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Best Small Efficient Space Heaters

A space heater is a device that warms up an area by heating the surrounding air.  A commonly used method for this is convection heating. ​Convection heaters use a fan to blow air over an electrically-heated wire or element, heating up the air. The warm air is blown into the surrounding area and warms up the surfaces it touches, thus warming the whole room. Electric space heaters are efficient because most electricity is used to produce heat, not generate air movement.

However, electric space heaters are often less safe than other heating methods because they have exposed electrical wiring that can be dangerous if touched. Most electric space heaters use ceramic and quartz elements, making them more efficient and durable than those using nichrome wire elements.

The best small efficient space heater, in our opinion, would be a ceramic and quartz electric heater. These heaters are very safe because there is no exposed wire to touch and can efficiently warm up an area relatively quickly. 

​​However, the best small efficient space heater is one that is safe and can be used quickly to heat up an area. Electric heaters are often not the most efficient because they have exposed wiring that can be dangerous if touched. Most electric space heaters use quartz or ceramic elements, making them more efficient and durable than those that use nichrome wire elements. In my opinion, the best small efficient space heater is one that is safe and can be used quickly to heat up an area.

Types of space heaters

Below are the various types of space heaters:

1. Ceramic space heaters

Ceramic space heaters are a type of convection heater that usually cost more than other types of electric space heaters. Some ceramic heating elements use a composite material that allows the heater to have a thinner body, making it easier to carry and store. Ceramic space heaters do not have any exposed wires and often resemble a radiator. However, they are still about as efficient as other electric space heaters because most of the electricity is used to produce heat, not generate air movement.

2. Quartz space heaters

Quartz space heaters work by using infrared radiation to create warmth. A quartz element glows red hot and emits infrared radiation that heats the surrounding air. Quartz space heaters are often more expensive than other electric models but can be very effective since they emit warmth evenly throughout a room.

Ceramic and quartz space heaters are similar because they both don’t have exposed wires that might be dangerous if touched but differ in how efficiently they produce heat. Ceramic space heaters are generally more expensive than other electric space heaters but can effectively heat an area evenly. Quartz space heaters also emit warmth evenly but are often more expensive than ceramic ones.

3. Fan space heater

The fan space heater can often be found in offices or smaller spaces but are not as effective as ceramic and quartz models. As the name suggests, they use a fan to blow air over an electrically heated element. Fan heaters are only about 20% efficient because most of the electricity used generates movement rather than warmth. 

4. Infrared space heater

Infrared space heaters are similar to quartz models but use infrared radiation instead of red hot elements. Infrared radiation can warm up surfaces indirectly, which makes it safer than other types of electric heating. However, this type of heater is usually more expensive due to its reflective surface for indirect heating.

5. Propane space heaters

Propane space heaters are generally considered to be unsafe because they require venting and highly flammable fuel. They do not produce enough warmth in areas that would need it, making them impractical.

However, propane space heaters are considered unsafe for the same reasons that make them efficient. Because they use fuel like propane instead of electricity, they produce much more heat. However, this makes them dangerous for indoor use.

Factors to consider when buying small, efficient space heaters

The following are the things to look out for when buying a small efficient space heater

1. Size and Weight

The best small, efficient space heater is one that can be used quickly and moved around easily.  It is important to consider how much weight you are willing to carry or whether you need a very light space heater. It is also important to think about the size of the room that you are trying to heat since smaller areas require smaller space heaters.

2. Safety

Any type of electric heater must be safe for indoor use. It is probably safest to use a fan heater or ceramic heating element since they do not have any exposed wires like the infrared space heater. However, infrared space heaters are also considered safe because their radiation does not directly warm up surfaces. 

