The Cost Of Removing Asbestos & Why It’s Necessary

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The usage of Asbestos was primarily found during the 1930’s as a construction material. But later the usage was stopped for the health hazards it caused. The material was known to cause fatal respiratory diseases and lung cancer. The ban on the use of asbestos was brought into effect only in 1999. Hence the residential properties that were built prior to this period had asbestos used during the construction.

It happens that sometimes under the fresh layering of the floor people do find these asbestos tiles. Apart from this, they could also have been used anywhere in the house like insulation, walls, floorings, gutter and pipe, roofing. Having them in the home generally scares the people and they try to take them off. But this practice should be completely discouraged as the removal is not DIY friendly.

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Cost of removing asbestos

Generally, these asbestos removals cost more than the cost of making the complete floorings. This is one of the reasons why people get scared when they find asbestos tiles used in their home. The cost which is involved in the removal of the asbestos is an approximately basic appraisal of material is £50+ and the entire material will be £200+. Getting an asbestos tile removed completely will be an added expense. Hence one can either opt for asbestos encapsulation or asbestos removal depending upon the need. The cost for the former is around £8+ per square metre and for the later is around £50+ per square metre.

Why remove it?

People generally have the notion that if you have asbestos tiles at home then they require immediate removal. But the decision should be made depending upon the condition. If they are still in good condition and are not broken from anywhere and poses little health risk than they need not be removed. The asbestos tiles are made up of microscopic durable fibre which is added to vinyl tile flooring so that they can be durable and heat resistant. These tiles are safe and legal until and unless they are in good shape and generally not tampered with. If these tiles are broken damaged then they can be harmful. In such a scenario it is necessary to get them removed.

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Alternate options

There are several alternative options which have been taken into consideration rather than going the lengthy and costly process of getting them removed.  Let’s see those options

Engineered hardwood
There are these engineered hardwood floorings which can be either glued down or floated. One should consider sealing the cement before installing the wooden floor.

Laminate flooring
This option is also called the floating floor system. Which has a separate underlayment which also works as a moisture barrier. Although these floorings are not well recommended for the house which is in sub level as they usually contain moisture in the slab.

Luxury vinyl
These floor tiles or planks are directly put to the flat cement subfloor. They are in lots of style and options and are incredibly durable and water resistant.

COREtec flooring
These type of flooring have attached cork underlayment, and are basically installed as a floating system. These types of floors are usually widely used.

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