Best Portable Air Conditioner Reviews UK

Best Portable Air Conditioner Reviews UK

Portable air conditioners are becoming very popular across the UK. Why are portable air conditioners growing in popularity? These come in various capacities and settings to cool and dehumidify a room, ranging from the simplest, minimalist models. From intricate ones with LED lights, multifunctions, personalized features you might want to have in a single device. You can find a wide-ranging assortment of these as they continue replacing the traditional central air conditioning unit, as well as fans. 

The main reason is the cost of buying the portable air con unit. The units usually come at a reasonable and reduced price if compared to permanent installations (or fans); there are no installation costs, they are easy to use and operate, and of course, highly mobile. They are small units perfect for a small office, urban living in studio and apartments, where the living space is limited. But you can also take them with you on vacation rentals, camping trips, or private smaller social events. 

Traditional central air conditioner units use much power to cool down the whole house, even if you’ve been currently spending most of your day in a single area, such as an office. The portable air conditioner unit makes it easier for you to move from room and room and take your device with you. Some of the models come with castor wheels, so you wouldn’t even have to pick it up and carry it around. But even if you did, they are usually lightweight, normally not crossing the 1kg mark even when completely full of water. It weighs even less if the water tank is emptied and it shouldn’t be hard to transport it, let’s say, taking a flight of stairs. 

If you prefer the central heating system, it might be handy to have a portable unit around in case your central AC has a breakdown before the repairs are done. 

The portable air con also has the potential to bring down the energy bills. Their power input is very low compared to air central units, and most of them are charged with USB cables, car chargers, or even power banks. Some of the devices also support batteries – although they won’t come with those, you can count on it only if you’re calculating your tap. 

As said before, their small side and lightweight makes them convenient to use while you are in the office, home or even travelling in an RV, travel trailers, or out camping. 

Unlike the Central AC systems, the portable air conditioners don’t need the condenser unit that hangs out over the window. Some have manual drain tanks and others a small hose that drains the condensate water. 

The portable air conditioners are also able to cool and act as dehumidifiers at the same time. Too much heat or moisture is unpleasant and overburdensome, especially with people with respiratory problems or small children. There’s always the possibility to use portable air conditioners when the air is cool enough but in case humidity is high, you can run the dehumidifier exclusively without using the fan function. 

The portable air-con is becoming an increasingly popular product, and its popularity will only keep increasing as people discover its value and more efficient models make it to the markets. We will look at various portable air conditioning units from the Amazon UK website. We will go through their technical specifications, why you should consider buying a portable air conditioner, and some analysis of the models that made it to this list.

Best Portable Air Conditioners

Here is a round-up of some of the best options out there in the market: 

Pro Breeze® 5L Portable Air Cooler with 4 Operational Modes, 3 Fan Speeds, LED Display & Remote Control. High Powered Evaporative Air Cooler with Built in Timer & Automatic Oscillation
The Pro Breeze 5L air cooler comes as a complete unit consisting of a large 5.5 litres removable water tank, two cooling packs, and remote control.

It uses honeycomb water falling advanced water-cooling technology. Coldwater passes in front of the fan which expels cooling air and water vapour into the room. Warm water is passed through ice-cold water resulting in cooling.

 It has 4in1 features, for cooling, fan only, night, and natural modes. 

Its remote control and control panel is easy to use to set the speed of the fans, cooling temperature, night mode, timer, and natural modes. 

The cooler is very easy to use. Just fill the 5-litre water tank with water, add two sets of cooling packs. The system will automatically start cooling and dehumidifying the room.

The unit is fitted with four castor wheels for easy movement from room to room. It has a handle to facilitate the maneuverability of the unit.  