3. Efficiency 

Even though propane space heaters are considered unsafe, they are perhaps the most efficient type of space heaters. Propane space heaters are one hundred percent efficient since they do not emit any extra heat that is not used to create warmth. On the other hand, fan and quartz space heaters only use about eighty to ninety per cent of the electricity they use to create warmth. If you are looking for a cheap, efficient space heater, then a fan heater is your best option. Quartz heaters are more expensive, but they also produce the most warmth.

4. Ease of use

Electric space heaters that rely upon radiation or infrared heating will be difficult to use since they do not have exposed heating elements and require. This is because most of the energy used by these space heaters creates radiation and cannot be felt as warmth. However, fan and quartz space heaters can be directly felt by simply touching them. This makes it easier to tell how much electricity the heater is using and what kind of impact they are having on the room.

5. Heating capacity

The best small, efficient space heater is one that can provide the most warmth in the least amount of time. This is why propane heaters are so unsuitable for indoor use because they take hours to warm up a room. Since this type of heater does not produce radiation or infrared energy, it must rely on convection currents to quickly heat a room. This can be dangerous because of the exposed electrical wires that are required for convection heating. In addition, infrared heaters do not produce enough heat to warm up an entire room just by using reflected radiation.

6. Price

Although space heaters vary widely in price based on size, efficiency and other factors, it is important to consider how much you are willing to spend on an efficient small space heater. A good indicator of affordability is the price per BTU, which measures how much heat each heater can produce.

Vented and unvented combustion small space heaters

Vented space heaters are similar to unvented combustion space heaters, except they also require a duct to exhaust hot air. These should only be used in very small rooms since their exhaust can contribute to poor indoor air quality. Combustion heaters should never be used indoors if there is no ventilation system – even in larger areas.

Unvented combustion space heaters are more efficient than vented space heaters since they do not expel hot air. This type of heater will only work in a very small room since it does not have a heating system other than the burning element.

The best small efficient space heater should produce warmth without endangering the safety of its users or the integrity of its environment. The heater should also be easy to use and as efficient as possible while still being affordable.

Our best small efficient space heaters review

Stiebel Eltron Convector CNS 300 Trend UK Wall mounted electric panel heater, 3000 W for about 30 sqm, LED, 7-day timer, frost + overheating protection, open window detection, Lot 20 compliant, 236565

Product description

The Stiebel Eltron CNS 300 Trend is a wall-mounted electric panel heater designed to reliably heat up your bathrooms, toilets, and cloakrooms. It features an elegant design with a trendy white finish. The compact size means it won’t take up too much space in your home, perfect for smaller rooms such as hallways and bathrooms.

The Convector CNS 300 Trend has an output of 3000 watts maximum, enough for up to 30 square meters of space heating. Its frost protection ensures that this model will not stop working even in sub-zero temperatures, making it the perfect choice for rendering your home warm during winter seasons. Its overheating protection helps ensure it works safely, without fear of causing damage to your property. Additionally, the Convector CNS 300 Trend is equipped with a timer that enables you to automatically switch it on and off at your preferred time.

The Stiebel Eltron Convector CNS 300 Trend has some additional safety features that make this product even more convenient for home use. It has an open window detection feature, so you can be sure your room will never become too overheated while the windows are open. It comes equipped with a lot 20 compliant, making it great for installation in rooms where children spend most of their time.

Main features

Below are the main selling points of the above product:

  • It has an elegant design with a white finish.
  • The device can heat up to 30 square meters of space.
  • It comes with an overheating protection feature that will ensure your safety.
  • It is Lot 20 compliant for safe usage in children’s rooms.
  • Seven-day timer with an open window detection function.

Why we have chosen it

When we started our project, this was one of the products we wanted to work with. We were allowed to use it for free in exchange for an unbiased review, and we decided to take up that offer. At first, we had some features and specifications issues, but later on, everything got resolved, and now we fully recommend this product. It has an elegant design; it is straightforward to use and install. We are satisfied with the overall quality of this product. 

