Best Table Top Patio Heaters

To beat the winter chill, many people prefer to use patio heaters. They are portable and easily moveable heating appliances that produce warmth by burning propane or natural gas. Many models are available in different styles, finishes, colours, features & designs to suit your preference.  They have a wide range of prices & features. Before buying a patio heater, evaluate your needs and budget to get the best value for your money. 

What are tabletop patio heaters?

Table Top Heater is a slim, lightweight and freestanding way to enjoy the warmth of outdoor fires at close hand.  A Patio Heater emits soothing radiant heat for your comfort without taking up too much space. It’s fully portable with a sturdy base with wheels for quick mobility around your patio, deck or yard.

Patio Heaters are simple to operate & can be set up almost anywhere. Most heaters are equipped with gas ignition switches for an easy startup, while some have to push electronic button igniters that light up instantly without any hassle. Some models come with fan-forced heat, which will circulate more warmth in the surrounding air.

Why buy a tabletop patio heater?

  • Patio Heaters are easy to move & store away when not in use. Almost all models have wheels for convenience, so you can roll your heater to a new location whenever necessary.
  • Tabletop heaters turn on with electronic ignition or a push-button start—no more hassle of getting the fire started.
  • They come with safety features like auto shut-off & tip-over switch for added security.
  • Many models are equipped with a built-in handle on top or side for easy carrying. Others have wheels to make transport easier.
  • Some Patio Heaters run off propane, which emits far fewer greenhouse gases compared to other fuels.
  • The cost of running a propane patio heater is lower in the long run. It costs less than $1 per day to light a patio heater in temperate climates. In cooler months, you only have to spend around 25 cents a day on heating them. With that being said, it will be beneficial for you to have a patio heater in colder climates.
  •  Most models are portable, but some are freestanding. So you can place them wherever you want. The firebox is usually made of steel construction with a porcelain enamel finish for longer service life.

What to consider when buying the tabletop patio heater?

Here is what you should take into consideration before purchasing your tabletop patio heater:


Tabletop heaters come in a wide range of prices.  But bear in mind, you need to spend a little bit more on better features and design.


When buying tabletop patio heaters, choose one compact enough to heat up the area of your choice. Bigger heaters are not necessarily better than smaller ones. For example, if you want comfort on your patio or your deck, choose a heater that is at least 3 feet tall & 4 feet long.

Fuel supply

Propane-powered tabletop heaters will cost less to operate in the long run (click here to read more). But you must purchase the propane canisters or tanks separately because they are not included in the package. If you want an easier setup, go with natural gas-powered tabletop heaters.

Safety features

Look for models that have an auto shut-off feature when tipped over & safety tip switch features to avoid accidents.

Warranty & service 

Whether you choose propane or natural gas, choose a patio heater that has good warranty coverage. The warranty should be at least one year. Keep in mind that tabletop heaters are not made to last forever. If you are looking for long-lasting quality, you might need to spend more money on high-end models. But it is more worth your money in the long run.

Maintenance and cleaning

Tabletop heaters are easy to maintain. You do not have to remove ashes or clean them regularly unlike fireplaces.

Heating capacity and BTU

All models can heat up a patio or deck effectively. But some will cover a larger area while some have fewer BTUs to keep the space warm. So choose one that is suited for your heating needs.

Type of fuel used

Some tabletop patio heaters run on propane gas, while others use natural gas. Propane fuel is cheaper to operate & it is also easy to get. But natural gas-powered heaters are more convenient because they will turn on with a push of a button once you install the natural gas line in your backyard.


Do not go for tabletop heaters that are made of cheap materials or flimsy parts. You should choose sturdy enamelled steel construction with a porcelain finish to make the product last longer.

