Best Energy Efficient Electric Radiators of 2022—The Complete Guide

Are you looking forward to buying an electric radiator for this winter? Electric radiators can be highly power-consuming, sucking up a lot of your income. Worry not! This guide brings you some of the best energy efficient electric radiators of 2020.

Be it your home or your office, bearing the cold temperatures is undoubtedly challenging. Well, there are fireplaces to keep the house warm, but are they efficient? You do not want to burn wood or coal the entire day! Additionally, they emit a lot of smoke.

With the advent of technology, you have the option of bringing some downright efficient radiators to your living space. They are environment-friendly, portable, and you can control them as you like. However, finding the right electric radiator that perfectly suits you can be daunting!

This guide brings to you all that you need to know to buy the ideal, highly efficient radiator for you. After going through the various features, benefits, and types, you can get to the list of 5 best energy-efficient radiators. Let’s dive in!


Energy Efficient Electric Radiators—Top Picks

The radiator market has a multitude of options to offer. Making it super easy for you to choose, here are 5 brilliantly efficient electric radiators.

  1. Wärme Designer Electric Wall Heater Low Energy Panel Heater Radiator
  2. FUTURA Eco 2000W Electric Panel Electric Heater
  3. MICRO ENERGY SOLUTIONS 600W Far Infrared Panel Heater
  4. ANSIO 2300W Oil Filled Radiator Heater
  5. Dyson AM09 Fan Heater

Before heading to the detailed product descriptions, you need to make the correct buying decision. Read the guide to get all the information about an ideal energy efficient electric radiator.


Best Energy Efficient Electric Radiators Buying Guide

Before getting to the exciting part of viewing the product specifications, you must know exactly what you want. It may bring up several questions from the working and functionality of the uses and types of radiators. Read on to get the answers to questions regarding electric radiators.


What is an Electric Radiator?

Most of the houses may have an in-built heating system that runs with boiled water. However, several buildings have been standing tall and strong for decades, without gas heating systems. Is your abode one of those where getting a central heating system installed is an expensive affair?

An electric radiator is not only a cheaper alternative but also an efficient one. It uses 100% of energy (electricity). Each unit of power is converted into an equal measure of heat, resulting in optimum fuel utilization.

Even though its primary source is electricity, all radiators have a thermostat-controlled element to produce heat. It may vary according to the type you choose. To understand how it works, you need to know the different types of elements and electric radiators.


What is an Electric Radiator Made of?

Are you already aware of the various types? Still, you may often wonder how does an electric radiator work? Before getting to the electric radiators, let us read about the element used inside an efficient radiator.

Dry Stone Element

Call it stone or ceramic; this element is perfect for large spaces such as high-ceiling halls, offices, etc. Ceramic elements take some time to heat the entire room but once heated, and the warmth lasts for prolonged periods. Though their heat retention quality is high, these elements are bulky.

Thermal Fluid

The fluids or gels evenly are spread inside a radiator for equal heat distribution. The prime property of heat retention in these radiators makes them ideal for large rooms. However, such radiators may display leakage problems.

Dry Thermal Element

The most common type of element it helps to quickly heat space around them. The wire-like coil heats-up and cools fast to meet your requirements. Dry thermal elements are usually made of aluminum and are lightweight, perfect for home and office radiators.


What are the Different Types of Electric Radiators, and How do they Work?

Fan Heaters

As the name goes, these radiators consist of a fan that helps spread hot air around the room. The heat is produced through a thermal element and is controlled with an in-built thermostat. Fan heaters are excellent for rapid heating and constantly maintaining warm temperatures.

Despite producing fast and constant warmth, fan heaters also have certain disadvantages. It may consume a relatively high amount of electricity. Moreover, the extended use of fan heaters decreases the level of oxygen in the room. Therefore, such radiators cannot be used in humid rooms.

Convection Radiators

The prime function of a convection radiator is to cool down the air in a room. Cold air is heavier due to which it falls to lower levels. This goes through the bottom of the radiator and passes through the heating elements. As a result, warm air is produced to heat the room.

Convection radiators constantly repeat the cycle of heating the air to raise the temperature of its surroundings. It is usually made of metal from outside, with its inner elements controlled by a thermostat. This protects the electric radiator from overheating.

What’s more? Convection radiators do not affect the oxygen level in your room. Moreover, they are safe and easy to place in your rooms and offices.

