Air Conditioning Installation In Birmingham

Do you want to get a quote on a full air conditioning installation in Birmingham? Whether you’re a business or just wanting it for you’re home, we can help. If you fill in the form below, provide your details and an explanation of what work you want carried out and we’ll do the rest. We’ll compare all the quotes from local air conditioning installers & provide you with the cheapest, so you don’t have to do anything.

Air Conditioning Unit Types

There are two different types of units you can typically choose from, and they are each suitable for different types of property & demands.

When you choose what air conditioning you want installed you will get two choices.

Your options are fairly straight forward:

  • – Portable Unit
  • – Fixed Unit

There are different types of fixed units you can get installed in Birmingham though, which include:

  • – Central Air Conditioning Units
  • – Geothermal Air Conditioning Units
  • – Hybrid Air Conditioning Units
  • – Window Air Conditioning Units
  • – Ductless Air Conditioning Units


Air Conditioning Installation Cost In Birmingham

There are several factors that can affect the cost of air conditioning, and the labour involved is one of them, Birmingham has reasonable labour rates. The other factors to consider are type of unit you are looking at installing and the size of your property, obviously the larger the property the higher the expense.

Because of the varying factors it’s hard to give you a quote without knowing what the job is. What we can say with some certainty is that most portable units are priced between £200 and £600, depending on quality. Fixed installations usually cost anywhere upward of £800 and can range into thousands.


Air Conditioning Services In Birmingham

In Birmingham we can offer any kind of AC installation for either your home or business, we will help on recommending the best suitable option, whilst also finding the lowest quote.

Air Conditioning For Your Birmingham Home? Buy Your Own!

The cheapest way to get air conditioning in your home is by buying your own portable unit, and it’ll often more than do when it comes to keeping your house cool. We’ve highlighted some of the best options we could find below:

Popular Air Conditioning Installation Areas In Birmingham

Interested in getting air conditioning installed in your Birmingham home or business? Whatever your requirements are, we cover all of Birmingham, here are just a few of the popular areas:

ShenstoneSolihullStoke PriorWalsall
Water OrtonWest BromwichWolverhampton