Best Wall Mounted Electric Radiators

Indoor heater has come a long way since humans first started to keep themselves warm inside in a safe manner. It started with collecting firewood from the forest and having an exclusive fireplace at every home. Long have gone those days of the huge traditional fireplaces.

Other household heating options like huge radiators, oil heating, and such have come and gone over the years. However, the safest, cleanest, and the most cost-efficient way of hearing houses now is installing an electric radiator.

Electric radiators have undergone a series of extensive improvements since their first emergence in the market. What used to be heavy, bulky, and expensive metal machinery have now become efficient and reliable sources of warmth.

Working on the familiar model of water-based radiators, electric radiators convert electricity into heat. Unlike water-based radiators, they are cleaner and easy to maintain. If you’re refurbishing your house, or are willing to make your indoors cozier, you should certainly consider electric radiators.

This article will run you through some basic information you should know before installing an electric radiator. You will also find answers to the common questions related to the electric heater we encountered during our research.

Go through them to know the questions to be asked before buying an electric radiator. Lastly, we have listed our top picks, which should help you choose the best heating system according to your needs. So, read on to know more.

Current Best Selling Wall Mounted Electric Radiators

It’s all well and good us writing a comprehensive guide on wall mounted electric radiators, but the market is constantly changing with new and more affordable models for you to choose from. If you’re interested, here are the three current best sellers:

Bestseller No. 1
Devola Wifi Enabled Smart Electric Glass Panel Heater 2000W | Alexa Heating Control, Open Window Detection, Wall Mounted & Free Standing Low Energy Heaters with Timer | Lot 20, DVPW2000WH (White)
1,513 Customer Reviews
Devola Wifi Enabled Smart Electric Glass Panel Heater 2000W | Alexa Heating Control, Open Window Detection, Wall Mounted & Free Standing Low Energy Heaters with Timer | Lot 20, DVPW2000WH (White)
  • WIFI ENABLED: With the WiFi app control your heating from your smartphone,...
  • REDUCE ENERGY COSTS: Thanks to the integral precision thermostat, which is...
  • BATHROOM SAFE: These IP24 rated 2kW digital electric radiators are...
  • 2 YEAR GUARANTEE: For your peace of mind we offer a 24-month warranty on...
  • Dimensions: L78 x H47 x D.7.5 cm. Weight 8.5Kg.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Purus Eco Electric Radiator Panel Electric Heater Bathroom Safe Setback Timer Lot 20 & Advanced Thermostat Control Wall Mounted or Floor Standing Low Energy Panel Heater Electric Heater
384 Customer Reviews
Purus Eco Electric Radiator Panel Electric Heater Bathroom Safe Setback Timer Lot 20 & Advanced Thermostat Control Wall Mounted or Floor Standing Low Energy Panel Heater Electric Heater
  • The Purus 600W Eco Space heater Electric Heater IP24 rated is safe to be...
  • The Purus Energy Efficient Wall Heater can be installed effortless on any...
  • Thanks to the Integral precision thermostat which is accurate to within...
  • Our Electric Panel Heaters provide a 100% energy efficient solution for...
  • 2 Year Manufacturers Guarantee
Bestseller No. 3
Wärme WH-24P Designer WiFi Electric Heater Panel Radiator - Ultra Slim (8cm) - 2Kw - Programmable Digital Thermostat - Wall Mountable (Free Wall Bracket Included) - Maintenance Free, Black
1,436 Customer Reviews
Wärme WH-24P Designer WiFi Electric Heater Panel Radiator - Ultra Slim (8cm) - 2Kw - Programmable Digital Thermostat - Wall Mountable (Free Wall Bracket Included) - Maintenance Free, Black
  • ♥ REDUCE YOUR ENERGY COSTS - Our patented convection chamber draws cold...
  • ♥ WIFI ENABLED: Allowing you to control your heating from anywhere in the...
  • ♥ STUNNING DESIGN - Add The 'WOW FACTOR' - As Recommended by...
  • ♥ 1 YEAR GUARANTEE - For your peace of mind we offer a 12-month warranty...
  • ♥ FLOOR STANDING OR WALL MOUNTABLE - Supplied with detachable feet and...