Types of tabletop patio heaters

There are four types of tabletop heaters. They are:

1. Electric tabletop patio heater

Most electric patio heaters have a built-in fan to blow the warmth around a specific area. These models will only work indoors because they need a place to insert a power cord or plug it in.   If using it outside, you must have a GFCI protected outlet

2. Liquid propane gas tabletop heater

These heaters run on propane gas. Most models are freestanding patio heaters that use a tabletop base system. They will be easy to move because of their portable design & wheels. You can also choose stationary models with a long metal tube for stability.

3. Natural gas tabletop heater

These heaters run on natural gas, but you must hire a professional to install the line in your home or backyard. In return, they will be easier to operate because all you have to do is turn them on with a push-button system. Most models are freestanding patio heaters that use a tabletop base system. They will be easy to move because of their portable design & wheels. You can also choose stationary models with a long metal tube for stability

4. Tiki torch tabletop patio heater

These come in traditional tiki torch style or as metal torches with propane fuel. The Tiki torch patio heaters with a tabletop base system. You can also choose stationary models that have a long metal tube for stability.

Our best tabletop patio heaters reviews

Sahara 4kw Table Top Outdoor Heater, Made from Stainless Steel, with Weight Mounted Base. Supplied with Regulator Compatible with Patio Gas and Hose. 52 x 52 x 96 cm

Product description

This item is the perfect way to extend your outdoor living area. It is designed using stainless steel, the Sahara heater will give you years of pleasure. Using a standard patio gas cylinder, it’s fully adjustable so that you can alter the heat output depending on the weather forecast. If it’s knocked over, it also has a safety cut-out system, meaning you are completely safe to use the Sahara heater. It even comes with its own regulator so that you can hook it up straight away. 

The Sahara heater can also be wall-mounted.

This item doesn’t need to be fitted, allowing you to place the heater where it’s needed most and then just switch on and enjoy its high-quality heat output. It has an adjustable and detachable tripod stand with a weight-mounted bottom for extra stability. The Sahara heater comes with a regulator which is compatible with patio gas plus a hose (not included) so that you can hook it up straight away without needing any other items. This powerful tabletop patio heater weighs 14 KG (31 lbs) and is the perfect addition to your garden. 

Main features 

The main features include:

  • It is wall mountable.
  • It is made from stainless steel, with weight mounted base 
  • The heater comes supplied with a regulator compatible with patio gas and hose 
  • It has a fully adjustable heat output depending on the weather forecast 
  • It does not need to be fitted, allowing it to be placed where it’s needed most.
  • The heater comes with a five-year warranty.

Why we have chosen it

Although there are many heaters to choose from, we have chosen the Sahara 4kw tabletop outdoor heater because of its safety cut-out system, adjustable and detachable tripod stand, and weight mounted base. We feel that this item is perfect for people who want an extra heating source in their garden and will last a long time with great quality.

This powerful tabletop patio heater weighs 14 KG (31 lbs) and is the perfect addition to your garden. It is made out of stainless steel, meaning it will give you years of pleasure. Using a standard patio gas cylinder, it’s fully adjustable so that you can alter the heat output depending on the weather forecast.

This item doesn’t need to be fitted, allowing you to place the heater where it’s needed most and then just switch on and enjoy its high-quality heat output. It has an adjustable and detachable tripod stand with a weight-mounted bottom for extra stability. The Sahara heater comes with a regulator compatible with patio gas and hose so that you can hook it up straight away without needing any other items.

Read reviews

Most customers have reviewed this product positively. However, others feel that this product needs some improvement. All reviews will help you choose the best product as you will have extra information about its performance from the buyers.

Dbtxwd Tabletop Gas Patio Heater, Portable Outdoor Stainless Steel Home Burner, Propane Or Butane Gas Bottle Low Energy, for Gazebo Garden Camping

Product description

Dbtxwd table top gas patio heater is made of stainless steel, which makes it beautiful and durable. The heat output of this tabletop gas heater can reach 11,000 BTU/h when there are 36000 BTU/h in the propane cylinder. This mini tabletop patio heater features big fireball burners in the top with blue flame colour to increase decoration in the nighttime. An ergonomically designed control knob provides precise temperature adjustment. Big solid wheels allow you to easily roll on any flat grounds without scratching floors or carpets inside the house. With built-in large gas cylinder storage, you can easily move this tabletop patio heater to any outdoor location without the hassle.