Infrared Radiators

A relatively new type, infrared radiators, transfer heat through the process of electromagnetic radiation. The distinguishing feature of these heaters is that they do not heat the air but the room’s surfaces. The heat waves heat-up the floor, furniture, and the people present around.

Infrared radiators are safe as they do not affect the air quality around you. These efficient panels convert electricity into heat waves to make your body temperature warmer.

Most of these radiators are built with motion sensors. Infrared electric radiators automatically turn off if they fall off or roll-over. However, its electricity consumption is as high as that of conventional radiators.

Oil-Based Electric Radiators

The name is self-explanatory. These radiators are filled with mineral oil that spreads out to the inner surface. Due to the presence of elements inside the radiator, the fluid heats-up, producing warm air.

The advantage of an oil-based electric radiator is that it helps warm-up large-size rooms. Additionally, the radiator is noise-free, safe from fire, and does not have a fire panel or filament. However, the radiator can get hot, causing an uneven distribution of heat in your room.


What Should You Look for While Buying an Energy-Efficient Electric Radiator?


Some spaces like your basement or shed can be extra chilly. These places may not have a heat source even if the rest of your house does. Getting your heating system extended to such areas can be costly. What if you could carry your radiator around the house?

An ideal radiator will be just right no matter which room it is present in! Make sure that the electric radiator that you buy is portable.

Type of Radiator

As discussed earlier, electric radiators are of four main types. You can choose a fan heater for a small area or an oil-based electric radiator for a large hall. While convection radiators process slowly, infrared panel radiators are perfect for rapid heating.

You can choose the radiator type according to your use and the desired functionality of the device.

Level of Insulation

Is your house built in a way that it traps heat? Buildings often face energy leaks. Even if you get an efficient radiator, there are chances that your room temperature drops pretty soon. That is if the insulation system of your house is weak. If it is so, you can consider a higher-level radiator.

On the other hand, if your house is well-insulated, even a lighter radiator will do the job. You can use it for a while and enjoy long hours of heat even after shutting it off!

Material Used

This feature applies to the body of the radiator, as well as to its element. The material used in the construction is the direct reflection of its quality and durability. Aluminum or cast aluminum radiators are lightweight and more efficient in conducting heat as compared to steel ones.

When it comes to elements, it can be stone, thermal, or gel based. Where stone or ceramic elements are slow and heavy, thermal ones provide express heating. On the other hand, gel-based or fluid elements have heat-retaining qualities but may cause leakages.

Modern Technical Features

With constant innovation, electric radiators are also built with modern technology. You may find a radiator that automatically turns-off when the windows are open. Some radiators reduce the temperature if no one is present around or the ones that display energy usage.

Size of the Room

Before making the final decision of purchasing an electric radiator, you must determine the place you need to heat. Some of your small rooms may heat up with a small fan radiator. On the other hand, your grand living room may require an oil-based or infrared electric radiator.

Apart from the type of heater, this decision will also help you choose the heater’s size. Remember, the bigger the radiator, the more heat it will emit. Alternatively, you can go for the mid-sized one, which will perfectly suit all your rooms.


Why are you choosing to get an electric radiator in the first place? It is a cheaper and trouble-free alternative to water-based heating systems. This is why you must make sure that you decide on a standard price range for your electric radiator.

The radiator market offers a multitude of options ranging from £100- £400. These offer value for money, along with plenty of features. However, if you want to go for a premium option, you can choose a price between £450- £700.


How does an Energy Efficient Electric Radiator Benefit You?

Provides Even Heat

Electric radiators are built to offer energy efficiency. The modern construction provides an even distribution of heat throughout your room. Traditional heating systems may only heat the area where they are located. As a result, it will take longer for the heat to travel to your room.

Electric radiators provenly heat-up all the corners of your room within minutes, render cost as well as energy efficiency.

User-Friendly Control

With electric heaters, you can heat the room you need, without wasting energy on other areas of your house. As compared to the traditional heating systems, you won’t require hot water through all the pipes for a single room.

It is easy to operate and gives you complete control over the use of energy. This way, you can conserve power by switching off the radiator when not in need. Moreover, you can also direct the temperature to be low, high, or medium in most electric radiators.

Place the Source of Heat Right Where You Wish

With extremely low temperatures, you want to sit right next to the source of heat. But you cannot carry the fireplace to your bedroom! Electric radiators work in one room, effectively warming-up the entire room.

With the continuous cycles of heating the cold air, radiators provide a cozy environment irrespective of the room.

