Old bungalow renovation ideas

Old bungalow renovation ideas

The United Kingdom is thought to have in excess of 2 million bungalows, but modern housing developments don’t seem to be throwing as many up as they are town-houses and large detached homes. For this reason, there is a lot of call for homeowners to come up with old bungalow renovation ideas that can bring … Read more

Garage Conversion Ideas and Cost 2020

Garage conversion ideas

Converting your garage may cost you averagely between £900 – £2100 roughly, although it can obviously exceed this if you have extravagant plans. Most conversions are unique, and the charges will vary depending on the plans and the state of the garage. Before you decide on what you want to convert your garage into, here … Read more

How Much Does An Extension Cost?

Cost of an extension

Sometimes when you buy a home things change & you don’t always plan for the unexpected future and in this particular situation, people either move out or think of adding an extensions to their property. But before diving in to get the extensions done one must completely understand the regulations and costs involved. There are … Read more