Everyone wants a clean and healthy life so stainless indoor or outdoor burners are a must-have in all homes nowadays. Here we would like to introduce our tabletop grill stand with auto-ignition which is made of quality stainless steel for durable use. With a removable drip pan under the flame, lessen your cleaning time from ashes from old burners. 

The open fire flames are beautiful and impressive; it brings an atmosphere that makes guests feel comfortable when they share conversations or just look into the fire by themselves. This heating source also ventilates heat directly into the area where people gather; therefore, it’s more suitable for outdoor activities on cold winter days than electric heating sources.

Main features

They include:

  • A portable stainless steel outdoor patio heater with flame effect
  • Heat Output of 110000 BTU/h from Propane or Butane Gas Bottle
  • Ergonomically designed control knob for precise temperature adjustment.
  • A Built-in large gas cylinder storage for easy moving and space-saving.
  • 36000 BTU/h heat output from propane bottle that can last 5 – 7 hours
  • It has variable heat settings

Why have we chosen it

This outdoor tabletop patio heater is not only durable but also has variable heat settings. Every family member can find a comfortable temperature on the control knob to avoid feeling too cold or hot inside or outside the home during the winter season. This particular tabletop gas grill stand is more suitable for small commercial use because its fire flames are impressive, and you can provide a certain atmosphere here. Therefore, it’s a good choice for commercial business owners who want to attract clients or customers into their place by providing outstanding decoration during cold months.

The advantages outweigh the disadvantages. It’s the best portable tabletop gas grill stand with auto-ignition you can find online at this price range. If you’re looking for something cheap but well-functioning for commercial business, this tabletop gas grill stand is an ideal choice. While if you want something sturdy and durable to place in the outdoor of your house, it’s not exactly suitable for this purpose.

Read reviews

Before you buy this product, make sure you do some research about it and learn what people who have already bought it have to say about its performance. 

QQW Portable Table Top Patio Heater, Outdoor Propane Standing Heater, Tabletop Patio Heater Stainless Steel, Modern Umbrella Shape

Product description

The QQW Patio Heater is a tabletop propane patio heater designed to give off a modern look. It is made of Premium High-Grade Steel and Aluminum, and it has a tabletop base with an umbrella shape. This unit will produce 11,000 Btu BTU’s of heat using one lb. propane tank. This item can be easily assembled after unpacking it from its box.

The QQW Portable Table Top Patio Heater measures 36 inches in height, and the max power output is 13Kwatts at 11 000BTU/h. It comes with a metal regulator for easy connection to 20-pound tank cylinders (not included). It has an ON/OFF control knob and three different heat settings: low, medium and high, which you can toggle between them by twisting the knob. The heat setting can also be turned off with a simple push of the button, and the adjustable height will let you set this patio heater at any desirable position!

The QQW Patio Heater has an automatic safety shut-off mechanism. Just like any other propane outdoor heater, it should be kept outside 100% of the time, especially if you plan to use it in windy conditions as such weather may interfere with its function (turning on or off) and could cause accidents. If winds reach speeds higher than 15 mph, this item is not recommended for outdoor usage due to safety reasons.

This patio heater weighs 23 lbs., allowing easy transportation whenever needed!’a sturdy base gives great stability, and the unit comes supplied with a full regulator. This QQW Portable Table Top Patio Heater is perfect for backyards, patios, camping and much more!

Main  features

The main selling points include:

  • Portable and lightweight: It weighs 23 lbs. and can be easily moved from one place to another for your convenience
  • Modern look: The umbrella shape will provide a modern design adding charm to your patio or backyard
  • Easy assembly: No tools needed; it comes with an easy step-by-step instruction manual.

