Asbestos Removal In Sheffield

Have you discovered Asbestos in your Sheffield property? We can help you get a removal service for that at the cheapest possible price available.

Asbestos is a hazardous substance and you want to ensure you remove it, especially if you are planning in anyway to disturb it, as that is when it becomes a hazard. You can remove asbestos yourself, but it isn’t advised and can be expensive to remove the waste.

Asbestos Removal Quotes in Sheffield

Where you planning on doing a bit of DIY and you’ve come across some asbestos? Chances are you’re going to have to remove it, and we’ve made getting the cheapest possible price easy.

Simply fill in the form to the right hand side using your Sheffield postcode, and a few details about the job itself. We’ll use this information to contact local asbestos removal contractors to find you the lowest possible price for the job you’ve described. 

Sheffield Asbestos Removal Cost

It’s quite hard to give you a cost without knowing the job at hand as it varies from job to job, however, that being said here’s a rough guide of what you can expect to pay:

£50-60 per square metre

This is only a rule of thumb and the best way to actually find a price is by getting a quote from local asbestos contractors. Each job can vary massively as sometimes asbestos can be in a tricky area to remove, which will result in more time and therefore a higher labour cost.

Is It Possible To DIY Asbestos Removal

Yes you can, but it might not be as expensive as you think to get a professional contractor to do the work. Asbestos is hazardous and you should only look to remove it if you really know what you’re doing.

Even if you are undertaking the job yourself then you’ll still need to remove the waste, and asbestos isn’t something you can just throw in a skip. There’s a cost to getting rid of asbestos and there’s a particular way in which you have to do so, that you will need to consider and research.

Asbestos Removal Services In Sheffield

Looking for Asbestos Removal in Sheffield but unsure if we cover your exact area? I can assure you that we do. We cover Sheffield and all surrounding areas, but here are some of the most common areas we service:

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