Best Firelogs For Indoor & Outdoor Use

A warming fire quickly makes your environment snug and appealing on a cold night. However, creating a genuine wood fire may be time-consuming and stressful, as it frequently necessitates storing and lifting heavy wood logs.

While there’s nothing like a warming, blazing wood fire to heat up a cold night or add a sentimental touch to supper, they may be a pain to keep up with and tidy up after. Split firewood might be difficult to get by at a reasonable price based on where you reside. Artificial firelogs can be a viable substitute for wood in fireplaces.

A premium fire log is not only easy to use, but it is eco-friendlier and healthier burning than firewood. With our selections for the finest fire logs, you’ll have a toasty flame under no time, whether you’re cosying up in your sitting room or toasting your hands at the campground.


Ecoblaze Kiln Dried Firewood 20L – Hardwood Log bags for Wood Burners - Ready to Burn - Pizza Oven Wood - Perfect for Fire Pits, Log burners, Chiminea's, Fireplaces and Campfires - Dried Under 20%
2,697 Customer Reviews
Ecoblaze Kiln Dried Firewood 20L – Hardwood Log bags for Wood Burners - Ready to Burn - Pizza Oven Wood - Perfect for Fire Pits, Log burners, Chiminea's, Fireplaces and Campfires - Dried Under 20%
The Eco Blaze firewood is very simple to use, and you will have no difficulty working with it. It will also light up immediately after you strike a match to it. This implies that you won’t have to stand and wait for a long time for the firewood to start burning.

Not just that, but it is also made of real hardwood that also is organic, and you can easily break this into various size sections. It’s excellent for both indoor and outdoor usage, so you can utilize it for a variety of purposes.

The birch logs are meticulously hand-packed inside a portable, robust cardboard box that you may bring anywhere. Select Eco Blaze Kiln dried firewood because of its adaptability in any device and any wood-burning demand.


  • Simple to use
  • The fire will immediately begin to burn.
  • Genuine real hardwood
  • You can use it both inside and outside.


  • For some houses, the amount may be excessive.
MDL Instant Light Smokeless Fire Logs - Case of 12 Logs
3,986 Customer Reviews
MDL Instant Light Smokeless Fire Logs - Case of 12 Logs
This fire log produces a big, roaring bonfire like a real wood fire, except without the pollutants. It’s manufactured from recycled wood, organic fibres, and wax, and it flames up to 80% cleaner over wood. This package contains twelve logs that you can use both inside and outside. These logs will fire more fully than organic firewood in either environment, resulting in fewer emissions and less waste.

This bulk bundle is a cost-effective option for people who have numerous indoor or outdoor barbecues. Another advantage of this firewood is that it is free of bugs and insects. They’re also completely dry when they come to your doorstep so that you can make a fire right away if you wish.

Each log is packaged in a paper wrapper for easy travel and storage, whether at your house or in the great outdoors. Just light the wrapper to ignite the wood, and you’ll have an easy-to-start, brighter fire.


  • Price is reasonable
  • Burns consistently
  • Storage and transportation are simple.


  • Logs are larger and heavier
Alderline Kiln Dried Firewood Logs for Fireplace, Firepit, Chiminea, Campfires, Pizza Ovens and More, 25cm 22L Bag
597 Customer Reviews
Alderline Kiln Dried Firewood Logs for Fireplace, Firepit, Chiminea, Campfires, Pizza Ovens and More, 25cm 22L Bag
Alderline logs are supreme quality kiln-dried pieces that are evenly formed, willing to burn, and supplied responsibly. These logs are incredibly dry and practically smokeless, and because the moisture level is less than 20%, they will be very simple to ignite.

Furthermore, every log is 25cm in length and is uniformly cut to fit most wood-burning stoves, furnaces, fireplaces, cookers, open fires, and other similar appliances. In a normal net, 12-15 logs hold about 7kg, but if you prefer to have them precisely packed in a container, there will be around 18-23 logs holding about 9-10 kg. It has a brilliant flame that burns hot and fast to heat your home, create delicious pizza, or keep you warm while camping.