Adaptable to All Types of Houses

Some houses may not have an effective insulation system, causing the warm air to leak. This is predominantly the case in older buildings. In such situations, keeping the chilly air out is a fundamental requirement.

Electric radiators quickly alleviate the low temperature, providing a warm environment. It is specifically for the colder rooms and far away from the fireplace or the heating system.

Automatic Heating

The latest technology enables radiators to function according to the requirement. Most of the modern electric radiators come with built-in sensors that control the temperature according to the surroundings.

If your house is empty, the radiator will automatically lower the temperature. It helps in saving up on energy, thus reducing costs. Furthermore, you can set varying temperatures for different rooms.


Electric radiators are carbon-neutral, as they do not burn any kind of fuel to produce heat. Additionally, if you use a renewable source to generate power (water, air, solar energy), these radiators will be completely eco-friendly.

What’s more? Several electric radiators are made of recycled aluminum and sundries, proving to be sustainable appliances.

Cost-Efficient Installation and Maintenance

You can install most of the electric radiators all by yourself. That is, in case you prefer a wall-mounted radiator. If yours is a portable one or has wheels, it requires zero installation.

One of the best quality of electric radiators is their need for low maintenance. These appliances do not require yearly service or checks as they do not produce carbon or sediments. All you need to do is keep them clean, and they will give you trouble-free heating for years to come.

Continued Warmth (Even After Shut-Off)

Still not proving to be cost-effective? Well, you can turn off your electric radiators after a short while, only to enjoy the prolonged warm environment.

Electric radiators transfer heat to all the surfaces of a room. Your furniture, ceiling, floors, etc. trap the heat, keeping the room warm even after the device is off.

Dry-up Your Clothes

Although cloth-dryers do the work just fine, you may want to get rid of the extra costs. Radiators are a cheaper way to dry up all your clothes within minutes. What’s more? Grab yourself some pizza with the extra pounds!


5 Best Energy Efficient Electric Radiators of 2020

Electric radiators may vary according to their types. They may have diverse functions and performance qualities. Here’s a list of the top 5 electric radiators for you that are also energy efficient. Most of the radiators have an electricity output of 2kw for an even comparison. Pull-up your socks and jump in!

Wärme WH-20P Designer Electric Heater Low Energy Panel Radiator - 100% Efficient - Ultra Slim (8cm) - 2Kw - Programmable Digital Thermostat - Wall Mountable (Free Bracket Included),Black
1,871 Customer Reviews
Wärme WH-20P Designer Electric Heater Low Energy Panel Radiator - 100% Efficient - Ultra Slim (8cm) - 2Kw - Programmable Digital Thermostat - Wall Mountable (Free Bracket Included),Black
From an elegant look to efficient working, the Wärme radiator consists of everything you want in the latest radiator. All you need to do is make sure that it has 30cm clearance space from the top and the bottom grids.

Product Description

With its sleek design, the designer electric radiator will add class to any room. The Wärme low energy heater is 100% efficient. A 2KW output can cover 22 square meters of space, making it perfect for medium to large rooms.

It is a convector-type radiator that constantly heats-up the cold air. Additionally, this state-of-art convectional heater does not affect the oxygen level in your room.

The digital radiator lets you easily switch between various modes. You can opt for the instant heat mode for those chilly days. Alternatively, you can fix a weekly cycle during the moderately-cold weather. This feature lets you be carefree while providing even heat distribution throughout the week.

Some radiators with fans or fire elements can prove to be dangerous. It is a wall-mountable appliance, which means it is completely safe for kids as well as pets. Moreover, the heater does not have any exposed filaments as such.

The highly versatile Wärme heater is adaptable to all types of spaces. Apart from rooms and lounges, you can easily install it in your kitchen and bathroom. The IP22 waterproof technology and built-in overheating sensors make it ideal for any type of setting.

The only noticeable con in this stunning radiator is that you cannot always move it from one room to another. Nevertheless, it is lightweight (9.3kg) and is easy-to-install.

Main Features

Here is a list of this radiator’s main features to give you quick know-how.

  • Sleek design
  • IP22 Waterproof Technology
  • Heats up to 22 meter-square
  • Low operating costs
  • 2 kilo-watt output
  • Bathroom and Kitchen Safe
  • Noise-free function
  • Dual Mode
  • Temperature range of 15-35°C
  • Digital screen
  • Overheating sensors
  • Wall brackets

Why we Chose this Product?

