How Much Does It Cost to Replace Your Windows?

With a new set of windows your house will not only change in appearance but is also likely to increase in value. Not only that but your insulation could potentially see an improvement. This can help to reduce the cost that you would have incurred on heating your home.

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What Is The Cost of Replacing New Windows?

Just like with anything else it depends on your specific situation but to give you a rough guidelines the cost per window is around £500 & the costs of doors are typically around £550 and £900 for UPVC and composite respectively, there are however some variables that may affect the price. Some of the variables that can determine the cost of new windows are listed below:


The size of Windows

The replacement window cost will increase dependent on the size of the window, which is pretty common sense. What this implies is that if your house has lots of large windows; expect to pay more than someone whose house doesn’t have too many windows which need to be replaced.

A perfect example of this is terraces houses which usually have windows between the range of 6 – 14. For those which are semi – detached, the range of windows is usually about 10 – 20. Detached buildings usually begin small from around 10 after which they will then start increasing to about 30. It is obvious that there will always be variances in replacement window cost due to this factor.

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Style of Windows

When you are aware of the number of windows that your house has got and the size of them, then it’s time you decided on which style you want. Below are some options that you can explore. Each of them does have its own specific cost.

  • Sash window
  • Bow window
  • Bay window
  • Casement window
  • Georgian bar glass
  • Leaded glass
  • Plain glass

You will also need to make a decision on whether they should have locks or not and also the number of openers they need to have. These factors are going to be factored into the price itself.


Extra Options

Another aspect that is very important to consider when replacing windows is the color choice. If you choose the standard or normal white UPVC then these are typically lower cost, however for example Woodgrain is an option that can be more expensive but it’s all about your personal taste, wood, aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass are some other options you may have.

On top of these options you can choose various different colours and some of these can be more expensive than others, so it’s best to get an expert to give you a quote on specific types of windows you are looking for.


Consider The Energy Efficiency Rating

Most of the new windows being produced in recent times offer a high energy efficiency with an excellent level of insulation. It’s worth considering that you potentially could save on your heating bills if you are replacing old non-energy efficient windows with brand new ones, so that’s something else to factor into your cost.

Windows typically offer an energy efficiency rating of A – A+++, although that you may have to pay more upfront for a higher energy efficiency rated window you need to keep in mind that the average lifespan of your windows will be around 25 years, if not more, and over that 25 years how much will they be saving you in comparison to your old windows? It could be a significant saving!


The Cost of Fitting The Windows

Purchasing windows and getting them fitted is a whole different ball park. The cost for fitting is something you obviously need to take into consideration. As a good piece of advise make sure you get as many quotes as possible, window fitters range in price so get as many quotes as you need to be able to understand the market & get the best rate possible.

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Removing The Old Windows

Disposing of windows is a pain, make sure that the fitter you are paying to do the job does this for you. You may incur extra costs if the windows are left to you to dispose. Either that or think of an inventive way to reuse them, like for a greenhouse, shed or outdoor building where insulation may not be of the highest priority.


Is There Anything Else To Consider?

Just as mentioned above, the most important thing is to get multiple quotes from multiple installers. Ensure that the quotes you are getting are similar in terms of your desired finishing, style and number so you have a good platform for comparison.

Also, ensure that you are dealing with trusted and reliable companies, make sure you do your research & look at review sites to find out about their previous work. You can also simply ask people you know & get them to give you recommendations! In case you aren’t comfortable or confident then there should be someone else with you when the quotes are being presented. Avoid being pressured to make any decision.

In case you are dealing directly with a window fitter, ensure that you are receiving a quote which includes the costs for all the replacement windows. Such could be labour, fittings, actual windows, and others. Warranties and if a skip is required are also things you should be asking about.

Make sure you know all the costs, replacing windows can be an expensive job, so make sure you don’t get stung & everything is going to be included in the quote!


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Now you have a rough idea of what you should be looking out for, it’s time to start the journey & get a quote. We’ve supplied a form below which will put you directly in touch with a few window suppliers so you can be well on your way to getting a your new windows fitted.

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