Garage conversion ideas

Garage Conversion Ideas and Cost 2020

Converting your garage may cost you averagely between £900 – £2100 roughly, although it can obviously exceed this if you have extravagant plans. Most conversions are unique, and the charges will vary depending on the plans and the state of the garage. Before you decide on what you want to convert your garage into, here are some the fundamental things that you should consider beforehand:

Do you need a garage conversion?

Before you start preparing to completely overhaul your garage, ask yourself if you need it. You need to consider if renovating the garage which actually add value to your home, is it going to be a useful space? Garage conversions come with a lot of benefits, but losing a garage could be seen as a negative point and could drop the value of your home as garages offer good storage places if they aren’t, of course, suitable for a car or alternative you could offer a garage for rent to neighbours who are struggling to find space at their home.

Consider if the room you are planning to convert into a garage is large enough. Here are a few ideas of what you could use the space as:

  • A family room
  • New bathroom
  • A new bedroom
  • A home cinema
  • Kitchen extensions

Before you fill your garage with clutter, just consider the following garage conversion ideas;

The home gym

For the fitness enthusiast amongst us the garage offers a great space for a gym. Setting up the gym also doesn’t require much work, it just requires a few changes to the flooring to make it padded.

The playroom

If you have small kids at your home, converting your garage into a playground for them is also a good idea & obviously doesn’t require a lot of building work, you just may have to make sure there aren’t any nails in the walls or left over debris and you’ll need to buy some stuff to make it safe such as flooring and adding a lick of paint to provide a bit of light for the kids.

The dining room

If you have minimal space in your kitchen you may decide to convert your garage into a potential dining area, which might take a bit of building work to make comfortable. If you are worried about the lighting then you could always brick up the garage door and add a window.

Home cinema

Out of your garage space, you could create a home cinema. It might sound an expensive idea, but you’d be surprised it’s can often be done quickly and cheaply. An issue with this again is often the lack of light so you may consider installing a new window to let in the light.

Need a garage conversion?

If you want to implement any of these garage conversion ideas then we can help you find the lowest possible quote. Use the form below and we will compare all local tradesmen and get you the lowest possible price.

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