Different Types of Window Shutters

Different Types of Window Shutters

Different Types of Window ShuttersWindow shutters are one of the best ways you can add privacy, beauty and some level of security. Many of the shutters are hinged on one side and then connected to the window frames.

Despite the materials which the shutters are made from or if they have slats and louvres, all of them do shut and open through hinges.

When you are searching for the best type of shutters that you can use in your business or home, you will come across many options which you can choose from so that you can enhance your exterior and interior look. Below are some of the different types of window shutters that can make your house appealing and stylish.

Louvred shutters

It’s one of the famous window shutters which is made of uniform wood slats which overlap each other to form a frame. There are various sizes of slates, therefore you can choose one which you prefer. However, in many cases, you will find that thinner slates can offer a sophistication look to your house while the wider ones can offer a more contemporary look. Ensure you choose a colour which will complete the overall decor of your house.

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Plantation shutters

This shutters can also offer your home the desired look that you desire. They are famous due to their classy appearance and low maintenance. They have slatted blinds which can be made of composite, vinyl or wood, making them function as window blinds. The best thing you can do is to choose the functional plantation shutters since they have wide louvres which you can close to offer you protection from heavy winds or storm.

Apart from offering protection to your items, you can open and adjust them to allow a pleasant and light wind into your house. Currently, many people are going for this kind of shutters as they are considered the best in increasing the value of any home.

Board and batten

These shutters have a square or archtop. Normally, the arched top style will pair well with windows that have a curved top portion so that the house has a classic feel. This kind of shutter is designed using individual boards which run in an upright position and then one or more horizontal crosspieces or battens are added.

Raised panel

This kind of window shutter is rarely used as functionality as they are decorative. They look like the wooden doors which have raised panels inside a frame. In many cases, the home designers recommend that any person who wishes to choose these shutter should pair them with window box so that they can get somewhere they can grow flowers and plants.

Exterior shutter

These ones are usually installed on the exterior side of the building to offer elegance and serene look. You can get them in various forms such as wood and customised ones. They have an impressive display which can be hinged or fixed. The slide track or hinged shutters will protect your home from natural calamities such as storms or strong winds.

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Tier on tier shutters

They are made of two shutter panels which hung so that one-panel sits above the other. This idea offers the user free to allow air and light into the house at the same maintain privacy.

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