Air Conditioning Installation In Sheffield

Want Air Conditioning installed in your Sheffield home or business? We can help. If you need any air conditioning solution you’ve come to the right place.

Using the below quote form, simply fill it in and we’ll get to work on contacting all the local air conditioning installation companies in Sheffield to find you the lowest possible price, we take all the hassle out of searching for a quote. 

Choice of Air Conditioning Units

If you want to get air conditioning installed then you get the choice of two main type of units, the options are fairly straight forward and self explanatory: 

  • – Fixed
  • – Portable

If you’re looking for a fixed unit however then you get the choice of a few different types, each have their advantages and disadvantages. Here are your options:

  • – Central
  • – Geothermal
  • – Hybrid
  • – Window
  • – Ductless

Sheffield Air Conditioning Installation Cost

The cost of getting air conditioning installed can vary significantly from job to job. There are quite a few factors that go into trying to determine air conditioning installation costs including the size of the property your wanting it installed in, the type of unit and the labour costs in the area.

It’s hard to give you an installation cost without you going through the quote process, the cost can change on a variety of different factors which include the size of your property, type or unit and what the labour costs in Sheffield are, as well as how much competition there is.

To give you a guideline figure you can usually expect to buy a portable unit anywhere between £200-600, which obviously is of varying qualities.

A fixed unit however usually starts at around £800, but you could pay into the thousands for a bigger system.


Sheffield Air Conditioning Services

Does your home get too warm? Or perhaps your office too stuffy? Whatever the job is we can help. We are able to find installers that will work on commercial property as well as in your home.

Buying Your Own Could Be Cheaper

If a portable unit will do the trick there easy to set up and you can just buy your own, it will work out a lot cheaper than getting a company to come round and help. Here are a few of your options:

Air Conditioning Installation In Sheffield

Live in or around the Sheffield areas & looking for an air conditioning solution? We can help. We can compare quotes from companies all across the UK, here are just a few of our commonly serviced areas around Sheffield:

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