Honeywell HT900e Turbo Fan Review

Honeywell HT900e

As temperatures start rising this next summer, it might be hard to keep cool. There’s a multitude of solutions you can try and explore, from ceiling fans to having air conditioning installed as an in-house system. Each of these solutions has its own pros and cons, but today we’re gonna have a look at a … Read more

Shark NV601UK Review

Shark Hoover Review

Freedom to clean your space the way you want is pretty much anyone’s wish. Shark vacuums help you achieve just that, and the NV601UK offering nothing less than the best. It provides convenient lift-away technology access and, more essentially, two cleaning options in one. With this unit, cleaning curtains, stairs and even ceilings is as … Read more

Dyson v7 Motorhead Review


About 15 years ago, Dyson created an upright vacuum that could clean better than most of its competitors. The vacuum hardly clogged and came with an excellent modern design, and was more colourful than other typical vacuum devices. It was a game-changer, as many people bought this product to show they had great taste, and … Read more

Vax Blade 24V Review


Vax is a renowned brand for the production of household items. It has been in existence for decades and still produces high-quality products for household uses. Currently, Vax has kept up-to-date to stay relevant in the market with their cordless range of items. Much like most floor cleaning products such as Dyson V6 and Dyson … Read more

Makita Impact Driver DTD154Z Review


Recently, the cordless impact driver has become quite popular. If you work on a construction site, install decking, fit the kitchen, or build extensions, a cordless impact driver will be helpful. It can drive even the largest screws into some of the hardest wood.  Cordless impact drivers drive big screws quicker compared to other drivers. … Read more

How To Unlock Bosch Induction Hob

Bosch Induction Hob

The induction hob is among the most vital appliances in your kitchen. Any malfunction or distribution may cause too much inconvenience. Sometimes your hob might lock or fail to turn; this might happen in some of its burners or its entirety.  If you encounter such a situation, first, establish what kind of locking is it. … Read more

Best Double Ovens

Whenever you host family or friends for special occasions, you may realise you need a double oven to avoid delays. A double oven is popular because of its efficiency and ability to hold more. You can refer to it as a workhorse because you can cook a lot at once. Although a luxury appliance, you … Read more

Bosch WAN208GB Review

Bosch WAN28201GB

Whether you are looking to replace your old washing machine or upgrade the current one, you do not enjoy spending more on one item. Bosch company aims at giving you a reliable, easy to maintain, energy-efficient, and affordable washing machine. The Bosch WAN 288201GB machine is the best option for you in all the Bosch … Read more

Best Washing Machines Under £300

Best Washing Machines Under £300

Let’s face it; the washing machine space is overly crowded. For every well-made washing machine in existence, there are at least ten lacklustre ones out there. In other words, there are more showpieces out there and fewer workhorses. So, how do you get hold of the best washing machines under £300 without getting bummed in … Read more

Where Do I Find My Hotpoint Model Number?


Owned and manufactured by General Electric, Hotpoint offers affordable appliances in very basic styles and colours. Thanks to their low prices and dependability, Hotpoint is the choice of homeowners on a budget. If you’re on the lookout for very efficient, trustworthy products that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, Hotpoint is a perfect option … Read more