Air Conditioning Installation Doncaster

Is your office getting a little too warm, or the kids are complaining the house is too hot. Whatever the circumstances we can find you the cheapest air conditioning installation prices, so you don’t have too. If you fill in the below form we’ll get to work on comparing all the costs from local tradesmen to find you the lowest possible price for the installation.

Air Conditioning Units – The Types

There are two different types of units you can typically choose from, and they are each suitable for different types of property & demands.

There are two main types of air conditioning units, it’s a pretty straight forward, you either go for a fixed unit which is suitable for larger properties where you want the whole house or business to feel the benefits, or portable units where it’s not as significant but a much cheaper cost and may prove effective enough.

That’s not it however, if you choose a fixed unit, then there are a few different types of units that you have available to choose from, these include:

  • – Central
  • – Geothermal
  • – Hybrid
  • – Window
  • – Ductless

Cost of Air Conditioning In Doncaster

There are several things that can impact the cost of air conditioning units and the installation itself, so it’s tricky just to give you a general figure. You need to take into consideration the unit you choose, type of unit, size of the property, labour rates and competition.

To give you some really rough figures, a portable unit is considerably cheaper and you can pick those up for anywhere from £200 to £600 for a quality one. Fixed is where the cost obviously get considerably higher, a basic unit may cost you as little as £800 but for a business or large property it can range into the thousands.


Doncaster AC Services

We compare loads of local air conditioning companies and tradesmen to find you the best price. What this also means is that we can offer a wide range of services, meaning we are able to find you quotes for your home or large office. Any job, we can help.

Portable Units Often Don’t Require Installation

If you want a unit for your home then a portable unit may do the job. They are pretty plug and go, so you may not need a professional to sort this for you. We’ve picked out some popular air conditioning units you can buy:

Air Conditioning Installation – Doncaster

Are you wondering if we cover your area? If you are based in Doncaster or any of the surrounding areas we can help. We cover the whole of the UK, but here are some of the popular example areas around Doncaster we service:

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