How Much Does An Extension Cost?

Sometimes when you buy a home things change & you don’t always plan for the unexpected future and in this particular situation, people either move out or think of adding an extensions to their property. But before diving in to get the extensions done one must completely understand the regulations and costs involved. There are different options of extensions available that people can choose according to their budget.

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Let’s list down the different types of extensions with their cost.

Single-storey extensions

Single storey extensions can cost anywhere between £1350 per m2 to £2100 per m2. This cost could vary according to the type of material you are using and also as per the design you choose. Also, there can be a variation in costs in different parts of London.

Two storey extensions

Need more space for the family? A two storey extension may be for you, and as you would expect this tends to double the price in comparison to a single storey building extension. That being said you may be able to save a bit of money as some of the extra materials will be salvaged in comparison to a single story.

Loft conversion

This type of extension will be a little costlier. You generally need to insulate the space of the house or add on to a secure floor and carry out other such alternatives so that the place can be a little better to live. The loft conversion costs around £1500 to £2500 per m2 according to the requirements of the client and the demands they have.

Build a conservatory

In this type of extension, they attach glass windows, roofs etc. which generally add up on the cost of doing extension which is desired. You need to select the type of material and glasses which will protect your house from the sun rays and makes sure to have a comfortable space to live in. although the cost of this conservatory will depend on the material one is using but to put an estimate it will between £5000 to £30,000 per m, so it varies wildly are you can see!

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Cellar / Basement conversion

These are one of the tricky extension especially for those who need excavation it can cost them £250,000 to £500,000 which varies depending on the material you wish to use for, the design you select and most important the size of the house. A bigger house will cost more than the smaller area. In this extension the contractor needs to be extra careful so that they can save as much upper part of the house as they can, that’s why they turn out to be little more expensive.

Garage conversion

This type of extension is pretty affordable because they already have a roof and just need to extend the area. The four walls, solid floor and foundation are also there to help the constructor to do their work with ease. In comparison to other extension these are likely to cost you the lowest amount.

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It’s really tricky to determine exactly how much an extension is going to cost without seeing your property and knowing your specific requirements, so the best thing to do is to get as many quotes as possible.

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