How Much Does It Cost To Get A New Boiler Installed?

Getting a new boiler installed can be pretty costly, it’s the main part of your central heating, but how much can you expect to pay when replacing your boiler & what are the tips and tricks to keep the cost down? We’ve written a guide on the various ways you can get your new boiler installation as cheap as possible.

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Determining the type of boiler you have

The initial most important thing you have to do is determine what boiler type you have, before you can start getting quotes. The type of boiler will heavily influence the cost of the installation. There are three types, combi, conventional & system, here’s a quick breakdown of each:

Combi Boilers – The most common type of boiler in the UK, they work by instantly heating the hot water directly from your mains so there is no need for any extra storage tanks, which is what makes them so popular. Due to the lack of extra water tanks it also tends to be the cheapest boiler option available.

Conventional boilers – The most traditional heating used in the UK, it’s still an option today and is often referred to as Heat-Only or Regular, they are useful for large homes. It requires you to have an extra hot water & cold water tanks, so as you would expect due to the amount of material and work it’s usually the most cost worthy to replace.

System boilers – System boilers are like a half way house, they directly heat your central heating system but use a storage cylinder for the hot water, although unlike the regular boiler they take the water directly from the mains so don’t require a cold water tank. It’s also good for larger homes, but costs slightly less than conventional boiler.

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Going local or national for installation

When you’re getting a boiler installed unfortunately you can’t go for the DIY option, as you need to be Gas Safe registered. That leaves you with two options for installation, a local tradesman or national supplier.

Local – These tend to be cheaper, as they don’t have the overheads of a national company. A local boiler installer will do it for you at a much lower cost, however if they are unknown to yourself this tends to carry more risk as the after sale service may not be the same as a national company.

National – If you go for a national supplier you will pay the premium, it’s a lot more expensive than that of a local tradesman, however they tend to come with a fully structured after sale process & they are always there should something go wrong with your boiler.

Combi boiler installation costs

If you are looking to have a combi boiler installed then here is a rough breakdown of the prices you can expect to pay:

Installation TypeLocal InstallerNational Installer
Combi For Combi£1,400 - £1,800£1,800 - £2,500
Different Boiler Type For Combi£1,600 - £2,000£2,700 - £3,500

*Prices are estimates & only to be used as a guide, prices will change for different installers & boiler model suggestions.

Regular / Conventional boiler installation costs

If you’re looking at your conventional boiler options then here is a breakdown of the price estimates to help:

Installation TypeLocal InstallerNational Installer
Regular For Regular£1,800 - £2,500£3,000+

*Prices are estimates & only to be used as a guide, prices will change for different installers & boiler model suggestions.

System boiler installation costs

Or alternatively, if it’s a system boiler your after, here are the installation estimates involved with that:

Installation TypeLocal InstallerNational Installer
System For System£1,800 - 2,200£2,400 - £3,500
Combi For System£3,000+£4,000+

*Prices are estimates & only to be used as a guide, prices will change for different installers & boiler model suggestions.

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