Best Portable Air Conditioner Without Hose

Best Portable Air Conditioner Without Hose

You are walking down the streets in summer at midday, with the hustle and bustle of the crowd. Colourful sleeveless shirts, tops, and dresses cover the street sidewalks, with the occasional office guy in a designer suit complete with a tie. 

You love the energy that comes with summer days, the laughter, and the loud conversations that you can’t help yourself from eavesdropping. The taxis and the vehicles held up in the midday traffic jam, honking loudly with the occasional swearing, adding to the heated atmosphere.

You get into a café for lunch, but the heat is stifling. You ask for a take-out and step back into the hot streets. Women with fans are fanning their faces, makeup flowing down their necks. You feel the sweat from down your back, and your white shirt clings to your back. You are grateful you didn’t wear the blue shirt; sweat patches would be already showing.  

You can’t get wait to get off the street back to your office. But you get there, it as hot as it was on the streets. You fan yourself with your hands as you turn on the portable air-conditioned with the cold wind setting blowing directly at you, and you feel like you are on a different planet. The portable BASEIN 4 in 1 Mobile Air Conditioner cools the room fast, and you forget the summer heat as you dive into your food and get back to work.

The product that we are going to be reviewing is the Basein Portable 4-in-one Air cooler, mobile Air conditioner, Cooler, Humidifier, and Purifier. According to the manufacturer, it is fast cooling and ideal for both home and office cooling.

The item is very popular with the customers at, giving it five out of five-star ratings, and they seem to agree that it is efficient and gives the money’s worth. The product is reasonably priced.

Product Overview

Basein 4in1 mobile Air conditioner is built to cool down the temperature, humidifier the dry air, purify the air by removing dust and smoke. Its atomizer gives an even spray and cools the room quickly.

It comes with four adjustable wind level speed settings that rotate in four directions with automatic timing (2H, 4H, 6H, 8H). The aircon unit comes with additional settings either natural wind or cold wind; which you can set to your liking.

The air conditioner comes with a 700ml leak-proof water tank which increases its humidification time. Adding water and ice drops the temperature by 8-15℃. To get a better cooling effect the soaked air filter can be refrigerated.

Condensed water from the cooling process collects on the bottom water tank and manually drained from the drain hole. Water collects in the bottom tank when the condensate level is too high. Draining it will prevent leaking – from the drain hole, not the tank. The tank doesn’t leak.

The air cooler is super-quiet, conserves energy and the environment. The Basein air cooler uses 7watts power, has a powerful silent motor with great wind power and fast cooling. The air conditioner fan is either used as an air cooler or an ordinary fan. As the air cooler, it maintains the cool air or retains the moisture for your skin.

It’s designed with a double water tank. The 700ml upper tank holds the water and, ice cubes work continuously for 6-8hours. The lower tank traps the condensate works by spraying cooling mist. The mist does not wet surfaces and is not noticeable.

The attractive water tank emits different colours when in operation. It also has an on/off function to turn off the lights when not needed. The water tank has a water level line indicator. The water line indicator will show when you should add more to refill the tank.  

The Basein air cooler is simple to use and portable. The aircon is powered by a power bank, PC, or car charger. It is easy for office, camping, and home use.

Technical Features 

  • Brand name: Basein
  • Product dimensions: 18 x 15.8 x 25.6 cm (or 7 x 6.2 x 10 in) 
  • Color: Black and white 
  • Weight: 970 g 
  • Batteries: No. 
  • Charging methods: USB Type-C cable 1.2metres long or 18650 battery bought separately 
  • Wattage: 7.5 W 
  • Wind speed: 80 CFM/2.4-3m/s 
  • Water tank capacity: 430ML 
  • Input: 100 to 240V, 50-60Hz 
  • Output: 5V/2A or above 
  • Washable filters 

What and who is this Product useful for?

The product is designed for hot and dry weather. Given its four temperature variations and speeds, it gives you the freedom to choose the temperatures that make you feel comfortable. 

This is product is for people who want to cool the room, dehumidifier, and regulate the air quality. It is better at regulating the air quality compared to a traditional fan.

Its size makes it ideal for people with limited space. The unit is small and portable and, with a practicable handle, can be moved from room to room. It can be placed high on the bedside table while sleeping or on the desk while working. Its small size makes it’s ideal for urban living in a small flat, with small rooms.

The aircon works well for individuals looking to keep the room temperature cool for prolonged periods. With proper settings, it works for up to 8hours. Increasing speed settings reduces the time the air con runs.  

It is great for one person to have a one on one with the aircon. It serves a limited space and won’t serve a large group or family well enough. It does not cool other rooms; apart from the room, it is placed.

It’s light and portable making it ideal for you if you want to take on different sites, like camping or to the office. Its USB cable charging makes it easy to use in different settings.

This product is also ideal for people who are conscious of environmental conservation. It’s an environmental-friendly product; it runs on water and does not emit dangerous gases to the atmosphere. It uses minimum power of 7watts making it an energy saver.

Pros and Cons of the Product


  • Easy to assemble. The lid on the top tank is easy to screw out and back on after adding water and ice.
  • Light and Portable
  • Powerful motor that cools air evenly and faster
  • Purifies humidifies and cools the air
  • Easy to operate. It has four speeds(1,2,3,4), 4timing sets(2H,4H,6H and8hours), and two wind types ( natural wind and windy cool)
  • No wet misty air
  • Low noise from the fan while working or sleeping.
  • Multiple charging devices.
  • The water tank gives changing night light colors.


  • Manually draining the condensate to prevent it from leaking.
  • Cools limited space
  • You have to add water to the tank every 5-8hours depending on the fan speed.
  • To get the maximum cooling effect, you have to add ice every two hours.
  • Noisy when operating at maximum speeds.
  • It doesn’t come with an adaptor. The USB power may not be enough to run the air con and might require an adaptor.

Our Honest Review

We received the product; it is so small and compact. It was a great surprise that it worked so well. It comes fully assembled. It came with an operation manual, though it is very easy to use.

We tested all the settings for the four different speeds, timings, and the two types of wind – natural and cool (we preferred natural) worked perfectly. We liked the automatic settings and the changing colours it emits at night, though after a while we switched them off.

After pouring water and ice cubes into the tank, the air con worked efficiently for about two hours with maximum cooling. Placing the air filter in the freezer gave about 1.5hours of cooling. Starting with a full tank of water, freezing the air filter, and adding ice cubes, setting it to 8 hours, the air conditioner continued cooling through the night at a temperature we were comfortable with.

It sits well on our desk and home given its compact size, it doesn’t get in our way. Its handle is attractive, durable, and comfortable to grip. It is easy to move around and it keeps the room fresh. Unlike a traditional fan, which after a while blows hot air back to you, the aircon keeps the room cool and fresh. There is no dry air feeling or dust around the room.

The water tank lid screwing and unscrewing was easy. Also getting to drain the condensate was pretty fast though on the first try some water leaked but we got the hang of it. It doesn’t take much time or effort to figure it out.

It was quiet during operation with low cooling settings while the speeds remained low. Increasing the speeds and turning on the windy setting the air conditioner turned noisy. If you are looking for something super quiet, this is not for you.

The Basein Aircon is worth every penny purchased. We consider it affordably priced, light, portable and great design. It has a powerful motor, and it sufficiently cooled the room within a very short time. We also did not have an outrageous increase in the power bills.

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