Technical features 

Brand: Pro Breeze

Colour: White

Dimensions: 78x35x33cm

Weight: 8.12 kilograms

Volume: 5.6 litres


  • The Pro Breeze cooler is easy to use. Filling the 5-litre water tank with water and adding the two cooling packs is enough to keep the unit running for about 7 hours.
  • The unit can run throughout the night on night mode, giving the cooling effect. The time can be set to 2 hours, 4 hours, or 7.5 hours according to your needs. 
  • It automatically switches off when there is no water in the tank but the fan keeps running to keep you cool. 
  • Light and portable
  • Cools air fast and evenly when you add water with the cooling kits.
  • Purifies, humidifies, and cools the air
  • Low noise when in operation


  • To refill water in the tank, you have to remove the pump at the bottom first. It’s a bit difficult fitting it back in. Slide the water tank first while holding the pump outside. Replace the pump into position and flick over the white tab to hold it in place. 
  • Cools very small spaces
  • Add water after every 7 hours and drain condensate 
  • Noisy when operating at high speeds.


It is ideal for summertime and individual with limited space or doesn’t have high cooling needs. It suits a person with a limited budget looking to upgrade from a fan. It is ideal for people living in small houses or apartments, or to keep it in a child’s room during summer. 

Pro Breeze 12,000 BTU Air Conditioner - Smart Home WiFi Compatible with App and Voice Control - Heater & Dehumidifier Function, 24hr Timer & Dual Window Venting Kit. For Home and Office Use
From the Pro Breeze manufacturer, this is their most powerful portable air conditioner.

It has an output capacity of 12,000BTU which is enough to cool off large home and office rooms, shops, and gyms. 

It is a smart home technology with wi-fi, and you can connect your smartphone to the unit, control the AC through the app or voice command. It is compatible with Alexa, Google for Android, and Apple. 

It has four operating modes: heating, cooling, fan-only, and dehumidifying. This makes it an all year round useful product for heating, cooling, and dehumidifying.

It is energy efficient and uses R290 refrigerant gas, which is cost-effective and eco-friendly as well if compared to gases emitted by traditional air conditioners.

It comes with a window kit that is easy to install compatible with sliding and hinged windows. Its size and castor wheels give it mobility to use in different rooms.

Technical features

Brand: Pro Breeze

Dimensions: 88×52.1×43.9cm

Weight: 34.5kg



  • Functions can be controlled using wi-fi 
  • It is portable with caster wheels to move it from room to room.
  • Easy to set up and install the system.
  • Remote and smart technology controlled.
  • It can cool large areas at once to a temperature of 14-31°C. It can heat a room from 16°C as required. It is ideal for both summer and winter.


  • The unit has a condensate drain hose, and you have to fix it in every room to drain out of the window.
  • The unit is heavy, 34.5kg, and would require two people to lift it a flight of stairs.


The pro breeze 12,000 BTU has a powerful operating system and can serve large spaces. The Pro breeze comes in varying sizes – there is the 7,000 BTU, 9,000BTU, and the 12,000BTU. The operating system is the same except for the varying output capacity of the units, the dimensions of the units and the weight of the various sizes also vary. The 7,000BTUs is ideal for small and medium spaces, the 9,000 BTUs for medium spaces. They give options for a person who does not need the extra cooling from the 12,000BTUs. The 4 modes make this unit useful all year round. 

Igenix IG9902 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner with Cooling, Heating and Fan Function, 3 Fan Speeds with Sleep Mode, Remote Control and 12 Hour Programmable Timer, White
Igenix Portable Ac has three functions for cooling, heating, and fan. The fan function has three speeds and a sleep mode.

It has an output cooling capacity of 9,000BTU, with a temperature ranging from 18 to 32°C. 

The noise levels are 65db, it comes with a 1.5m exhaust hose, and dispels about 26.4L daily, acting as a dehumidifier as well. Igenix’s AC comes with a fan function to recirculate the air. The heater function ranges from  7 to 25°C with a power output of 2.1 kW.

It has a 0.8litre water tank with a continuous water drain option, a carbon filter to mask odour, and an antibacterial tray to discourage mould and germs growth. 