Our Top 5 Choices of Wall Mounted Electric Radiators

Through our research, we have been able to narrow down the wide variety of available electric radiators. Here’s our list of the five best wall mounted electric heaters. You will find an in-depth description of each later in the article or click on the product’s name.


All You Need to Know About Electric Radiators

We understand that choosing a heating system for your house is a cumbersome process. To make it easier for you, we looked into the frequently asked questions about electric radiators and answered them for you.

Without further argument, let’s get you informed to make the best decision according to your requirements on electric radiators.

1. What are Electric Radiators?

Electric Radiators are, in simple words, heating radiators that transfer heat to their surroundings. They are quite unlike the traditional gas-heating systems or water-based radiators. They do not rely on external plumbing or oil and gas sourcing to generate heat.

They are standalone units that produce heat through convection. They’re filled with thermal elements that produce heat as electricity flows through them. This gives electric radiators an edge since they do not create leakage mess.

Electric radiators are simply tucked away in a corner and produce blissful heat to keep your surroundings warm and cozy. They are extremely efficient for one simple reason – they convert all the electricity drawn from a wall into blissful warmth.

2. How Do Electric Radiators work?

The best wall mounted electric radiators are full of glycol, which is a thermodynamic liquid. This liquid expands as it heats through the electric radiator’s heating panel. Glycol is a non-toxic heating fluid with non-corrosion, non-freezing properties, which prevents the metal radiator from rusting.

The thermodynamic liquid oozes heat while expanding due to the heat produced by the radiator’s heating panel. This warms the metallic surface of the radiator. When the surface gets considerably warm, it starts emitting heat into its surroundings, warming the room’s air.

A lot of new electric radiators work on a dry heating system. Such radiators produce heat through convection between twin heating elements. This provides an even body heating, and the lack of heavy ceramic or heating liquids allow them to be slimmer.

Electronic radiators also feature controls. These controls are thermostats that ensure an even and accurate temperature. They prevent underheating and overheating of the room.

Due to these thermostats, you can plug in a radiator and forget that it exists. This is because they regulate when the radiator is to draw power to stabilize the temperature that you have set.

3. Are Electric Radiators Safe to Use?

As with all modern technology, it raises the question of human-machinery interaction safety.

It is no surprise that electric radiators are the safest to use radiating devices that you can install in your house. Over the years, portable radiators have been the cause of a drastic number of fires globally.

Gas leakages from boilers risk explosions and fire. The carbon monoxide produced through most traditional radiators is also extremely dangerous to humans.

Electric heaters are safe because they do not employ gas, and hence, no fuels are burnt in the radiation process. This cuts down on both of the most dangerous aspects of indoor heating – carbon monoxide poisoning and gas leakages.

Another important safety aspect of electric heaters is that they are usually mounted on the wall. Due to this, it is improbable for them to come into contact with something flammable such as curtains and duvets. This completely throws the risks of fire due to radiation out of the window.

Since electric radiators do not burn any fuels to emit heat, it is also obvious that they are extremely environmentally friendly. If your electricity comes from a 100% renewable source, an electric radiator will heat your house by causing no harm to the environment.

4. What Are the Safe Distances from The Floor and Wall at Which Electric Radiator Should Be Installed?

Electric radiators are mounted to a wall keeping in mind the following safe distances from surfaces.

  • An electric radiator should be a minimum distance of 8 cm from the floor.
  • It should be at a safe distance of 3 cm from the wall.

5. Are Electric Radiators Cheap to Run?

The answer to this question is simple -no.

This might have come as a surprise to you since electric heaters are usually advertised as efficient and inexpensive in the long run. Are these advertising claims false? The answer to this is the same as the previous question – no.

We’ll do the explaining that this seemingly confusing topic.

In the short run, electric heaters’ running cost is at least four times higher than that of a gas central heating system. This is because electricity rates are higher than oil and gas. This means that you get less heat for the amount of money that is paid. However, there are other factors to be taken into account.

In the long run, however, the picture completely changes. This is because electric heaters do not require as much maintenance as gas heaters or traditional radiators. The maintenance of cost each is so high, that saving that money compensates for electricity cost added on by electric radiators.

