Ideal Logic Boiler Fault Code List

We’ve created a table list of all the fault codes on Ideal boilers, a brief of the issue and what you should do in order to get it fixed.

Fault CodeProblemProblem DescriptionSuggested Fix
C2Boiler chip card faultThe chip card has an internal error or an activation fault.Try resetting your boiler, however it is likely you will need a boiler engineer to take a look.
COCentral heating signal issueThis is likely to do with a poor central heating circulation issue causing the pump to overrun or it could be an issue with your thermostat. This issue requires a boiler engineer as both the problems are internal elements.
F1Low water pressureLow water pressure can often be caused by a slow leak somewhere in the system.Using the built in filling loop top up the boilers pressure to 1.5.
F2Flame lossThis issue can be caused by a multitude of different things including flue, valve, or fan issues.Check if there is an issue with your gas supply & reset your boiler, however if this doesn't work you will need to call an engineer.
F3Fan faultThis one is pretty self explanatory. It's an issue with the internal fan, which could be caused by a variety of different things.An issue with the boilers fan will require an engineer.
F4Thermistor faultThere's an issue with the circulation.Typically this is a circulation issue, but you will need an engineer to fix it.
F5Return thermistor faultThis could be either a faulty printed circuit board, too high temperature or a damaged connection.This could be due to a variety of different internal issues and you should ensure you get a boiler engineer to look at it.
F6Outside sensor faultThis is usually an issue with the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) This typically shows if your outside sensor is broken or faulty and you should call an engineer to take a look.
F7Low voltage supplyAs you would expect, this means there is an issue with the electricity source. If the voltage supply of the boiler is too low it will cease to operate. We recommend you contact the person who installed your boiler as they should be able to identify the issue, an electrician also might be able to help.
F9PCB faultThis is an error with the chip that runs the whole electrical process of the boiler. It can be caused by just a general fault or a leak in the system.This unfortunately is usually a death sentence, it often happens when a boiler leaks and damages the board internally. You may well require a new boiler installation.
FDNo water flowThis can either be caused by an issue with the PCB or the temperature not regulating properly.Re pressuring your boiler may fix this issue
L1Poor water flowThis can either be caused by an issue with the PCB or the temperature not regulating properly.Resetting your boiler often fixes this, however if it doesn't please contact a boiler engineer.
L2Ignition lock outThis is a safety mechanism, it means that your boiler is unsafe.This is a safety precaution that can often be fixed by a reset, however if not contact a boiler engineer.
L3No flow thermistor faultThis is due to changing a component in the boiler and not fitting the correct one.This code indicates an internal component change, contact the installer or the engineer who has recently worked on your boiler.
L5Boiler return pipe problemYou've gone a bit reset happy with the boiler, it's caused if the boiler is reset too many times in quick succession.If you have reset your boiler too often in a short space of time it will cause this issue. Turn your boiler off at the mains and wait a few minutes to turn it back on again.
L6Flame detection faultThe flames come on before the gas has.If your flame comes on before your gas it can cause this issue. Reset your boiler.
L9OverheatingAs the issue describes the temperature of your boiler is exceeding the limit for it to safely run.This could also come up as H9, HA or LA and it indicates that your boiler temperature is too high. It can often be fixed by bleeding your radiators.
LFIgnition faultThis issue is the same as L2.This could be a few things, a reset should fix the issue. If it doesn't contact an engineer as it could be an issue with your condensate pipe.

Other Ideal Boiler Faults

We’ve detailed a few of the other common boiler faults that occur in Ideal Boilers which may or may not show a fault code.

No Display Showing On Ideal Logic Boiler
If your display is blank or not working this means that there may be an issue with your PCB or Printed Circuit Board. If you turn the power to the boiler on and off again and it doesn’t fix it, you’ll need to call a boiler engineer.

In past experience I had this issue myself, and it was an internal leak within the boiler which dripped on the circuit board and fried it. For me, my boiler was old so it meant it wasn’t worth while replacing and I had to get a new one installed.

My Ideal Logic Boiler Is Noisy
This is commonly referred to as a kettling boiler. It generally means that there is a loose component on the boiler is running as a high pressure. It’s advised that you attempt to re-pressurise your boiler if this is the issue, but if there is a loose component you should call a boiler engineer.

There’s No Hot Water
If there’s no hot water it could be a few different things, but typically it could be low on pressure, or simply the boiler is off. Check the boiler to see if it is displaying an error code.

The Pressure Keeps Dropping
We touched on this earlier in relation to the F1 code, however if your pressure keeps dropping and your constantly having to top it up then it often means there is a leak or air in your system. You can try and locate and fix the leak yourself, monitor the pressure and see if it maintains the set level, but if not you may have to call a boiler engineer.

My Gas Bill Is Extremely High
Unfortunately it may be time for a new boiler. Old boilers are often inefficient, and can cost you more overtime than simply replacing it. All new heating systems are at least A rated, so you should save a significant amount on your bills if you make the switch.

Popular Ideal Boilers

Ideal boilers boast a large range of different boilers including Combi, Heat Only & System choices ranging from 12kW models to 40kW.

Combi ModelsHeat Only ModelsSystem Models
Ideal IndependentIdeal Logic HEIdeal Logic
Ideal LogicIdeal Logic Mexico HEIdeal Logic+
Ideal Logic ESP1Ideal Logic Max HEIdeal Logic Max
Ideal Logic MaxIdeal Logic+ HEIdeal Vogue
Ideal Logic+Ideal Vogue Max
Ideal Vogue
Ideal Logic Code
Ideal Logic Vogue Max

Ideal Boiler Repair Quote

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