  • There are no bugs.
  • Arrives in good condition.
  • Appropriate for any occasion


  • For the cost, it’s a small size.
Homefire Kiln Dried Logs
93 Customer Reviews
Homefire Kiln Dried Logs
Homefire logs are the highest-grade firewood available, with the smallest water content and the finest environmental qualifications. This firewood is good for both indoor and outdoor burns, so you may use it wherever you like. It can also light for an extended period, 3 hours without burning out, and it will start up instantly. Once you do fire it, it’s also extremely natural and pure.

It emits up to 80% fewer carbon monoxide and 75% lower particulates than conventional logs. Furthermore, most of the ingredients in this firewood are derived from sustainable resources. This firewood is also constructed from high-quality wood; it will create a very warm atmosphere with your family gathering around the fireplace. We enjoyed this product for its environmentally friendly, so if you’re searching for anything similar, this is a great option.


  • Friendly to the environment.
  • Manufactured with renewable materials


  • It’s possible that the crackling sound won’t persist the full burn time.

What to look for when buying firelogs: Buying Guide

Artificial firelogs are essentially large candles that have been lit artificially. The majority are created from recycled sawdust, viscose, and waxes. Firelogs have been touted as more ecologically friendly than wood logs since they are created from reclaimed materials and produce fewer emissions, notably carbon monoxide.

When you’re browsing through the many types of firewood available in the list on top, it’s easy to become confused about which ones to purchase. As a result, in our buyer’s guide, we’ve highlighted a few of the factors to keep an eye out for.

Burning Duration

This is an extremely significant feature to check for. Each type of firewood has a varied burning period, and you’ll generally want to seek the one with the longest blazing time because you’ll require less wood while you’re building a fire. It also implies that you won’t have to chop wood and put it on the fire yourself constantly. Not only that, but if it has a longer blazing time, it will most likely cost you cheaper. It’s because you won’t need as much firewood, which means you won’t have to spend as much money on it.

Light up Time

This is yet another aspect to watch because the lighting-up time is an important factor. If it doesn’t specify it has a short light up time, it may be hard to light initially, and you might just have to start a fire with other materials such as newspapers or small empty bits of wood. This can take quite a long time, and if the climate isn’t cooperating, it could take much longer.

Much of the firewood on the listing above takes less time to ignite, and it indicates that a robust fire can be lit within five minutes of a lit match hitting the firewood. If you don’t want to spend time and stress trying to build a fire, you should buy firewood that has these characteristics.

Certificates of Safety

Even if not all the firewoods on the preceding list have this certification, you may have observed that some of them possess it. If they have these credentials, that’s terrific, but that doesn’t imply that the other firewoods aren’t as nice or that they’re not safe. Some firewood businesses may have filed for the license, while others may not have; as a result, they have never received recognition for this firewood. It’s crucial to realize that this does not necessarily imply that the firewood is unsafe to use, and if you have any worries before purchasing the firewood, you could always call the company with your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Way to Stack Firewood?

There is a certain technique to pile firewood, and if people don’t do so, the wood may be exposed to absorbing additional moisture, rendering it unusable. First and foremost, you must ensure that the firewood somehow doesn’t touch the floor, which necessitates the presence of something at the base to make a place between the fuel and the floor.

When stacking the logs, leave holes among them so that air can get to them and breathe. Something else to remember is to keep the edges as even as feasible. This will assist in making the pile more solid and less likely to tumble over.

How much firewood will I require?

This is a tricky issue to answer because it all relies on what you want with the firewood and how huge a fire you would like to build. Nevertheless, if you want to build a large fire, you’ll need more wood. Not only that, but it also relies on how many individuals will be attending or surrounding your fire, as well as how much you would like to ignite.

As a result, the answers are never-ending since it depends on a slew of other elements; when you understand these factors, you’ll be able to estimate however much firewood you’ll need. One guideline to remember is to buy more wood than you believe you’ll need when you run short.

Final Verdict

Establish a rapport with a reliable firewood supplier after you’ve found one. Firewood merchants might be dishonest, so know what you’re looking for and ask the correct questions. And if you apply this guide, you’ll be able to build a dependable firewood supply that will last for years.

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