Despite lacking the feature of having stands or wheels, the product gets full marks in every field. The portable radiator is sleek and compact, and easy-to-install. It has built-in overheating sensors and is safe to use. Most importantly, it is 100% energy efficient.

Futura 2000W White Electric Radiator Heaters for Home, Bathroom Safe Electric Heater Setback Timer Lot 20 & Advanced Thermostat Control Wall Mounted or Floor Standing Low Energy Panel Heater
601 Customer Reviews
Futura 2000W White Electric Radiator Heaters for Home, Bathroom Safe Electric Heater Setback Timer Lot 20 & Advanced Thermostat Control Wall Mounted or Floor Standing Low Energy Panel Heater
The energy-efficient FUTURA Eco electric radiator is highly functional. You can choose from the 1000W, 1500W, and 2000W options.

Product Description

The FUTURA energy efficient electric radiator comes with a digital LCD that displays the temperature. It is thermostat-controlled with multiple modes. The smart electric radiator will automatically shut-off if it detects a sudden fall in temperature by 5 degrees or above. It is due to the built-in Eco auto open-window detection feature.

Adding to the power efficiency, the radiator works at the rate of 20 pounds/hour. It is a convection radiator, warming the cold air of the room at a constant pace. Furthermore, it can effectively heat space of up to 20-23 meter squares. Now you can use one radiator for even heat distribution across multiple rooms.

The versatile nature of the FUTURA electric radiator lets you conveniently mount on a wall. Alternatively, you can conveniently leave it standing on the floor as it comes with both feet as well as mounting brackets. What’s more? It is IP24-rated, making it safe for use in your kitchen as well as the bathroom.

Its downsides are that it may make a little noise while working. Additionally, it lacks overheating sensors, so you cannot leave it at high temperatures for a prolonged time. Another con is that you may need to buy a separate timer.

Main Features

Here is presenting to you the key features of the FUTURA Eco electric radiator for an overview.

  • Room coverage up to 20 meter-square
  • Temperature range of 5-35°C
  • Lightweight (5.8kg)
  • 2000W output
  • IP24 rated splash-proof technology
  • Low running costs (20p/hr)
  • Comes with feet and wall brackets
  • Open window detection
  • 2-year guarantee

Why we Chose this Product?

The FUTURA Eco electric radiator may have a few deficiencies, but it is highly efficient. This is for both costs as well as energy. The best part is that it comes with a 2-year guarantee so you can be carefree while using the product.

MICRO ENERGY SOLUTIONS 600W Far Infrared Panel Heater Electric Heating Panel White Wall Mounted
22 Customer Reviews
MICRO ENERGY SOLUTIONS 600W Far Infrared Panel Heater Electric Heating Panel White Wall Mounted
With its name explains it all, MICRO ENERGY far infrared heater is highly capable of heating your room. It is an instant solution to keep your adobe comfortable in the chilly winter.

Product Description

With an output of 600W, this infrared radiator saves up to 60% cost, proving highly energy-efficient. The heater warms-up your room ultra-fast, further enhancing its efficiency quality.

Instead of air, the infrared radiator heats the surfaces such as furnishings, floor, bodies, etc. It helps prevent congestion, providing a healthy environment for you and your loved ones. Furthermore, its eco-friendly technology saves you from heat irritation and dust accumulation.

The heater can be mounted to the wall, making it easy for you to keep out of children’s reach. Additionally, it has cold surfaces and is perfectly safe to touch. What’s more? The far infrared radiator comes with overheating sensors, keeping your adobe free of hazards. Additionally, it is IP44-rated, making it safe for kitchens as well as bathrooms.

The downside of this infrared radiator is that it does not come with standing feet. It means that you have no other option but to mount it to a wall. Furthermore, you need to purchase an additional thermostatic plug.

Main Features

Here’s a summary of the key features of the MICRO ENERGY SOLUTIONS 600W far infrared radiator.

  • Noise-free
  • Eco-friendly and carbon-free
  • Overheat sensors
  • Lightweight
  • Sleek design
  • 2-year warranty
  • Easy to install

Why we Chose this Product?

The infrared radiator consumes only 600W of energy and can provide instant heating to your living space. Though it is not suitable for large areas, you can mount the classy radiator in your coldest room. Apart from adding a graceful touch to your room, the heater is sure to give you a cozy environment.