Read reviews

Most buyers are giving this product positive reviews. Many of them seem satisfied by the features of this product. In addition, it has a four-star rating which is enough indication that this is a quality product. On the other hand, some customers feel that the manufacturer should work on certain areas. Read reviews to avoid regretting later.

MYLEK Panel Heater Radiator 2KW Electric - Daily and Weekly Timer, Digital Thermostat - Wall Mounted Slim White Panel Heater for Bathroom, Office, Bedroom, Garage (2000 Watt) Lot 20 Compliant

Product description

This MYLEK Panel Heater is not only a practical way to heat your house or room at a low expense but also aesthetically pleasing. It is designed to blend in with any interior and the finish makes it suitable for use anywhere around the home or office, including bathrooms and bedrooms. 

It is a powerful and energy-efficient means of providing central heating for most rooms. It is simple to operate and can be set to switch on and off daily or at times selected by you. The MYLEK panel heater offers everything you need from a convector heater, combined with the convenience of a programmable timer. You can use it as a central heating system or as an extra radiator anywhere in the home by simply fitting it onto any wall. 

MYLEK Panel Heater Radiator Key Features Wall-mounted 2000 watt electric flat panel convector heater with timer and digital thermostat. The 2000 watts of power makes this a powerful central heating source for colder rooms or small spaces.

Main features

The main features include:


  • It is a wall-mountable electric flat panel convector heater with a timer and digital thermostat.
  •  It is a powerful device with 2000 watts, enough to heat colder rooms and smaller spaces.
  • Its design is aesthetically pleasing, and it blends well with most of your interiors, making it suitable for most places.
  • The process of operating and programming this device is quite simple.

Why we have chosen it

We liked it because it was easy to install, operate and program. It provides sufficient heating power for most places in our home. The design is modern and stylish; therefore, it will fit in with almost any décor.  You can use it as a central heating source for our house, as well as an extra radiator. We like that you can set it on a daily or weekly schedule and program different time intervals for turning on/off.  

We believe that this device will make our life more comfortable and help us save money on electricity bills. It is reasonably priced; therefore, it can be afforded by almost anyone.

Read reviews

Reviews will help you determine if this is the product that you have been looking for or not. You will get first-hand information from buyers who have had an experience with the product. This information will help you scrutinise the product more efficiently than relying on the manufacturer’s details. Moreover, you will be in a better position to analyse the pros and cons of this space heater. 

Dreo Space Heater with Remote Control, 2s Quick Heating, Quiet Oscillating Heater with Tip-Over and Overheat Protection, 12H Timer, LED Display with Touch Control, Portable for Office Room Indoor Use

Product description

The Dreo 24 inch space heater is a powerful and versatile machine. It provides fast, quiet heat in an energy-saving package, making it the perfect choice for your home or office. The oscillating ceramic heating element spreads heat evenly throughout the room, giving you more even heat distribution than standard ceramic heaters. The unit has three modes to choose from: low, high, or auto (which lets the unit automatically adjust its power consumption for optimal performance). The antifreeze function keeps the heater running in colder temperatures and shuts off automatically when tipped over. The ergonomic remote control allows you to change modes and settings with ease.

Main features

The main features of this heater include:

  • A stylish and compact portable electric heater
  • A 24-inch vertical space heater is perfect for heating small spaces
  • An oscillating function spreads heat more evenly than standard ceramic heaters; it has three modes to choose from: low, high, or auto (which lets the unit automatically adjust its power consumption for optimal performance)
  • The anti-freeze function keeps this heater running in colder climates; you can turn it off for safe storage.
  • An ergonomic remote control provides users with ultimate comfort and convenience.

Why we have chosen it

The main reason we have chosen this product for this project is the cost to performance ratio.  It is a powerful, portable heater that can be moved throughout the house.

The other main reason we have chosen this product is that it has many heating modes to choose from. The modes are low, high, and automatic. This gives the user options on how much heat they would like the room heated up to be. Because of these features, we believe the product matches our criteria.

