Popular Types of Curtains

Different Types of Curtain Headings Popular in UK

Every home needs a great curtain on the window, because as well as keeping light out it acts as the decoration.

Most want to make their home look beautiful and appealing to every visitor who comes to visit, and one way is through curtain heading since it is what people see first in the house.

Getting one of the best and unique curtains for the home is usually the main challenge that they go through since it’s hard to find. Several companies have come up with different types of curtains that are of different colours, styles, materials, etc.

If in the past, you have had any challenge getting the best and most beautiful curtain, then we are here for you. Here are the best curtain heading that you can purchase for your home this year.

What is the best type of curtain headings?

There are various types of curtain top choices that you can purchase, so we’ve detailed a few and described them;

Pencil pleat
Pencil pleat is one of the most popular curtain headings, a bit of a classic. It makes your window look great with its neat style. Pencil pleat is also a popular choice for commercial properties and is often put in an office. It is made in such a way that you are only required to purchase a hook in order to put it up.

Triple box pleat
A triple box pleat is one of the formal curtain heading that you can have at your home. The curtain heading is stylish and comes in different shapes. Its width is fixed; thus you need to ensure you take the measurements of your window.

Double pleat
Double pleat heading is smart and gives your window the best look from both sides of the fitting. It is well defined, and it’s double sewed. It is also firm hence cannot be easily cut by any material.

Eyelet curtains are straightforward ring which you put the curtain pole through. This type of curtains looks great and are typically of very high quality. These types of curtains have been popular for a couple of years and are continuing to rise in popularity, quickly becoming the style.

Tab tops
Tabs tops are the curtains that have a fabric loop at the edge. They are often threaded through either a pole or a rod. There still commonly used in homes but they are seen as an older style of curtain and can often be a bit tricky to get a hold of in a style or colour you may want.

Rod Pocket curtains
Rod pocket curtains are curtain heading that ensure that one cannot see the rod used to hang the curtain. They have a casing that is sewn to stay enclosed. The panel’s bunch also gathers on the rod giving the curtain a good look with fine lines.

Versatile pleat
Versatile pleat is a beautiful design. They are knitted at the top giving it a handcrafted look, and have hooks pinned to them in order to hold them up.


In conclusion, there are different curtain headings to suit different people! The most popular are Eyelet & Pencil. You just need to ensure that you purchase the best curtain heading that suits the style of your home. You should also ensure that you measure your window properly before buying any curtain.

Popular Types of Curtains

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