Why we have chosen it

It’s an awesome product with a high customer satisfaction rate! It has a long list of features which are listed above. It was tested and worked well. It has a great design, and it’s made out of high-quality material, making it perfect for indoor or outdoor usage! You can use the heater during camping, at home, on your backyard patio or even at an open-air concert, as long as you have access to propane gas tanks (20 pounds each).

Other buyers highly recommend this product, and we think you will not regret any minute spent using it. This tabletop propane patio heater is definitely worth its money, and we recommend buying it! 

It has everything you could wish for in a patio heater, and it comes with guaranteed quality; so if anything goes wrong, you can simply ask the seller for help or contact the manufacturer. 

Read reviews 

You should not shy away from reading what people have to say about this product. We believe some buyers have found this product beneficial. From its features and performance, we are satisfied that this product will change your outdoor experience.

Heatlab 2.1kW Table Top Electric Infrared Halogen Garden Outdoor Patio Heater with Brown Rattan Base and 3 Heat Settings

Product description

The Heatlab 2.1kW Table Top patio heater with Thermostat is the perfect outdoor heater for your home, garden or patio area. This tabletop halogen patio heater features high-quality stainless steel and powder-coated finish and will fit in perfectly with any outdoor setting. The HeatlabTable Top Electric Infrared Halogen Garden Outdoor Patio Heater has two heat settings – low and high – so you can adjust it depending on what you need to keep warm at that time, as well. 

The Heatlab Table Top Patio Heater with 3 Heat Settings is a great space heater for people who want to keep warm in the colder seasons of the year. This is because it uses halogen heating technology, which provides an instant heat source capable of warming the surrounding air. This heat then transfers over to any objects that are within range of its path.

The Heatlab 2.1kW is an outdoor heater, which means that it is made specifically for heating small-sized spaces in open areas. This is why it has a 360-degree rotatable head that will allow you to adjust the heat source in just about any direction. This also makes it optimal for patios and decks, as well as porches and garages.

What’s really nice about this product is that it comes with a removable cage surrounding the halogen heating element. This is a safety component that will prevent you from coming into direct contact with the hot exterior of the unit, which means that it has been designed with your comfort and safety in mind.

It measures around 13 x 13 x 22 inches, making it suitable for most types of spaces within your home. The Heatlab 2.1kW Table Top Electric Infrared Halogen Garden Outdoor Patio Heater with Brown Rattan Base also comes with a two-year limited warranty, which shows that the company is confident in its product’s ability to meet and exceed your expectations.

Main features

The following are the main features of this patio heater:

  • Flexible: The heater is easy to move, and it can be used in various ways.
  • Convenient: The product is lightweight and portable so that you can take it anywhere with you.
  • Reliable: This product has been tested by professionals, and it has been proven to work well.
  • Technology: The heaters are equipped with infrared technology that will allow you to heat up your garden or patio without having to worry about burning yourself or your plants! It’s safe for children as well!

Why we have chosen it

The Heatlab tabletop patio heater is guaranteed to produce a high amount of heat and will quickly increase the temperature in any small or medium-sized garden space. It can also double as an emergency heat source for use in conservatories and greenhouses. 

The Heatlab patio heater is supplied with a brown rattan effect base that can be filled with water or sand for added stability. This tabletop patio heater has an IP44 rated power cord complete with an integrated circuit breaker to prevent overheating.  It also boasts a pebble effect glass front with a safety grill, whilst the triple heat settings make this product safe for both indoor and outdoor use.

Read reviews

Heatlab’s range of infrared patio heaters is the most efficient on the market. You get more heat for less energy. Its features seem to have impressed many, and that’s why many buyers have come out to positively review it. However, there are still negative reviews that will help you see the other side of this product to make a better choice. 