Electric heating has low installment and maintenance costs. They certainly make up for the high running costs that electric radiators pose. However, every person has different requirements that should be accounted for while choosing an ideal heating system.

For properties that do not require too much heating due to property size and environmental factors, electric radiators are ideal.

6. What Factors Influence the Power Consumption of an Electric Heater?

Energy consumption is an individual concern that can be changed by a change in usage patterns. However, the following are a few factors that influence the amount of energy consumed by an electric radiator.

  • Size of the room
  • Insulation of the room
  • Insulation of the windows
  • The temperature that the thermostat is set at
  • Performance of the radiator
  • Type of radiator in use
  • Presence of other devices such as a refrigerator

7. What are Storage Heaters?

If used correctly, storage heaters fix a lot of running cost-based issues generated by electric heaters. How that is possible will be explained shortly.

Storage heaters can generate heat at a particular amount of time and store it for later use. That stored heat is then released into the air whenever required.

By correctly managing your time, storage heaters can heat during the hours when electricity is relatively cheap. By doing this, you can capitalize on economy tariffs and can cut your radiator’s running cost drastically.


Different Types of Electric Radiators

There are several kinds of electric radiators present in the market. They all differ in the way they heat and the way they can be controlled.

We have listed a few of the most popular types of electric radiators with their detailed overview below.

Convection Radiators

The built-in fan systems in these radiators make the machine work on the principle that cold air always moves downwards.

This kind of radiator heats the air nearby and sends it to the top of the room. Working with the principle mentioned above, cold air falls downwards, which is caught by the lower grid of the radiator. This cold air is then heated up and resent towards the top of the room as newly cold air moves downwards and inwards.

This kind of radiator is very simple to assemble, and the convector itself does not burn any oxygen. Completely run on electricity, with a built-in thermostat, this kind of radiator creates a comfortable room environment.

Infrared Radiators

Infrared radiators can be seen as the future of indoor radiation. They are gaining high momentum over the years. They do not heat themselves and radiate the heat produced inside them. Instead, they emit infrared heat, which warms surfaces, walls, objects, and people directly.

The heat is produced through electromagnetic waves that are floating at a certain frequency. This ensures that the radiator itself never gets hot. Therefore, unlike other forms of radiators, they are safe to touch while in function.

They use pulses of infrared heat and electricity to warm you up. They are extremely cost-efficient. This is because it is obvious that heating only particular objects instead of heating the entire room atmosphere takes less energy. They minimize electricity bills to the minimum.

Oil Filled Electric Heaters

Some electric heaters are filled with oil instead of a thermodynamic liquid. They work best for homes that require more heating for a longer period.

Heating elements in an oil-filled electric radiator are encased within the radiator itself. This prevents the burning of dust particles and oxygen, making it safe to use as any other radiator.

Oil stores energy – which in the case of radiators is heat – for a much longer time than liquids. They can hold onto heat, which in turn reduces the amount of energy that is used. In essence, they reduce the running cost of an electric radiator.

A reason why oil-filled electric radiators are not very popular is that they do not promote even heat distribution. Their surface gets extremely warm, because of which the closer you’ll get to the machine, the warmer you’ll feel.

Dry Radiators

Dry radiators are ideal for small well-insulated rooms that are not used frequently. This is so because they produce heat only for a short period.

They are not filled with oil or thermodynamic liquid. They work because of heating elements that heat as soon as electricity flows through them.

The twin element system makes them extremely quick in heating the room. However, since the heating elements cool as quickly as they heat, the room gets cool as soon as the electricity source is removed.

Plug-in Electric Radiators

Plug in an electric radiator is the most common of all kinds of electric heaters. They are, like all other than portable electric heaters, wall-mounted.

They need a plug to reach an electricity source, from which they draw electricity whenever required. The best way to understand what plug-in electric radiators is to think of them as air conditioners that heat instead of cooling the air.


Benefits of Electric Radiators Over Central Heating Systems

This is another example of a question that will cause a conflict in thought. Its basic answer is – to each their own. However, since that is not enough, we will make their work a little clearer.