For safety, it has auto shut-off to prevent overheating with auto diagnosis and auto-sleep mode.

Technical features

Brand: Igenix

Colour: White

Product Dimensions: 38.3×30.5×75.2cm

Weight: 21kgs



  • Heating and cooling functions
  • Portable with castor wheels
  • It has up to 12 hours of operation with the timer 


  • Can be noisy: 65dB
  • The exhaust hose has to be fixed to the outside. Hot air has to be dispelled outside. When the hot air comes in contact with cold air brings about the cooling effect.
  • The dehumidifier is not enough to condition air with high humidity levels. You might require the need to buy a standalone dehumidifier.


Apart from being noisier than other modes, it is ideal for persons who are interested in heating and cooling functions. The AC unit controls the climate of the room throughout the year in cold and hot weather. The AC would be a great choice for people looking to cool or heat small and medium-sized rooms. It has a 9,000BTU output. 

Russell Hobbs Portable 3-in-1 Air Conditioner, Air Cooler, Dehumidifier, 670 W, 1 Litre, Includes Window Seal Kit, RHPAC3001
This product acts as an air conditioner, an air cooler, and a dehumidifier. It can efficiently control the room environment of an approximate 14m2 room that operates with minimal noise. 

It comes with two-speed settings and an oscillating fan function you can control the direction of airflow. 

It has an output of 7,000BTU cooling capacity. 

It has an LED display and can also be controlled by remote control. The LED light display can be turned down by a click of a button for the night mode.

The packaging comes with a manual and a window kit to connect the condenser hose. For ease of movement from room to room, it has four castor wheels and a handle.

It functions by using hot air from outside and 0.5L of water to keep the room cool. 

Technical features

Brand: Russell Hobbs 

Colour: Grey

Product dimensions: 32x32x67cm

Weight: 25kgs

Capacity: 0.3litres



  • Easy to install and operate from the control panel or with the remote controller.
  • Castor wheels to move the unit from one room to the other.
  • Eco-friendly and energy saving
  • Comes with a window kit that is easy to install.
  • Cools the small and medium-sized rooms evenly with the powerful 7,000BTUs emitting motor


  • Noisy when operating
  • You have to fix the condensate out of a window to operate the AC 


This is an AC ideal for heating small to medium-sized rooms with a 7,000BTUs capacity. Setting the timer on the unit for the whole night gives an all-night cooling experience. The dehumidifier is another function that makes it ideal for people living with allergies. 

Tower Fan
According to the manufacturer, this unit uses advanced cooling technology. The Evaporating Air Technology cools the room temperature by 11°C on a hot day. Honeycomb waterfall technology, cold water flows in front of a fan resulting in cooling and expels water vapour into the room. The unit has a tower fan that humidifies, cools, and purifies the air. With a full tank of 3.5 litres, this air conditioner can bring the humidity by 82% of the room. It naturally humidifies dry air by the evaporative cooling process.

The portable Air conditioner is bladeless for easy cleaning and safety. This makes it safe for families with children and pets. The unit can deliver a high-velocity stream of cooled air for personal cooling.

It has 3 winds speeds low, medium, or high, 4 modes which you can choose your mode which is normal, natural, sleep, or cooling, and with a 40 degrees oscillation. 

It is Energy-efficient and Eco-friendly. It does not have a compressor and uses no chemical refrigerants, unlike the traditional AC units. The unit works by adding water and ice to the water reservoir, and you get instant coolness at a low cost.

 It has an eight-hour timer and double air filtration. The remote control works from 20 feet to control the unit. The unit’s powerful filter can filter out 99.5% of the dust. The filter is removable to wash out the dust particles.

It operates with three wind speeds maximum speed at 10m/s. Timer settings are one, two, four, and eight hours. 

It operates in three modes: normal, sleep, and natural. You can choose the operating mode according to your mood. 

It uses touch screen controls on the AC control panel and remote control that can work from a distance of 10M. It has an automatic 40° horizontal oscillation and a 15° up and down the manual oscillation to allow you to point it to wherever you want airflow.  

