How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost To Install?

Artificial Grass

Quick Answer: Artificial Grass costs with installation included is anywhere between £50 to £75 per square metre based on the quality, without installation you are looking at £30 to £45 per sqm. Article Navigation You can quickly navigate through this article to find the section most appropriate to your question: Getting the correct measurements What … Read more

DIY Guide To Green Demolition

Guide To Green Demolition

Why is it that when people think of going green during home improvement they almost always think of recycled glass counters, old jean insulation, etc. Why is it that no one ever thinks of going green during the demolition process? Yes folks, it is possible and here’s how. When removing old fixtures, that are reusable, … Read more

Guide To Pruning A Plum Tree

Pruning A Plum Tree

Fruit trees, such as plum trees, can provide a beautiful ornament for the home lawn and garden, as well as delicious fruit. However, to maintain the beauty and the bounty of plum trees, it is very important to properly maintain them. This includes pruning. It the plum tree is just there for aesthetic purposes, the … Read more

What’s The Cost To Lay Turf?

Cost of laying turf

This article contains everything you you need to understand about laying grass in your back garden, including the price of products, labour and the most likely timeframe. Just How Much Does Garden Lawn Cost? The typical cost to provide, prepare and lay new yard lawn is normally around ₤650- ₤750 for a 50 square metre … Read more

Pruning Shears Buying Guide

Pruning sheers guide

Pruning shears are a vital tool for any home gardener. In fact, most avid gardeners will have an assortment of pruners, each suited for a different type of garden task. Pruning shears can come in all sizes and prices, depending on the quality of their construction and the type of handles or ratcheting mechanisms that … Read more

How To Start A Flower Garden Yourself

How To Start A Flower Garden Yourself

Is your garden looking a bit worse for ware? Want to add a bit of colour & life? Then you may want to learn how to start a flower garden yourself. Looking at a flower garden it seems like an easy task, but there are quite a few steps and things to consider before getting … Read more