Gas central heating systems have considerably cheap running costs – yes. The cost of gas is at least four times less than that of electricity.  However, this understanding negates the role of a boiler that is crucial to gas central heating systems.  This also negates other factors to be considered, which are listed below.

Issues That Boilers Create in a Gas Central Heating System

A gas central heating system requires a boiler that heats the temperature. This heat then penetrates the water inside a gas radiator, making the entire radiator hot. If in case your boiler breaks down, your entire heating system will be in jeopardy.

Electric radiators, on the other hand, are standalone machines. They do not require a boiler or any external machine to produce heat. In case your boiler breaks down, your house will still be cozy due to an electric radiator.

The necessity of Extra Plumbing and Maintenance of Gas Central Heating Systems

Boilers need to be dedicated to servicing every year. They also need annual certification. All this is wrongly not accounted for in the cost pertaining to the heating system. Let’s face it, and if you don’t have an effective boiler, your gas central heating system is useless.

Gas heating also requires professional installation. There’s a lot of plumbing and electric connecting that goes into a gas central heating system.

With an electric radiator, however, these problems do not exist. They hardly require any maintenance since they are powered through mains. They can also be easily installed by anyone who knows how to mount machinery onto walls.

Boilers Need Timely Replacement

If you’re using a gas heating system with an old boiler, you’re most likely not getting the most heating out of your system. The older your boiler, the more heat you will be losing in the process of heat radiation.

Not to mention, boilers also require to be replaced every decade and a half. The cost of this is not low, and the process the extremely tedious too.

As mentioned before, electric radiators do not pose such problems. They are long term investments that give you exactly what you bargained for – uninterrupted heating.

Electric Radiators Do Not Leak

If you have used water-based radiators or gas central heating systems in the past, you must know that they tend to break and leak from time to time. Electric radiators, however, do not have anything inside them that can potentially leak.

Once you have successfully installed an electronic radiator, you can practically forget that there’s a machine hanging on your wall. The cleanliness and peace that electric radiators bring are unmatched.

Other Radiating Systems Bleed Out a Lot of Heat

When the water is transferred through pipes in other radiating systems, many heats are lost through uninsulated pipes. This not only consumes a lot of energy, but such a system also takes up too much time to heat the room that they’re installed in.

Electronic heaters do not lose any heat in the transmission of liquids. This is what makes them 100% efficient. They give you all the heat that is produced with the amount of energy that is consumed. Making them quicker and more effective.

Electric Radiators are Silent

Gas central heating systems are extremely noisy. As they kick into gear, they cause a very loud and disturbing ruckus. There’s also a banging and churning noise produced as radiators or boilers start to heat up.

Electric radiators, on the other hand, produce no noise. They silently heat your indoor environment. They do not produce any thumping or clunking noise of water running through pipes underground.

Electric Radiators are Healthy

You must have heard about carbon monoxide caused my temperature regulatory systems. This is due to the wood and fuel consumption of those radiators. Electric radiators do not burn any fuels to produce heat.

Not only do they save you from atmospheric poisoning, but they also are environmentally friendly. They are pretty clean and have zero emissions. They reduce carbon footprint by a considerable amount.


Our 5 Best Wall Mounted Electric Radiators

Here are the 5 best wall mounted electric radiators that we have shortlisted for you. These electric radiators will ensure efficient, long-term, cost-effective indoor heating while being safe for you and the environment.

Haverland Designer TT RC12TT 1500 watt Energy Efficient Wall Mounted Electric Radiators with Timer
14 Customer Reviews
Haverland Designer TT RC12TT 1500 watt Energy Efficient Wall Mounted Electric Radiators with Timer
Be sure to check out this product is you’re looking for a thermal fluid heating electric radiator

Key Features

This radiator has a super modern design and is run on a thermal fluid heating technology. This enables it to heat the room it is installed in much faster than any other radiator on this list. Due to this, it is ideal to heat medium to large-sized rooms that are not used frequently.

It features a Chrono thermostat that is fully controllable and comes with seven pre-installed lifestyle settings. It also has an interactive keypad installed.

Its aluminum body comes with a safety thermal heater, which cuts power off as soon as the surface temperature reaches 75oF.

