DIY Girl Doll Bed

DIY Girl Doll Bed

This DIY Girl Doll Bed project is the perfect craft for Fathers and daughters to make together. If you have been looking for the perfect Father Daughter craft that will win them both over, then try this Girl Doll bed on for size. This is a simple one day project perfect for Fathers and daughters … Read more

Building & Fitting Alcove Shelves

Fixing a shelving unit in an alcove

Are you looking to fit a new shelving unit in an alcove inside your home, or perhaps under the stairs? We’ve written a step by step guide on the easiest way to build & fit shelves in an alcove, it’s usually quite straight forward and shouldn’t be too taxing to have a go yourself! Find … Read more

How Much Does A New Staircase Cost?

New Staircase Cost

Quick Answer: A new straight wooden staircase will cost you roughly £770-850 with labour costs included, but this can range as high as £15,000+ depending on the materials and labour involved. Getting a new staircase installed into your home is an undertaking, it’s a big structural change, especially from a visual perspective. There’s a huge … Read more

Things to Consider Before Buying a Table Saw

table saws

The table or bench saw is the most popular tool when it comes to the category of circular saws for the precision of cuts in large pieces. Choosing the ideal table saw will depend on some factors such as how it will be used, how often and how much budget you have. Reviewing product comparisons is essential … Read more