Because of this product’s compact and lightweight design, we believe users will find it easy to carry between rooms when heating is required.  It also has an energy-saving mode, giving users more efficient use of electricity.

Another main feature is that it works in colder climates and when tipped over. This feature is beneficial for heating rooms that are more easily heated by fireplaces for stoves. This feature of this product makes it stand out compared to others of its kind on the market.

Read reviews 

Most reviewers are happy with the product consistency in providing enough heat needed to warm up a room. Some love it because of its small, compact design, making it easy to move it from one place to another. Although there are still critical reviews, they can not outnumber the positive ones. Reviews help online shoppers to make better decisions. 

NETTA Oil Filled Radiator Heater 2000W with 24 Hour Timer, 3 Heat Settings, Remote Control, LED Digital Display, Overheating and Tip-Over Protection – 9 Fin, Black

Product description

The Netta oil-filled radiator heater has a modern, digital design that will fit into any room. It makes the perfect heating solution for your bedroom, office, or living room. An automatic thermostat provides you with safe, energy-efficient performance so you can enjoy warm air circulation throughout the entire year. The easy-to-use remote control allows you to control the temperature of your room up to 36 feet away. This heater has a safety feature that automatically shuts off the unit if it overheats or tips over. It has an oscillating function for a broader range of heating and also includes two heat settings.

Main features

Below are the main components of this space heater:

  • It has a modern digital design with remote control.
  • An automatic thermostat for safe, energy-efficient performance.
  • It is easy to use the remote control from up to 36 ft away.
  • The device includes a safety feature that automatically shuts off the unit if it overheats or tips over.

Why we have chosen it

We have chosen this heater because it is very affordable, yet still does the job of heating rooms well. It comes with all the features you need in a space heater, plus having a remote control makes it even more convenient.

It has an automatic thermostat so that you can set your room’s temperature and forget about it. You can also switch between two different heat settings using the convenient remote control or adjusting the dials on this space heater.

It has a built-in safety feature that will shut off the unit immediately if it starts to overheat or falls over. This is great for added protection to keep you and your family safe while heating up your room.

Read reviews

Reading reviews give you a better perspective of the product. We encourage you to read as many reviews as possible about this space heater to make the right choice. 

ANSIO Heater Portable Oscillating 2000 Watts PTC Ceramic Tower Heater, 2 Heat Settings, Adjustable Thermostat and Safety Cut-Off

Product description

This heater is a safe and energy-efficient way to warm your home during the winter. It offers two heat settings, 1 or 2 kilowatts. You can set the temperature between 65 F and 80 F degrees using the adjustable thermostat control. It has an indicator light that will tell you if it’s on or off and a safety auto-off function if it starts to overheat. It has a multi-functional remote control that makes it easy to operate from anywhere in the room and an oscillating fan that distributes heat evenly throughout the whole room.

Main features

Below are the main features of this product:

  • It is energy-efficient.
  • The device comes in a portable design- can be easily moved around the house.
  • It includes two heat settings, 1 or 2 kilowatts.
  • Adjustable thermostat control for temperature regulation.
  • The indicator light for on/off and overheat safety.
  • An oscillating fan helps in uniform distribution of heat.

Why we have chosen it

We chose the ANSIO Heater because it is energy-efficient, portable, and offers adjustable temperature control. With features like an oscillating fan for even distribution of heat and an easy-to-use remote control, this product is sure to make our lives easier. 

Read reviews 

The reviews of the product are overwhelmingly positive. Many customers like how easy it is to set, use, and move around. It’s also compact and energy-efficient. The only negative is that the fan motor seems to be a little loud.

Final thought

Small space heaters are way less energy-efficient than large ones. But still, many people don’t want to buy big space heaters, because they take up too much room or simply look like an eye-sore in their new apartment or house. This guide will help you find the best of the best (in our opinion) space heaters for small rooms.


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