ANSIO® Oil Filled Radiator Heater 11 Fins 2300W with Remote Black Portable Electric Column Heater with Thermostat, 24Hr Built-in Timer, Child Lock, Overheat and Accidental Tip-Over Protection
985 Customer Reviews
ANSIO® Oil Filled Radiator Heater 11 Fins 2300W with Remote Black Portable Electric Column Heater with Thermostat, 24Hr Built-in Timer, Child Lock, Overheat and Accidental Tip-Over Protection
With its smooth wheels, you can carry the ANSIO 2300W radiator with you to any room in a hassle-free manner. Read on to know the detailed features of this multi-functional radiator.

Product Description

Now you can conserve energy and reduce costs by controlling the output of your oil-based radiator. The ANISO heater comes with three modes for low, medium, and high power, for you to manage the heat accordingly. These modes will use 1000W, 1300W, and 2300W, respectively. Turn it to high-power mode during the chilly nights and low-power mode during the warm days.

You can further control its temperature via its remote and set it as per your wish from 5-35 °C. Another exciting feature of this radiator is that it timer settings from 1 hour to 24 hours. Its eco feature provides convenience as well as saves energy. Once you set the time, you can forget to switch off the heater as it will automatically turn off.

The radiator’s memory will save the last-used settings, so you can apply the same mode when you turn it on. What’s more? Since the furnace will be placed near you, your kids may likely play with the buttons. You can activate the child-lock to disable all the buttons on the system.

The ANISO furnace is designed while keeping your safety in mind. Adding to this, the oil-based radiator automatically turns off in case of overheating or if it rolls over.

Main Features

Here is a quick look over the multiple features of the ANSIO oil-based radiator.

  • Triple mode
  • 2300W output
  • Remote control
  • Child lock protection
  • Eco mode and timer settings
  • Overheating and rollover sensors
  • Automatic time settings
  • 3-year warranty
  • Memory

Why we Chose this Product?

The product has all the features you would want in an energy-efficient electric portable radiator. Apart from being multi-functional, it is user-friendly, safe, and comes with a 3-year warranty. All these features, while being energy efficient and reasonably priced. What more can you ask for!

Dyson AM09 Hot and Cool Fan, White/Silver
96 Customer Reviews
Dyson AM09 Hot and Cool Fan, White/Silver
Fan heaters are known for providing instant heat, but they can only warm-up a small area. However, that’s not the case with this exceptionally outstanding fan radiator. Read on to know.

Product Description

The most expensive one on the list, the Dyson AM09 fan heater, completely meets the price standards. What makes this product stand out is that it can be used around the year. You can switch it to heater mode during the winter and cooling mode in summers. Isn’t that amazing!

The air multiplier technology of Dyson lets the electronic device evenly distribute heat all around. Alternatively, you can switch over to the jet focused powerful mode for instant heating. In summers, the same technology can effectively cool down your room within minutes.

The AM09 fan heater is user-friendly as well as energy-efficient. The radiator will only heat up to the set temperature and maintain the warmth for prolonged periods. It helps in cutting down costs as well as keeping your abode cosy and comfortable.
Are you worried about the sharp blades of the fans? Well, don’t worry. The heater neither has any exposed blades nor elements, making it safe for your kids as well as pets. What’s more? Its in-built feature automatically turns-off the power in case its tips off. The endless list of Dyson AM09 radiator’s features further includes a sleep timer and oscillation control.

Despite having a plethora of exemplary features, the radiator also has certain disadvantages. It is a fan heater, which makes it susceptible to emitting carbon dioxide. Additionally, the fan heater does not state its exact power output.

Main Features

Here’s summing up the main features of the Dyson AM09 to give you a quick overview of its functions.

  • Heater-cum-Cooler
  • Smart energy-efficient controls
  • Rollover sensors
  • Oscillation control
  • Magnetized remote control
  • Premium quality

Why we Chose this Product?

The Dyson AM09 adds style to your room with its marvellous look and modern functionality. It is compact and portable, making it perfect to place in whichever room you want. Though its prices are at the higher end, the electric radiator proves to be highly efficient.

It gives you a noise-free, cosy ambience during the winter while a chilled and relaxed environment in summers. All of this, despite the small size and energy conservation.


Wrapping Up

So, which is the best energy efficient electric radiator? It depends on several factors, such as construction, control features, heating capacity, etc. More than anything, it is determined by your needs and preferences.

Do you want a warm and comfortable environment for you and your family without bearing high costs? Energy-efficient electric radiators will fill your brick and mortar house with warmth and ultimate comfort!

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