How much can landscaping add to your homes value?

Landscaping adds value

Can you add value to your home by having your garden professionally landscaped? The experienced team at Eden Horticultural Ltd knows that a great looking garden will help to sell your home. Eden Horticultural Ltd have been landscaping in Essex for many years. They pride themselves on creating both beautiful and practical gardens for their … Read more

How To Make The Most Of Shady Garden Corners

How to make the most of shady garden areas

The connotations of owning a shaded garden are often quite negative. Yet there are so many unique design opportunities available if you’re trying to make up for the lack of light entering your garden. Next time you’re outdoors, try walking around a little bit in the sun, and then step indoors. You’ll notice that as … Read more

Rude Garden Gnomes

Rude Garden Gnomes

Looking to liven up the look of your garden with some rude garden gnomes? We can help you with that, we’ve found a whole bunch of naughty gnomes to spice up your garden. Believe it or not, there are a lot of rude garden gnomes on the market from the mooning one to the swearing … Read more

Best Artificial Grass Reviews UK – UPDATED 2020

Best Artificial Grass Reviews

Had experience with a grass lawn, and just can’t be bothered to maintain it anymore? Artificial grass is a great alternative, it offers a zero-effort solution to maintaining your garden, no need to cut it, de-weed, plant new seed, or anything, it’s quite literally effortless. Before jumping in, tearing up your current garden and buying … Read more

5 Best Leaf Blowers With Vacuums

leaf blower with vacuum

In this article you can find everything you need to know about buying leaf blowers, including what they are for, what to look for, and why you should definitely consider leaf blowers with vacuums as opposed to alternatives. We also provide a breakdown of 5 of our top leaf blowers with vacuum options, which we’ve … Read more

A Guide To Eco-Friendly Gardening

Eco Friendly Gardening

Eco-friendly gardening can encompass a huge range of forward-thinking techniques that anyone can adopt in their garden in answer to the escalating danger posed by climate change. These outdoor activities centre around lowering the harmful emissions as a result of everyday gardening activity. Thinking in a more eco-friendly way when it comes to your garden, … Read more

How To Stop Foxes Coming In Your Garden – Fox Deterrents & Repellents

How to deter foxes

Foxes are a beautiful animal, they look amazing, however they are very much an unwanted garden pest. They chew, dig, poo and just generally ruin your garden, much like the dog you never wanted! They can cause considerable damage to your garden, destroying your bins, flower beds, hose pipes, and just about anything they can … Read more

Block Paving Ideas for Gardens

Block Paving

Block paving is one of the best looking landscaping techniques in which you can use to improve your garden, as well as that it’s easy to lay and can be done fairly cheaply. The blocks don’t just make your garden beautiful; they also help with weed control, especially when installed correctly. If you want to … Read more