Best Powerful Electric Showers

Powerful Electric Shower

Shopping for a new shower is not something everyone wants to do, but when it comes down to it, there’s nothing quite like a powerful shower that can change your day. Electric showers tend to be better at producing these powerful sprays of water than their more-traditional counterparts. Whether you’re looking for an electric showerhead … Read more

Best Sealant For Bath Waste

Best Sealant For Bath Waste

Getting the best bathroom sealant is a very crucial step in ensuring your bathroom retains its efficiency and cleanliness. Showers and bathrooms are subject to humid and wet conditions, which can cause some damages and the development of mould. You will need to apply a sealant around sanitaryware points such as baths, sinks, and shower … Read more

Best Bathroom Extractor Fan

Bathroom extractor fan

A bathroom extractor fan is a ventilation device that removes air from the indoor to the outdoors through a metal duct—an extractor fan helps in exhausting odour and moisture from your bathroom for air improvement purposes. By nature and what it is used for, the bathroom is a humid, damp place. A bathroom ventilator is … Read more

Top 10 Best Shower Heads In The UK

Best Shower Heads

Are you in the market for a new shower head? Well, before jumping in and buying any old cheap shower head, think about how often you use that shower (let’s hope every day!). A good shower experience makes all the difference, it’s either a great start to your day or a relaxing end to one. … Read more

Best Drain Unblocker UK

Blocked Drain

Is your kitchen sink filling up with water and draining far too slow? Maybe your bath has got too much hair caught in the plug hole and isn’t draining right. The very nature of drains means that they regularly get dirty and can clog up from time to time. It can happen for a variety … Read more

Best Paint For Bathrooms

Best Paint For Bathrooms

Before you grab for the paint brush & roller and start covering your bathroom in emulsion you might want to just take a step back. Bathrooms are unlike any other room in the house in terms of paint, think about the amount of moisture that sits in your bathroom after a shower or bath, standard … Read more

What is a Standard Bath Size?

Standard Size Bath Tub UK

Quick Answer: the standard UK bath size is 1700m in length and 700mm in width. Installing a bath in your bathroom may at first look like a simple project. But there are a lot of considerations to make before proceeding and one of them is size. Picking the right bath size is the first step. … Read more

The Cost of Installing a Bathroom Suite

Cost of installing a bathroom suite

Installing a new bathroom suite is considered to be a crucial investment and one that any homeowner may need to make overtime in their property. However, the total cost involved in the process varies depending upon whether you install the bathroom suit yourself as a DIY project or entrust the job to a skilled professional. … Read more