Technical features

Brand: Supalak

Colour: White

Package dimensions: 81x32x28cm

Weight: 7kg


  • Cools the room in minutes. When you add water with ice cubes, the cooler brings the temperature down in minutes.
  • It filters out impurities in the air when it is in operation.
  • The unit has a Fan-less design making it safe for people with children and pets. The fan blades and motor are inbuilt.
  • It is quiet during operation. This cooling unit uses a 110watts motor, is energy efficient with a noise level at 40decibels. 
  • It is light and easy to install. The removable parts: the air filter and water tank are easy to clean and install.


  • You have to refill water, add ice cubes and ice crystal boxes into the water to get maximum cooling.
  • Not ideal for high humidity areas. It does not dehumidify.


The Supalak AC unit is ideal for you if you want to cool your room in the summer. It cools your room in minutes. Add water with ice cubes in the tank to get the maximum cooling effect. It is also suitable for small rooms. It is also ideal when the air feels dusty, hot, and dry. The humidifier will leave your bedroom humidified, although it doesn’t do the opposite. It has a water curtain that blocks out dust in the air when the AC is in operation. This will give you a healthier and comfortable atmosphere around your room. This cooler will work for you if safety is a concern. The motor and fan blades are inbuilt in the cooler. This makes it safe to be around children and pets.

BLU12 12,000BTU Portable Air Conditioner, Heating, Cooling, Dehumidification and Fan, Remote Control, Window Kit Included, for Rooms Up to 30 Square Metres
152 Customer Reviews
BLU12 12,000BTU Portable Air Conditioner, Heating, Cooling, Dehumidification and Fan, Remote Control, Window Kit Included, for Rooms Up to 30 Square Metres
Blu12HP 12000 BTU portable air conditioner has 4in1 functions; cooling, heating fan, and dehumidifier with a 1.5m extendable exhaust hose. The AC conditions a large room of 30 square metres of space instantly. It is suitable for all-year use due to heating and dehumidifying.

It uses the propane R20 new refrigerant gas, meaning it does not emit greenhouse gases. The gas is Eco-friendly, non-toxic, and saves on energy. 

The AC unit has a self evaporating function, decreasing the need to drain water from the unit. It uses the water collected in the tank to cool off, cooling coils inside the unit. This increases the unit performance, with the rest of the warm dispersed with hot air through the hot air ducts. This decreases the need for emptying the water tank so often. 

The AC has an LED display to control the temperature, modes and view the temperature levels. It also has a remote controller to control the same parameters. The noise levels are low and range between 49-53 decibels. The unit can be set in a sleep function to run it 24hours, switched on and off automatically when optimal levels are achieved. 

It has four caster wheels to facilitate its movement around the house. 

Technical features

Brand: BLU

Model number: BLU12HP

Colour: White

Dimensions: 40.5x39x82cm

Weight: 42kg

Power: 1345watts-hours

Air Volume: 


Temperature Range – 16 to 30 degrees Celsius

Sound Pressure Level – 49 to 53dBA

Sound Power Level – 62 to 64dBA

Complete unit comes with a BLU12HP Portable A/C Unit, exhaust hose with accessories, window kit, remote controller & user manual.


  • Easy to install and operate from the control panel or with the remote controller.
  • Eco-friendly and energy saving
  • Comes with a window kit that is easy to install.
  • Cools the large and medium-sized rooms evenly with the powerful 12,000BTUs emitting motor
  • Multidirectional castor wheels for ease of movement.


  • Depending on the air conditioning usage, you might need to drain the condensate collected. 
  • Rooms must be closed to get optimal functioning of the unit. 
  • You have to use the exhaust hose to drain the unit.


It is ideal for people looking to heat or cool large rooms and offices of around 30 square metres with its powerful motor, it dispels 12,000BTUs. Heating, dehumidifying and cooling functions, the unit is suitable for running throughout the year. 