Status 700W Carbon Fibre Element Patio Heater

Product description

This is super portable, lightweight and simple to use the heater. It gives off a high heat capacity of 7kW with a 46cm diameter heating surface. The Status patio heater comes with a carry bag and legs, which can be put together in minutes. The build quality is great, and you won’t find better value for money than this! It also comes with a 2-year warranty.

The Status 700W Portable Carbon Fibre Patio Heater with Wheels and Carry Bag is a stylish heater that would look great in nearly any garden or on the patio. The efficient carbon fibre heating element heats up very quickly and, giving heat within minutes of switching it on.

Main features

The key selling areas of this product include:

  • Heating Table Top design 360-degree oscillation.
  • No assembly required, easy to use.
  • Includes a safety screen to protect children and pets from the heat.

Why we have chosen it

The Status 700W is a plug and play, portable outdoor patio heater that uses infrared heat to warm up people in places where they would enjoy being pleasantly warm. It does not use propane or any kind of heating gas, making it perfect for the outdoors because it doesn’t emit toxic fumes or pollute the environment with CO2.

The Strength: What we like about this unit is how easy it is to set up and operate. It comes virtually preassembled and only requires attaching the main support bar and adding oil (included) to make it ready for operation. The strength of the carbon fibre heater (700w) proved sufficient for keeping us warm at less than 10 feet away, although we did notice that there was some mild warmth at 20 feet away; that’s still impressive considering how small it is.

The Status 700W Patio Heater uses infrared technology to emit heat onto the people around it, emitting no carbon, making it environmentally friendly and safe for children and pets (just like all BioLite products). It also comes with a cover to protect the surface of the heater when not in use or if you are moving it from one location to another.

Read reviews

Reviews are unbiased thoughts about a product from verified buyers. Most of this product’s reviews are positive, and they all seem to recommend this product. Before picking it as your perfect tabletop patio, read reviews first. 

Martello Infrared Table Top Patio Heater by Hornfel, Oscillating, 700W, IPX4 with Storage Cover (Black)

Product description

This is a simple tabletop patio heater that provides infrared heat for your outdoor enjoyment. It has a beautiful design, and the simplicity of its operation makes it attractive to anyone who wants to enjoy the patio or porch in comfort. It features an oscillating feature that allows you to adjust the direction of the heat from the unit to be directed towards where you are sitting on your patio or porch. This unit also features a thermostat for regulating the amount of heat.

Main features

The following are key elements of this patio heater:

  • It is simple to use.
  • It heats up to 35 square meters.
  • The heater is perfect for a garden or balcony.
  • -No assembly required; just plug and play!

Why we have chosen it

This is another great tabletop patio heater by Martello. If you are looking for an extremely well-built portable tabletop patio heater, this model will be a good choice.

The Martello tabletop patio heater’s construction quality is very nice and definitely looks like a high-quality product. The designer tried to make it look stylish with its black colour and silver grills. It’s a very sturdy product, but it is still pretty lightweight for a tabletop patio heater – it weighs only 23 lb (10 kg).

The Martello tabletop patio heater has a protective cover included. This helpful feature makes this model one of the safest models on the market – you will no longer have to worry about your kids touching the hot grill. It also features a push-to-turn electronic ignition switch, and it is easy to use – you simply turn on the tabletop patio heater with the push of a button.

The Martello tabletop patio heater has an adjustable temperature knob that you can use to change the temperature of this unit.

Read reviews

Learn more about this product before picking it as your favourite not to get disappointed. Ensure you have consumers with the information available before deciding to buy it. It has excellent reviews, reflecting that the manufacturer did good work to meet customers’ needs. It also has some shortcomings, and a few reviews have outlined them. Make use of each review to make a better choice. 

Take away

Our buyer’s guide has all you need to get the best top patio heater for a better outdoor experience at night or during cold months. We have done all it takes to ensure you have enough information about our top picks to make a good decision. 

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