Best Outdoor TV Aerial For Freeview UK

outdoor tv aerial freeview

A standard aerial can make a significant difference to the quality of the TV viewing experience. A TV aerial is a structure made of metal designed to receive VHF and UHF signals. The  TV channels broadcast these signals via specialist transmission towers, which are mainly placed on the roof of the TV stations or any … Read more

Sony HT-SF150 Review

Click to open expanded view Sony HT-SF150

Sony is known for its high-end electronic products in the market. It is behind some of the most impressive Dobly Atmos soundbars. Sony HT-SF150 is a game-changer in the soundbar because it a cheaper device from a very reliable company. The Sony HT-SF150 has little competition in the market. You will need to pay less … Read more

Humax FVP-5000T Review

Humax FVP-5000T

Do you want to watch your favourite TV show again? Worry not! Humax FVP-500T Freeview Smart TV Recorder is here for you. It has a 2 TB hard drive storage that allows you to record up to 1000 hours of content. It is a wireless device that uses WiFi to record your favourite TV shows. … Read more

Best Freesat Recorder Box

Best Freesat Recorder Box

If you are a resident of the United Kingdom, then one of the best things you can enjoy are free channels. There are provisions to enjoy your favourite channels without having to spend money on subscriptions. One such satellite-based TV solution for free is Freesat. You will get good receptions and good quality view by … Read more

Best SCART To HDMI Adapter

Scart To HDMI

What is meant by a SCART to HDMI Adapter? Why is the need of SCART to HDMI Adapter? What is the use of this Adapter? Your new television cannot accept your SCART cable devices such as a DVD player or VCR player because it has HDMI ports. What you need to connect those devices is … Read more

5 Best Soundbars Under £100

Best soundbars for under 100

Sometimes even the most expensive televisions or laptops lack quality sound. Despite that LCD screen being ultra-thin and having 4K resolution, poor quality sound can ruin the entire experience. This is where soundbars come in – these sleek and stylish speakers can be used beneath television screens, with laptops, PCs, and even in cars. However, … Read more

Best Budget 4K TV UK

Best Budget 4K TV UK

Are you looking at buying a 4K TV but feel you might be restricted by your budget? You’ll be pleased to hear that now is a pretty good time to buy 4K TVs, they’ve significantly dropped in price from when they first started coming out, with most new models having this technology. Despite the drop, … Read more

Cheap Alternative To Sky TV

Netflix on laptop

Quick Answer: For Live TV to replace Sky I would choose a combination of Freeview & NOW TV packages, but if you’re interested in movies and entertainment go to an online streaming service like Netflix. Keep reading to find out more about all your options. Sky TV is one of the most popular live TV … Read more