It is also ideal for those concerned about energy-saving and environment-friendly. It has an A/A+ energy rating and is eco-friendly from the use of R290 refrigerant gas that does not produce greenhouse gases. It is suitable for people with sash or sliding windows for the complimentary window kit. The kit supplied with the unit is suited for all window types.

Portable Air Conditioner Personal Mini Air Cooler Operated 120°Auto Oscillation Wind Speeds&Cooling Levels Mobile Air Conditioners for Office Desk Dorm Bedroom Outdoors
It is a personal air conditioner with the added functions of humidifying and air purification. It has an added spray function feature making you feel colder when placed on the desk.

It has a 90-degree oscillation which makes it possible to circulate air into a large room area. To obtain optimal temperature levels, choose between the wind setting of low, medium, or high.

It is fast to cool; water is drawn from the water tank and broken into droplets ejected into the air. During this process, the hot air and cold water exchange heat and this results in cooling.

Wind direction is adjustable by 60 degrees up and down directions. The timer has a 2h, 4h, and 6h setting to choose the most convenient mode. A full water tank can last up to 4 hours. If there is no water in the tank, the atomization mode is activated. A warning red light flashes and then gives five more reminders, and then it atomizes. 

It is easy to assemble and disassemble the unit. It has a handle making it easy to carry around. Adding water into the water tank is easy as the tank cover is removable. It is also easy to clean the tank. It is ideal for home, office, outdoors, and travels.

It is also advisable to keep the air conditioning unit upright and balanced. Tilting may lead to water retention in other parts of the unit. To avoid leakage, do not add water to the highest water levels. 

Technical features

Brand: RenFox

Package dimensions: 33.7×16.7×15.6cm

Weight: 1.26kg

Tank Capacity: 3.2litres

Power: 24watts


  • RenFox Portable Air Conditioner Fan is easy to use. Filling the water tank with water and ice cubes is enough to keep the unit running for about 6 hours with the 6H timer.
  • The unit can run throughout the night on night mode, giving the cooling effect. 
  • It automatically switches off when there is no water in the tank and gives a red warning flashing light.
  • Easy to use and clean the water tank.
  • Light and portable
  • Cools air fast and evenly when you add water and ice.
  • Purifies, humidifies, and cools the air.
  • Low noise when in operation
  • 90-degree Rotation, and you can share with others cooled wind at different angles.


  • Cools small spaces
  • Add water after every 4 hours and drain condensate 
  • Noisy when operating at high speeds.
  • It does not use a USB cable for charging.


It is suitable as a personal air conditioner, cooling, and humidification of the space. It also has the option of misting that uses evaporation misting technology. The misting leaves the area humidified and keeps the skin from cracking.  

Olimpia Splendid 01945 Dolceclima Silent 12 P Portable Air Conditioner Unit With Silent System 12.000 Btu/H, Gas R290, Design Made In Italy, White
Olimpia Splendid portable air conditioner uses Blue Air Cooling technology that gives fast and uniform cooling.

The 12,000BTUs is the most powerful of the silent range. The same manufacturer has the 8,000BTUs and 10,000BTUs air conditioning units in the silent product category with varying prices. 

It is equipped with Silent System Technology which reduces noise up to -10% to measure at 38dB(A) of sound pressure. 

They are Eco-friendly and use the R290, a natural refrigerant that does not release greenhouse gases. It is energy efficient with a rating from A+++ to D. 

It has functions such as fan, dehumidification, extra cool, auto, turbo, and sleep. Fan mode has two speeds, and the unit has the fan-only option. During sleep mode, it gradually increases temperatures and reduces the noise for better sleep. It also filters dust from the air, and the filter is easy to extract and clean.

This unit is suitable for large spaces of about 90 square metres. It depends on several factors such as the sunlight side, heat sources, number of people in the room, wall insulation, flooring, ceiling, and windows.