The radiator’s body is divided into 8 fins, and its dimensions are 1.08 m x 10.0 cm x 58 cm. It produces 1500 watts of power.

Key Features

  • Thermal fluid technology for quick heating
  • Safety thermal heater
  • Fully controllable thermostat

Why do we like this product?

This product is ideal for people who need a quick recharge in the room’s temperature but do not want to risk leaving a heated room. The thermal fluid technology makes the radiator heat up as soon as it is connected to electricity and cools down as soon as it is disconnected.

The pre-installed lifestyle settings make it easy to use since you will not have to fiddle with functions to get an ideal result.

The safety thermal heater makes the house kid and pet friendly. This is a crucial feature for a product as permanent as an electric heater.

STIEBEL ELTRON Wall mounted electric fan heater CK 20 Premium for about 20 sqm, aluminium, LED, 7-day + 120-minute timer, frost+overheating protection, open window detection, Lot 20 compliant, 237835
1,374 Customer Reviews
STIEBEL ELTRON Wall mounted electric fan heater CK 20 Premium for about 20 sqm, aluminium, LED, 7-day + 120-minute timer, frost+overheating protection, open window detection, Lot 20 compliant, 237835
If you’re looking for a reliable fan electric radiator, Stiebel has the product for you.

Product Description

This product can be installed over outdated or old heating products. It has a chord electric power connectivity and produces 2000 watts of heat. It is easily mountable on a wall and can fit anywhere because of its compact design.

Stiebel Eltron uses quality components that ensure durability. It works in a silent mode and has a built-in nichrome wire thermostat. The sound produced from this product is 49.7 dB(a).

It produces 2000 watts of heat at 240 V of electricity, and an in-built fan ensures an even and long-distance distribution of heat.

Its body is made of galvanized steel. Its dimensions are 34.5 x 46.9 x 12.6 cm, and it weighs 5.31 kgs. It also features a backlit LCD display along with an auto window detection system.

Key Features

  • Compact Design
  • Lightweight
  • Upholds the moisture and oxygen value in the air
  • Steel body
  • Even heating

Why do we like this product?

This is a no-mess simple electric radiator that can be used by anybody at ease. The in-built fan enables even distribution of heat in a large room, which makes it ideal for dining areas.

The silent operation is an amazing deal that you get for the cost of the radiator. The build quality of this product is also one of the best on this list.

oneConcept Heater Radiator, Oil Heaters for Home Low Energy Silent, 1000W Wall Mount Oil Radiator Thermostat, Free Stranding Portable Room Heater w/Touch Control, Smart Personal Heating Oil Radiators
211 Customer Reviews
oneConcept Heater Radiator, Oil Heaters for Home Low Energy Silent, 1000W Wall Mount Oil Radiator Thermostat, Free Stranding Portable Room Heater w/Touch Control, Smart Personal Heating Oil Radiators
If you’re looking for a beautiful, futuristic, and energy-efficient oil-based radiator, this is the product for you.

Product Details

This radiator works on an oil-based heating system. With1000 watts of heating, the Wallander provides a cozily heated environment around you.

It has an ultra-thin design, which makes it look phenomenal. The dimensions of this radiator are 112 x 55.5 x 5 cm. This product is sturdy and weighs 6.9 kgs. It requires an electrical supply of 230 V.

This radiator is safe to use with its anti-tip protection system and sturdy design. An LED display makes the entire unit look, feel, and function more effectively. It also has an automatic cut function that makes this radiator extremely cost-efficient.

Key Features

  • Oil-based heating
  • Ultra-thin
  • Sturdy

Why do we like this product?

There is nothing better than a piece of the phenomenal looking unit in your room that gives out blissful heat. This product exactly that. This radiator provides the aesthetic and comfort that is needed to relax after a long and tiring day.

It is a very safe radiator to use, as its sturdy design and auto-cut features endure the safest environment around. The LED screen also makes the functionality super easy and chic.


With changing times, a technology change is required in house heating systems. Electric radiators do just that. They provide a safe, easy, and comfortable experience indoors.

By using electric heaters, we keep ourselves healthy by reducing indoor chill and saving the environment for future generations.

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