Air Conditioning Installation Leicester

In Leicester if you are looking for air conditioning installation, whether it’s for your home or for a work place, we can help.

Our service is fairly straight forward, we simply find you the lowest installation cost possible. If you fill in the form below we’ll get to work on getting in contact with all the local air conditioning installers to find you the lowest price.

Air Conditioning Unit Types

Want to get air conditioning installed in your Leicester home? Then you typically have two choices of units, and it’s self explanatory:

  • – Fixed
  • – Portable

If you go for the more expensive, but heavier duty fixed unit then you will have a few different types of fixed units to choose from, which includes:

  • – Central Air Con Unit
  • – Geothermal Air Con Unit
  • – Hybrid Air Con Unit
  • – Window Air Con Unit
  • – Ductless Air Con Unit

Air Conditioning Installation Cost In Leicester

It’s tough to give you an installation cost off the cuff because it involves so many different varying factors. A couple of the things taken into account includes competition in the area, the size of the property, the type of unit you are looking for and of course the labour costs involved.

It’s easier to give you an idea of the cost when it comes to portable units, these are typically between £200-600. Fixed units however is a little trickier because you would typically expect a small installation to start at £800, but can range into the thousands depending on the above factors.


Our Leicester Air Conditioning Services

We can supply air conditioning installers for a wide range of jobs, from a small home installation to a large commercial warehouse, we will find you the best price.

Portable Unit? Buy Your Own

If you think a portable unit will be more than enough for you then you should look to buy your own. It will be much cheaper and it’s easy to set up and get running, here are a few units we’ve picked out for you:

Areas In Leicester We Cover

If you live in or around Leicester, we can help. We cover all of the UK, which includes all of the local areas of Leicester. Here are a few of the common areas we get enquiries for:

AnsteyBagworthBilesdonBroughton Astley
BurtonCountesthorpeDesfordGreat Glen
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