The AC unit comes with a window kit. For proper installation, you can drill a hole into the wall or glass. Or you could use the manufacturer window kit. 

It has a touch display to control various AC functions such as speeds, modes, and other functions. It comes with a remote controller to set the same functions. It is equipped with practical side handles and durable castor wheels.

Technical features

Brand: Olimpia Splendid

Colour: White

Dimensions: 86x49x45cm

Weight: 28.5cm

Sound Pressure: 47-52 dB (A)

Sound power level: 63 dB (A)

The package comes with a window kit and a 1.5 meters flexible pipe.



  • Easy to install and operate from the control panel or with the remote controller.
  • Eco-friendly and energy saving
  • It comes with a window kit that is easy to install.
  • Cools the large and medium-sized rooms evenly using the blue cooling technology
  • Durable caster wheels for ease of movement.


  • Rooms must be closed to get optimal functioning of the unit. 
  • You have to use the exhaust hose to drain the unit.
  • Room conditions affect maximum cooling effects.


It is suitable for cooling large spaces about 90m3 in residential, offices and shops. It is ideal for houses with large rooms and the side handle makes it very easy to move around. It’s also ideal for energy and Environment saving conscious persons. It has an A energy rating and is Eco-friendly with the use of R290 refrigerant gas that does not produce greenhouse gases. 

Buyer’s guide

To make an informed decision when buying your portable air conditioning unit, compare different products from the same manufacturer and other manufacturers to get your ideal product. Here are some of the most frequent questions about portable air conditioners: 

Do all portable air conditioners need to vent?

Generally yes. Portable air conditioners need to vent warm air out of a window, a door, or a wall. Most of them come with a window kit or venting kit which has a hose with or without clippers of some sort.  Once you have decided where you want to put your portable air conditioner, you should just find the nearest window, door, ceiling, or an opening in general where you can place the hose. It needs to be outdoors/outside, though, since the hose will be exhausting hot air. 

Do portable air conditioners use more electricity than window air conditioners?

In general, not really. Portable air conditioners are very economical and some models work by charging or are battery-powered. Studies say these portable units consume one eighth of the energy needed for a central air conditioner to operate. 

Of course, this will depend on the size of your unit. Most of them are smaller in size and capacity, which will make them consume a lot less energy. Others are fit for larger spaces and require an operation at a full higher capacity. 

Are portable air conditioners energy efficient?

It depends on the product. We recommend you check the power rating for the product. Usually, that will translate the energy efficiency and how much power it needs to when it runs for long periods.  Keep in mind how many hours you will be running the unit per day. 

A lot of models come with an option for you to set the portable air conditioner to automatically switch off or go into rest mode after room temperatures are controlled, switching back on when needed. Some other products have smart sensor technology and will go to rest when optimal levels are reached, and to power back on when the room goes into less than optimal conditions.

Do portable air conditioners use a refrigerant?

Yes, they all use a refrigerant. The refrigerant is a gas or a liquid, depending on the technology the manufacturer chooses to use. This gas or liquid is able to quickly change physical states from a lower pressure situation to a higher pressure situation, shifting from liquid to gas or gas to liquid. 

Basically, what this process does is enables the machine to get heat from a room and transfer the heat outdoors through a hose. This helps the fan in it to keep pushing cooler air indoors. 

Are portable air conditioners more eco-friendly?

Yes. Firstly, they consume less energy than traditional units. Secondly, making use of refrigerants can be considered more eco-friendly since these gases (or liquids) are permanently kept in a leak-proof container inside the portable aircon. Conventional air conditioners tend to leak a lot of greenhouse gasses throughout their operating life-cycle. More advanced models and technology only use a fairly small amount of refrigerant, so that’s another plus. 

Can I lengthen the exhaust hose?

You can, if you want to, but it’s not recommended. Not only because it can cause leakages, but because the manufacturer might not follow up with your warranty since you made alterations to the product by yourself. We recommend you get in touch with your product’s manufacturer and ask customer service if they have an option for selling a longer exhaust hose. 

What size of air conditioner do I need (BTU level)?

The standard rule: approximately 215 BTU for each square metre of living space. But there are other considerations to make, for example, if your room is sunny, shaded, if more than two people are present in the room each time the fan is working, if it’s located in a basement or a kitchen. 

You can count 600 BTUs for each person, and add 4,000 BTUs if the unit is going to be placed in a warm room like a kitchen. 

For reference: units range on average from 7,000BTUs, 9,000BTUs, and 12,000BTUs targeting small, medium, and large cooling rooms respectively. 

For a more specific number, there is a large number of free online BTU calculators where you can estimate the best size fit for you and your household. 

How loud are portable air conditioners?

Most of them are a little bit noisy, but they’re getting better each year as new models improve this flaw. It is good to find if the noise levels will be interruptive to your daily life. You might consider if you can watch the TV, speak on the phone, work without interruption to your train of thought or get sleep with the AC running. Consider how far away it can be from your workstation and still effectively cool the room down. Most of the portable air conditioners have a 40-65debicels rating for noise. With time, the noise levels might also blend may be unnoticeable, becoming white background noise.  

How to replace the broken parts from my portable air conditioner?

Parts of your portable air conditioner may arrive at your place already broken. The most common parts that break during transportation are the castor wheels and the exhaust hose. The whole air conditioning unit may come faulty, not working, or broken in certain places. Contact your product manufacturer and the customer service representatives will help you replace the parts or the whole equipment. Beware that if you make alterations to the product by yourself you might lose your warranty. 

Are portable air conditioners easy to assemble?

Yes. The main equipment (the fan) usually comes in one piece, you’d only need to assemble the window kit or hose. Most units come with a manual guide on how to do the installation for the removable parts and installation of the window kit. 

The removable parts may include the air filters, water tanks, and hose drain parts. Overall, most portable air conditioning units are easy to use and install and do not need skilled personnel.

Do all portable air conditioners work as dehumidifiers?

Not all models. Some manufacturers don’t provide this feature in their products. Usually, they come with more than one function apart from the cooling option, though. There are multiple products with 4-in-1 functions where the unit has the heating function, cooling, dehumidifying, and fan functions. Before you buy one of these, it’s recommended you identify the functions that you require. Some entirely lack the heating function or the dehumidifying option.

What is the price range of air portable conditioners?

It depends. Smaller personal units average around £40. Larger standing units can range anywhere from £200 to £800. The air conditioners with powerful motors and higher output capacity tend to be more expensive. 

Are portable air conditioners easy to use?

Yes, most units are very simple to use. If that’s one of your concerns, go for a portable aircon with a control panel or remote controller, these will mainly display the various parameters it comes with. 

Most of the portable units are remote-controlled for various functions and speeds. A few of the modern portable air conditioning units have wi-fi and connect your smartphone to the air conditioner for better control. Some of them even provide good integration with voice commands, where you could connect them to Alexa, from Amazon and Google Voice for Android and Apple. 

Should I buy a warranty for my portable air conditioner?

We definitely recommend that if it fits your budget, although you might not have to do it by yourself. Luckily, most products come with a one or two-year warranty. 

Our top pick

Innefier Portable Air Conditioner Fan. We chose it considering we would use it mainly in a studio apartment or at the office. It does not have a condenser hose, making it truly portable. The unit weighs 1.0kg and less without water in the tank. It has a powerful motor, and its cooling capacity is instant when you add cold water and ice cubes. 

It has a rechargeable 2000mAh battery, which can last 3-5hours when fully charged, so it doesn’t need to be connected at all times. It cools the air, humidifies, and has a fan function that you can direct in any direction.

It is very small, and you can take it around in RVs, camping, on occasions, in the office, or at home. You can place it on your desk, and it will give you your dose of freshness and coolness.  

The Innefier Portable Air Conditioner Fan is a personal cooling unit at an affordable price that will give you your money worth.

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